Report/Results/Photos: Rapha Super-Cross RD 1 2012

Paul Oldham and Annie Simpson make it a double for Hope at first round of the Rapha Super-Cross at Skipton in Yorkshire

PHOTO ALBUM: Andy Whitehouse

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Event Press Release | Photos: Wig Worland

Defending champions and local boys Hope, based in nearby Barnoldswick, carried on where they left off last year with a convincing win in the opening round of Rapha Super Cross held in the majestic surroundings of Broughton Hall, Skipton. An estimated 2,000-strong enthusiastic Yorkshire crowd cheered on over 400 competitors in sunny conditions, with races ranging from under 10s through to Elites, ending with a fun event featuring a tequila shortcut and devilishly slippery wall of foam.

With many competitors taking their first shot at cyclo-cross in the final race of the day, the emphasis was certainly on fun, MC Anthony McCrossan whipping the crowd into a frenzy of cheers – for those opting for tequila – and boos – those who preferred the long way round. The Elite team race proved to be a close run battle, with Hope, Hargroves and the Rapha/GB Development squads all having two riders in the top seven places.


But it was the third counting man that made the difference for the winners, with Hope’s Dave Collins securing 12th spot to finish ahead of Hargroves, then Rapha. Dirtwheels Cycles, from nearby Otley, were awarded a special Showboating Team prize, mainly based on the fantastic bunny hopping skills of Rob Watson, who kept the crowd entertained by clearing the planks every lap.

Rapha Super Cross moves to the East Midlands next Saturday (October 27th), with another full day of racing, tequila, foam, beer and crepes, at Misterton Hall, Lutterworth. Entries are still available at The season grand finale is at Alexandra Palace, London, on Sunday October 28th and spectating at both events is absolutely free.

Event Summary

The Rapha Super Cross series returned again in 2012 and in round 1 at Broughton Hall, Skipton, North Yorkshire, there was victory yet again for Paul Oldham of Hope Factory Racing. The former British cyclo-cross champion from Lancs, crossed the border into North Yorkshire and held off the challenge from Hargroves Cycles duo Jody Crawforth and Steve James (Under 23).

A large group of women entered the event as well and raced with the Veterans with Annie Simpson making it a double for Hope Factory. The prolific winner on the road in 2012 for Matrix Fitness Prendas used that form to see off the challenge of Delia Beddis while a new name sprang into the frame in third, Becky Preece from the Lancs club of Red Rose Olympic CC.

In the Youth event, Miles Worner of the North East beat Mark Donovan and Timothy Jones while young lady Abby Mae Parkinson was in 5th overall in the race and first girl racing for valued VeloUK advertiser, RST Clothing/Trigon Bikes.

The veterans event saw Kenny Johnson see of the challenge of well known cross name in the vets, Mike Young, while Keith Ashbridge was in third. There was also a race for Seniors and Juniors and Ian Taylor won this from Neil Crampton and Ed McParland with Conor Pallisier the first junior. In the Novice race, Benjamin Oglesby was the victor with Jane Nolan the first woman.

Team after round One: 1. Hope 2. Hargroves 3. Rapha 4. Endura 5. Cycle Premier 6. Rotwild-Forme 7. Dirtwheels 8. Charge

