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A look back by Kieren Banlin and his week long training camp at a valued VeloUK sponsor, Cycling Holiday Spain

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Kieren writes … It’s Valentines day and I’m in love. One week into the team training camp at Cycling Holiday Spain (http://www.cyclingholidayspain.co.uk), 25hrs of riding, however many miles and vertical meters clocked I don’t mind admitting that I’m beginning to feel a little sleepy.

Maybe it is this fatigue which has caused me to fall in love with a rival team members wife but more likely I’m just happy to be here. Our host Nozad has been welcoming, helpful, supportive and helped to make this a training camp to remember. The great thing about staying in a villa as opposed to a hotel is it is very much a home from home, every rider is relaxed, recovers better and consequently trains better.

As a team we are much closer and actually feel like a team rather than a few lads in matching kit. We’ve learned each others strengths, weakness and personalities. For example, everybody now knows that I am awesome in every way and therefore they are all happy to fetch bottles for me and donate wheels in times of crisis.

The Costa Blanca really is perfect for cycling and having been here a week I can now understand why so many Pros make it their home. Without wishing to gloat, upon hearing that it was snowing in the UK and below 0 across the land I could not stop a smug grin spreading across my face as I returned from yet another perfect 16C ride without a cloud in the sky.

So far this week we’ve been climbed Sierra Aitana, Col de Rates, Turon Duro, Tarbena all of Vuelta fame, up to Guadalest, over to Castell de Castells and a whole bunch of others which my Spanish is too poor to allow me to learn up until now.

Fortunatly Nozad speaks Spanish so I’ve managed to avoid most of the pointing, gesticulating and amplified English necessary to make myself understood, much to the relief of the residents of Callosa. An important point worth mentioning is the daily post ride massages we have all received, it’s a really nice touch which makes the camp that little bit special, it really helps with recovery too and of course its über pro.

If you are considering a training camp or even a holiday with a bike, I think the best decision you could make would be to contact Nozad. If our experience here is anything to go by, your trip will progress so smoothly allowing you to devote all your energys to your riding and worry about nothing else.

Tomorrow all the team return to the UK but I have one more week of this pro lifesyle to enjoy.”


Further Information: http://www.cyclingholidayspain.co.uk


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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