Report: Ciclos Uno Last of the Summer Wine Series

The first event in the Ciclos Uno annual ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 23 September and there were a total of 43 riders on the start line for the two age related races. 

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Fred Little, Organiser,  writes… The series has been delayed this year due to the Olympic programme so there was only four events, all to be held on the lower circuit.

The first race for Category ABC&D (40-59yrs) attracted 25 starters and was run over 1 hour plus 5 laps. The first two laps were very fast and soon off the front of the bunch was Stephen Campbell (Twickenham) a new rider to the Hog Hill circuit, chased by Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) and Chris Baldwin (Eagle).

Barry Neal managed to get with Stephen Campbell and kept ahead of the main bunch for a few laps but they were eventually pulled back. Regular winner at Hog Hill Antony Wallis (Private) then made his move and together with Stephen Campbell gained a lead of ten seconds over the bunch. Stephen Campbell was unable to stay with Antony Wallis and after a three laps dropped back to the bunch. Antony Wallis powered on and in his usual style eventually lapping most of the field to take the honours.

Barry Neal and Chris Baldwin got clear of the bunch and at the finish it was Barry Neal who took second place with Chris Baldwin third.


Categories A/B/C/D Overall
1. Antony Wallis LVRC Private A
2. Barry Neal Ciclos Uno B
3. Chris Baldwin Eagle R.C. C
4. Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
5. Stephen Campbell Twickenham C.C. A
6. Bob Downs Glendene C.C. D
7. Douglas Allen Velo Schils/Interbike A
8. Tony Meader Eagle R.C. C
9. Lee Rowe Finchley R.T. B
10. David Farrow Eagle R.C. A
11. Julian Cunnington Condoe Cycles C
12. Trevor Whittock Lea Valley C.C. C
13. Mark Waller Southend Wheelers A
14. Steve Mahon MBRO36 ?? B
15. Maurice Bentley LVRC Private D
16. Andy Boyall North Road C.C. C
17. Damien Foy Eagle R.C. B

Category ‘A’
1st Antony Wallis
2nd Stephen Campbell
3rd Douglas Allen

Category ‘B’
1st Barry Neal
2nd Martin Meades
3rd Lee Rowe

Category ‘C’
1st Chris Baldwin
2nd Tony Meader
3rd Julian Cunnington
Prime: Stephen Campbell

Category ‘D’
1st Bob Downs
2nd Maurice Bentley

In the Category E/F/G/H (60yrs plus) race there were 18 starters and the race was run over 50 minutes plus 3 laps. The bunch stayed together for the first half of the race then Dick Naylor (SFA) decided it was time to make a move and broke away from the bunch never to be seen again.

In doing so, Dick at one time caught and passed the A/B/C/D race which was on the circuit at the same time. Dick eased and let the A/B/C/D race get back in front of him but maintained half a lap lead over the E/F/G/H bunch at the finish. Ollie MacPherson (4T+) won the sprint for second place with Ralph Keeler (Wheels in Wheels) third.

Categories EF&G Overall
1. Dick Naylor S.F.A.Racing F
2. Oliver MacPherson 4T + Velo Club E
3. Ralph Keeler Wheels in Wheels E
4. Terry Devine Ciclos Uno F
5. Alan Williams G.S. Giucci E
6. Chris Gunter Virgin Active E
7. Pete Constable Schils/Interbike E
8. Peter Jones Hillingdon C.C. F
9. Trevor Mills Ford C.C. F
10. Dave Smith G.S.Avanti F
11. Phil Stone Thornton R.C. E
12. Roy Godbeer Southend Wheelers H
13. Richard Wall Lampard R.C. G
14. Chas Wilde Eagle R.C. H

Category ‘E’
1st Oliver MacPherson
2nd Ralph Keeler
3rd Alan Williams

Category ‘F’
1st Dick Naylor
2nd Terry Devine
3rd Peter Jones

Category ‘G’
1st Richard Wall
Prime: Alan Williams

Category ‘H’
1st Roy Godbeer
2nd Chas Wilde

The next event in the series will be held on Sunday 30 September starting at 10.00 a.m.

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