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Senior Under 23
1 Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing Senior 59:20.4
2 Jody Crawforth HargrovesCycles – Specialized Senior 00:07.3
3 Steven James Hargroves Cycles – Specialized U23 00:12.4
4 Adam Martin Rapha/GB Development Squad U23 00:17.1
5 Rob Jebb Hope Factory Racing Senior 00:26.0
6 Hugo Robinson Rapha/GB Development Squad U23 01:17.1
7 Ben Sumner ROTWILD – Forme Coaching U23 02:23.3
8 Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing Senior 02:38.1
9 Dieter Droger Dirtwheels Cycles Senior 02:53.3
10 Will Bjergfelt Cycle Premier-Kovert Senior 03:37.5
11 Seb Batchelor ROTWILD – Forme Coaching Senior 03:43.6
12 Dave Collins Hope Factory Racing Senior 03:48.4
13 Perry Bowater Cycle Premier-Kovert U23 04:17.8
14 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing U23 04:19.2
15 Rob Partridge Endura Racing Senior 04:36.1
16 Jake Womersley Endura Racing U23 04:36.4
17 Matt Barrett Cycle Premier-Kovert Senior 04:45.9
18 Jack Ravenscroft Rapha/GB Development Squad U23 04:48.7
19 Mark Cotton Dirtwheels Cycles Senior 05:01.5
20 Chris Metcalfe ChargeBikes Senior 05:15.6
21 Matt Hargroves Hargroves Cycles – Specialized U23 05:26.1
22 Billy Harding Rapha/GB Development Squad U23 05:39.0
23 Hamish Batchelor ROTWILD – Forme Coaching Senior 06:23.8
24 Stu Bowers Hargroves Cycles – Specialized Senior 06:48.3
25 Matthew Denby ChargeBikes Senior 59:39.4
26 Mathew Webber Cycle Premier-Kovert Senior 00:00.1
27 Joe Kirkham Hargroves Cycles – Specialized U23 00:04.9
28 Seth Smith ChargeBikes Senior 01:26.4
29 Simon Maudsley Dirtwheels Cycles Senior 01:58.5
30 Jon Mozley Cycle Premier-Kovert Senior 02:44.8
31 Robert Watson Dirtwheels Cycles U23 04:02.5
32 John Hopkinson Dirtwheels Cycles Senior 04:18.7
33 Jonathan Watson ChargeBikes Senior 04:23.7
34 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Rapha/GB Development Squad U23 04:23.7
35 Lawrence Frost ChargeBikes U23 01:12.1

1 Ian Taylor Craven Energy Tri/Jedi Cyclesportt S
2 Neal Crampton Crosstrax S
3 Edward McParland GT Racing UK S
4 Nicholas Barnes S
5 James Dalton Pedalsport S
6 Sean Downey Cycleways CC S
7 Adam Newall Horwich Cycling Club S
8 David O’Neill S
9 Kenny Haswell Cestria Cycles RT S
10 Joey Partridge Dirtwheels Cycles S
11 Andrew Wardman Velo Club Moulin S
12 Johnny Dodgin Biketreks RT S
13 Andrew Johnson Yorkshire Velo S
14 Matthew Downes Paul milnes RT S
15 Chris Clark York Cycleworks S
16 Denis Mason Horwich 4 Seasons S
17 Steve Halsall VC Moulin S
18 Damien Kelly Epic MTB S
19 Ian Rutherford Lune RCC S
20 ady rudd Dirtwheels Cycles S
21 Andrew Burridge Swarm Los Angeles S
22 Ashton Payne Hope Factory Racing S
23 Tim Kershaw Velocake S
24 Steve Smales Boneshakersbikes S
25 Lee Brown Holme Valley Wheelers S
26 scott yoda weston CROSSTRAX S
27 Paul Francis Donut Kids Bicycle Club S
28 Kevin Smith S
29 Jason Wiltshire Lancashire Road Club S
30 Andrew Holgate tnfc S
31 Dave Johnston Dirtwheels Cycles S
32 Simon Perry Hope Factory Racing S
33 David Switzer Here Come the Belgians S
34 Mike Wardle Biketreks Ltd S
35 Ben Howe Big Bear Bikes RT S
36 Ian Cliffe Overoptimists S
37 ben hallworth Ilkley Cycling Club S
38 craig smithson smithson pendle forest cc S
39 Christopher Taylor Border City Wheelers S
40 Jonny Tomes Craven Energy Tri S
41 Iain Murray Skipton CC S
43 craig sefton team sefton S
44 James Waddington Private Member S
45 Dan Ladle BBM Revoultion CC S
46 Spencer unsworth S
47 Conor Palliser East Bradford CC JUNIOR
48 Kevin McCann Liverpool Century RC S
49 Piers mortimer Velocake S
50 Jonathan Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers S
51 john rutter cycle sport pendle S
52 Ted Sarmiento Harrogate Nova S
53 Mike Plant North Cheshire S
54 Geraint Parry Liverpool Century S
55 Adam Webster S
56 Tom Hill Garage Bikes S
57 Adam Pridmore S
58 Stuart Bryan S
59 Matt Grant Walkley S
60 Louis Goffe S
61 Brandon Stock Clifton CC JUNIOR
62 peter spencer n/a S
63 Jason Cutler S
64 Nick Shingler North Cheshire S
65 Richard Child S

