Report: Bec CC Hill Climb

A week after winning at Monsal, Jack Pullar went south from Lancashire to break the record for the Bec CC Hill Climb and take home some very valuable prizes!

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

Organised by Garmin-Sharp soigneur Gary Beckett on his birthday, the race had a record crowd, a new race record at the fast end and at the other end, a new record for the slowest! With what must have been one of the best ever prize lists for a Hill Climb thanks to Garmin and Sharp, there was plenty of incentive for the riders to race hard up the steep slopes to be the fastest to the top.

After having beaten the likes of Russell Downing and Gunnar Gronlund the week before, Jack Pullar was expected to be quite special in the race and he was certainly that. Earlier, the organiser Gary Beckett had said on twitter he didn’t expect the record to go due to a headwind but Jack pulled out all the stops to break it by the narrowest of margins and claim the big prize.

In second was British Champion Gunnar Gronlund of RST Clothing/Trigon Bikes with Jake Hales of IG Sigma Sport in third. Lydia Boylan won the first lady prize.

The race also saw many a celebrity ride. Former professional and now a DS at Garmin Sharp, Alan Peiper rode it on behalf of his friend and organiser Gary and he finished in 43rd place. Not that far behind came an even big celeb in Britain, Ned Boulting, author and TV presenter of cycling events who put in a pretty respectable time! And then there was the organiser, Mr Beckett, who finished last and slowest. As he said afterwards, “it’s my birthday, I had to win something!”

His event certainly does seem to have won the hearts and minds of the cycling fan in the South East!

Video of the Event


1. Jack Pullar S 01.42.9
2. Gunnar Gronlund S RST-Trigon 01.45.7
3. Jake Hales S Team IG-Sigma Sport 01.52.1
4. Glyndwr Griffiths S Bristol South CC 01.52.7
5. Richard Cartland S Team Corley Cycles 01.53.7
6. Robert Gough S Arctic Sram RT 01.55.2
7. James Wilson S Supanova Cycles 01.58.9
8. Matthew Pilkington S Team Bglobal 01.59.5
9. Jonathan Shubert S High Wycombe CC 01.59.6
1. John Storms V Kingston Wheelers CC 02.01.8
11. Ashley Dennis J Prestige VC 02.04.6
12. Peter Tadros V In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 02.05.5
13.Joel Natale S Dulwich Paragon CC 02.06.3
14. James Graham S GS GAZZETTA 02.06.4
15. Joe Norledge S Velo 29 02.07.2
16. Edward Francis V Kingston Wheelers CC 02.08.0
16. Chris Morrison S London Dynamo/Prologue 02.08.0
18. Connal Yates S In Gear Quickvit-Trainsharp RT 02.08.1
19. James Lowden S Lewes Wanderers CC 02.08.4
20. Simon Warren S Norwood Paragon CC 02.09.0
21. Jon Hughes V 02.09.2
22. Chrisitaan Smith S Zappi’s Cyling Club 02.09.8
23. Dan Gardner J Lewes Wanderers CC 02.10.2
24. Daniel Eckersley S Rollapaluza CC 02.11.7
25. Daniel Sullivan S Norwood Paragon CC 02.12.7
26. Joe Harris S G.S.Henley 02.13.0
27. Keith Henderson S Condor Cycles 02.13.6
28. Antony Buchan S Team De Ver 02.14.9
29. Neil Blessitt V Severn RC 02.14.9
30. Alan Thynne S Rye & District Wheelers CC 02.17.2
31. Matthew Barlow S Velo-Schils-Interbike RT 02.18.5
32. Andrew Graham V Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 02.19.9
33. Oliver Gin S Redhill CC 02.20.8
34. Jack Edwards J PM Racing (PMR) 02.21.6
35. Alex Scutt S Kingston Wheelers CC 02.21.8
36. Graham Little V Dulwich Paragon CC 02.23.0
37. Tim Summerhayes S Weston Wheelers CC 02.24.0
38. Jamie Hill S Redhill CC 02.26.2
39. Damian Marlee S CS Grupetto 02.27.9
40. Daniel Thorogood V Ystwyth CC 02.28.9
41. Alastair Merrill V VC 10 02.31.4
42. Iain Brogden V Eastbourne Rovers CC 02.31.5
43. Alan Peiper V Bec CC 02.32.3
44. Dominic Trevett S Kingston Wheelers CC 02.33.0
45. Christopher Wolton S Southborough & Dist. Whs 02.33.1
46. Lydia Boylan W Look Mum No Hands! 02.33.3
47. George Arghyrou J St Pauls CRT 02.34.6
47.68 Paddy Williams S Team De Ver 02.34.6
49. Oliver Cliff J VC de Londres 02.35.1
50. Thomas Fricker J Farnham RC 02.35.2
51. Ishmael Burdeau V GS GAZZETTA 02.35.6
52. Zak Corum-Haines J VC Jubilee 02.36.4
53. Henry Martin S University College Ldn Union CC 02.37.1
54. Jack Devlin S Kingston Wheelers CC 02.37.4
55. James Hughes S Bec CC 02.37.8
56. Ned Boulting S Team De Ver 02.38.0
57. Marc Alan S Swindon RC 02.38.1
58. Duncan Fuller S Lewes Wanderers CC 02.38.3
59. Louise Moriarty W Look Mum No Hands! 02.39.4
60. Tim Ralston S London Phoenix CC 02.40.1
61. Alan Miles S Redhill CC 02.43.1
62. Deborah Percival W 34 Nomads CC 02.43.6
63. Shaun Kennedy V Bec CC 02.43.7
63. David Wong Min S London Dynamo/Prologue 02.43.7
65. Paul Ruffy S Essex Roads CC 02.43.9
66. Neil Walters S Catford CC 02.45.1
67. Tim Christian S Southborough & Dist. Whs 02.45.2
68. Maryka Sennema W Kingston Wheelers CC 02.45.5
69. Ben Weeks S Kingston Wheelers CC 02.50.8
70. Paul Fricker J Farnham Road Club 02.51.1
71. Joel Lancaster S London Dynamo/Prologue 02.51.3
72. Adrian Blacker V Norwood Paragon CC 02.51.4
73. Alec Saunders J St Pauls CRT 02.55.6
74. Dominic Lowden V Lewes Wanderers CC 02.55.7
75. Arnav Kapur J VC Dulwich College 02.56.7
76. Bronwen Ewing w PM Racing (PMR) 02.59.1
78. Louise Fellingh W London Dynamo/Prologue 02.59.5
79. Siobhán McNamara W Look Mum No Hands! 03.05.9
80. Peter Nicoll V CC Bexley 03.12.6
81. Tim Whitehead S Bec CC 03.13.0
82. Joanne McRae W Look Mum No Hands! 03.14.1
83. Roy Instrall V Morden CRC 03.36.5
84. Matthew Anthony S Kingston Wheelers CC 03.38.8
85. Greg Rowe V West Kent RC 03.54.9
86. Trihao Van J VC Dulwich College 03.57.3
87. Oliver Skan J St Pauls CRT (Penalty 04.36.0) 08.03.1
88. Garry Beckett V Bec CC 09.35.7


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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