Result: North Western League Round 5

Paul Bethell and Becky Preece amoung the winners in the Weaver Valley CC Cyclo-Cross event, round 5 of the North Western Cyclo-Cross League

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Team Elite’s Paul Bethel (right) took first place at the Pignut Hill course on this year’s event put on by Weaver Valley CC. On a different and more technical loop than in previous event, Bethel and team mate Giles Drake ploughed ahead to fight out a sprint well ahead of third placed Pete Middleton (Zepnat).



1 Paul Bethell Team Elite V40
2 Giles Drake Team Elite S
3 Peter Middleton Zepnat V45
4 Richard Wilkinson Team ProBike Kit S
5 Robert Smail Team Wallis S
6 Adrian Lawrence Team B Global V40
7 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle U23
8 Peter Wilbraham Team Elite S
9 Robert Rogers Birkenhead North End CC J
10 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC V40
11 Sean Beswick Zepnat V45
12 Andy Thompson Wills Wheels V40
13 Steff Chandler Horwich CC V40
14 Simon Wilson Metaltek-Scott S
15 Dave Brailsford Horwich CC S
16 Scott Wilson Manchester Wheelers S
17 Dave Headon Horwich CC V45
18 Nick Shaughnessy UA V40
19 Andrew Nixon Red Rose Olympic J
20 Andrew Davies Horwich CC U23
21 Stephen Cooke Harry Middleton Cycling Club S
22 Marcus Fielden Macclesfield Wheelers S
23 Cal Difalco Colnago / Microshift / Skins S
24 Brian Rigby St Helens CRC S
25 Dean Harwood High Peak Cycles S
26 Colin Davies UA V40
27 Paul Davies High peak Cycles S
28 Eddie Hibbert 0 S
29 Denis Mason Horwich CC S
30 John Backhouse Cyclesport International S
31 Bryn Davies UA J
32 Chris Belsham U/A S
33 Tristan Mayor 0 S
34 Steve Wood Oldham Ruffyeds V45
35 Thomas Frater 0 S
36 Kevan Underhill Weaver Valley CC V50
37 John Rigby Maxgear S
38 Chris Gambles Horwich CC S
39 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century V40
40 Chris Thomas Warrington RC S
41 Duncan Smith CRC S
42 Ben Staley Wheel Guru S
43 Martin Rogers BNECC V50
44 John Payne Leigh Premier RC V40
45 Paul Kelsall Manchester Wheelers S
46 Greg Carr Dever S
47 Jason Ragg Manchester Wheelers S
48 Craig Tabiner Port Sunlight Wheelers V40
49 Pat Rowland UA V45
50 Becky Preece Red Rose Olympic WU23
51 Alex Webb Lyme RC J
52 Gus French Here Come the Belgians V50
53 Jason Craven Rossendale RC S
54 Duncan Astle Super Rouleur V40
55 Stan Boyd St Helens CRC S
56 Darren O’Toole Glossop Kinder Velo V40
57 Graham Kennerley Lancaster CC V55
58 John Gillmore East L’pool Whlrs V50
59 Robert Longden North Cheshire Clarion V40
60 Graham Bryce GMC Fire Service V40
61 Steve Bone VCC Cumbria S
62 Dave Martin Red Rose Olympic V40
63 Mike Cleary Manchester Wheelers V40
64 Jacob Peatfield Cycle Sport Pendle J
65 Giles Perkins North Cheshire Clarion V45
66 Richie Watts Rossendale RC V45
67 Andrew Waugh Team Elite V40
68 Christopher Tomlin Red Rose Olympic V45
69 Ian Clarke Birkenhead NE V45
70 Stuart Blackburn Lancs Fire Racing V45
71 Alan Cook Wills Wheels CC V50
72 Matthew Hornby Weaver Valley CC S
73 Mike Oshea Rossendale Road Club V50
74 Eric Taylor Horwich CC V65
75 Sarah Barnwell CBMDC WV45
76 Ian Boydon Lune RCC S
77 Jack Speirs Horwich CC S
78 Charles Gray Manchester Wheelers V45
79 James Kennedy Leigh Premier RC S
80 Jeremy Eastham Red Rose Olympic V45
81 Alan Shuttleworth Altrincham RC V65
82 Mike Plant North Cheshire Clarion S
83 David Hollingworth Red Rose Olympic V45
84 Phil Langford UA V55
85 Simon Barnes Seamons CC / Bikeshack S
86 Brian Clayton UA V60
87 Eleanor Underhill Weaver Valley CC WV50
88 David Castello Liverpool Century S
89 Nicolas Coombes Adequate Riders V40
90 Geoff Robinson Glossop Velo V50
91 Peter Watson Horwich CC V65
92 Rebecca Rimmington UA WS
93 Dave Halman Altrincham RC V60
94 Nick Shingler North Cheshire Clarion S
95 Leonard Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle V50
96 Andrew Regan West Pennine RC V45
97 Ray Blow unattached V45
98 Kieran Kent unattached S
99 Ros Clarke Port Sunlight WV40

1 Robert Armstrong Bill Nickson / Raleigh U16B
2 Rory Mellis Ronde Bicycles U16B
3 Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC U16B
4 Adam Hartley Eastlands Velo U16B
5 Tom Figgins Bolton Hot Wheels U16B
6 Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo U14B
7 Craig Rogers BNECC U14B
8 Joe Barnwell NWMBA U16B
9 Nathan Hawthorn Eastlands Velo U14B
10 William Lewis High Peak Cycles U16B
11 Jessica Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC U16G
12 Sarah Lomas Matlock CC U16G
13 Simon Price NWMBA U14B
14 Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle U14B
15 Jamie Helsby Eastlands Velo U16B
16 Kim Baptista Eastlands Velo U14G
17 Sam Hollingworth Red Rose Olympic U14B
18 Bill Cooper Red Rose Olympic U16B
19 Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels U14B
20 Katie Helsby Eastlands Velo U14G
21 Thomas Longden North Cheshire Clarion U14B
22 Dominic Vallance Wrexham Fibrax U14B
23 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century R. C. U14B

1 Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hotwheels U12B
2 Tyler Koch Bolton Hotwheels U12B
3 Robert Donaldson Mossley RC U12B
4 Nicole Clarke Port Sunlight Wheelers U12G
5 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hotwheels U12B
6 Oliver Walton Pedalsport CC U12B
7 Thomas Wood Oldham Ruffyeds U12B
8 Shannon Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U12G
9 Jocasta Minton Bolton Hotwheels U12G

UNDER 10/8
1 Aiden Lawrence Team Bglobal U10B
2 Matthew Baptista Eastlands Velo U10B
3 Tyr Bujac 0 U10B
4 Sam Kendall Liverpool Century R. C. U10B
5 Andrew Clarke Port Sunlight Wheelers U8B
6 Jacqui Kinsey Glossop U10G
7 Nick Bradshaw Ruffyeds U10B
8 James Donaldson Team Land U8B
9 Bryn Lawrence MK Cycles U8B
10 Elliott Bujac 0 U8B
11 Seb Kinsey Glossop U8B
12 Jake Holland u/a U8B
13 Eve Ratcliffe 0 U8G
14 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hotwheels U8G
15 Ethan Grimshaw Bolton Hotwheels U8B
16 Isobel Koch Bolton Hotwheels U8G
17 Harry Ratcliffe 0 U8B
18 Isobel Ware St. Helens U10G
19 Charlotte Kendall Liverpool Century R. C. U8G
20 Amelia Ware St. Helens U8G



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