1 Annie Simpson Team Hope Factory Racing W 48:15.3
2 Delia Beddis ViCiOUS VELO W 48:49.8
3 becky preece Red Rose Olympic CC W 45:50.7
4 Nikola Butler Pedalsport CC W 45:51.2
5 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Cycles W 47:17.7
6 Bev Blakeman Infinity Cycles RT W 48:45.5
7 Emily Barnes Condor Cycles W 49:44.8
8 Beateiwbitz Velo Club Moulin WV 49:45.3
9 Amy Baron-Hall VeloCake W 51:48.5
10 juliet horrocks hope factory racing W 52:26.1
11 Alison Kinloch Ilkley CC W 53:44.6
12 Karen Payton Cyclesport Pendle W 54:59.1
13 Nicky Hartle Dirtwheels Cycles W 55:16.2
14 Rachel Slattery Wheelbase W 44:58.0
15 kate whittaker craven energy W 45:16.8
16 camilla boyton dulwich paragon W 48:53.5
17 Amy O’Halloran W 53:44.6
18 Alison Crutchley Pedalsport CC W 53:52.1
19 Hannah Collingridge W 54:10.5

1 Kenny Johnson team scott uk V 44:50.7
2 Mike Young Pedalsport V 45:00.4
3 Keith Ashbridge Velo club Cumbria V 45:03.7
4 Chris Rathbone V 45:04.5
5 Chris young Pedalsport V 45:06.5
6 roy hunt colnago microshift skins V 46:15.6
7 Chris Taylor Pedalsport cc V 46:41.8
8 marcus spencer batley cc V 47:38.2
9 Dave Haygarth Planet X Bikes V 48:05.9
10 Annie Simpson Team Hope Factory Racing W 48:15.3
11 John Mein Derwentside CC V 48:37.9
12 Delia Beddis ViCiOUS VELO W 48:49.8
13 martin worner Teesdale CRC V 49:02.1
14 Richard Allen Here Come The Belgians V 49:03.6
15 Dave Headon HORWICH CC V 49:32.1
16 Mark Mather Adept Precision/ Westbrook Cycles V 49:51.7
17 Alan Dorrington Planet X Vet 50:05.7
18 Stephen Bottomley Crosstrax V 50:11.6
19 tim gill Ilkley CC V 50:15.4
20 mark horrocks team hope factory racing V 50:26.5
21 Emanuel Warton H/S V 50:31.3
22 Nick Elder Dirt Wheels V 51:38.8
23 Stuart Rider Riders Cycle Centre V 51:42.2
24 Carl Nelson Here Come The Belgians V 51:44.8
25 Ian Ashworth Cyle sport Pendle V 51:47.6
26 Sean Hoban VC CUMBRIA V 52:17.9
27 Simon Pateman Saddleworth Clarion V 52:31.2
28 John Murfin Settle WWW V 52:50.2
29 Graham Theobald n/a V 53:07.3
30 David Kinloch Ilkley CC V 53:11.9
31 Philip Simcock Team JMC V 54:15.5
32 becky preece Red Rose Olympic CC W 45:50.7
33 Nikola Butler Pedalsport CC W 45:51.2
34 Lee Emerson Infinity Cycles V 46:09.5
35 Andy Cosgrove Teesdale CRC V 46:31.1
36 Craig Forrester n/a V 46:33.0
37 Nick Waggett Here Come the Belgians V 46:45.1
38 John Gillmore East Liverpool Wheelers V 47:15.4
39 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Cycles W 47:17.7
40 Nick Mason Harrogate Nova V 47:27.5
41 Gary Worton Stockton Wheelers CC V 47:33.9
42 Timothy Bull Ilkley Cycling Club V 47:42.5
43 Giles Perkins North Cheshire V 47:43.5
44 Ed Brown Norton Wheelers V 47:47.5
45 Jonathan Allan Here Come The Belgians V 47:50.3
46 Andrew Tones U/A V 47:57.0
47 Andy Faichney CRC Hull V 48:16.9
48 Mark Turner Cycle Sport Pendle V 48:20.0
49 Bev Blakeman Infinity Cycles RT W 48:45.5
50 Andy Cook Holme Valley Wheelers V 48:57.6
51 Kevin Moore Anders TMG Horizon Racing Team V 49:12.3
52 matthew cox ilkley cc V 49:13.9
53 Michael Burdon Ilkley CC/ Overoptimists V 49:20.4
54 Steve McCall Ravensthorpe CC V 49:39.8
55 Emily Barnes Condor Cycles W 49:44.8
56 Beateiwbitz Velo Club Moulin WV 49:45.3
57 andrew bernard Lancaster V 50:23.4
58 Carl Hammal H.Middletons CC V 50:26.4
59 Peter Payton Cyclesport Pendle V 50:31.1
60 Neil Rollins Ilkley cc V 51:08.2
61 Amy Baron-Hall VeloCake W 51:48.5
62 Ian Cullen Otley CC V 51:50.4
63 juliet horrocks hope factory racing W 52:26.1
64 Alison Kinloch Ilkley CC W 53:44.6
65 Chipps Chippendale Velo Club Moulin V 54:51.3
66 Karen Payton Cyclesport Pendle W 54:59.1
67 Nicky Hartle Dirtwheels Cycles W 55:16.2
68 John Graveling Independent V 56:03.2
69 Rachel Slattery Wheelbase W 44:58.0
70 Mark Bradley Here Come the BECG V 45:11.7
71 kate whittaker craven energy W 45:16.8
72 Andy Chadwick Dirtwheels cycles V 46:00.1
73 Andrew Moxon Otley Cyle Club” V 46:34.2
74 camilla boyton dulwich paragon W 48:53.5
75 John Parkinson Here Come the Belgians V 50:09.3
76 peter middlemiss otley cc V 50:59.6
77 Jj Buchma V 53:14.2
78 Amy O’Halloran W 53:44.6
79 Alison Crutchley Pedalsport CC W 53:52.1
80 Hannah Collingridge W 54:10.5
81 Greg Jessop Ilkley Cycling Club V 54:16.5

1 Miles Worner Teesdale CRC Y 37:41.7
2 mark donovan Beacon Wheelers Y 37:57.7
3 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle Y 38:42.7
4 Thomas Mein MTS Cyclesport Y 39:04.4
5 Abby-Mae Parkinson RST Racing Team YG 39:25.6
6 Joe Mann Derwentside CC Y 39:59.1
7 Christopher Barnes Y 40:16.4
8 Rory Mellis Ronde bicycle outfitters Y 40:23.4
9 Alistair Leivers BYCA Y 42:12.8
10 Matthew Worton Hetton Hawks CC Y 43:05.2
11 Fin Robertson Hetton Hawks Y 43:29.9
12 Jamie Ridehalgh Airedale Chemical Racing Team Y 43:42.6
13 Nicholas Hamilton Hetton Hawks Y 43:47.5
14 Lewis Hartley Eastlands Y 43:55.5
15 Cory Edmondson CSP Y 44:03.9
16 alfie moses paul milnes Y 44:18.1
17 tyla Loftus beacon wheelers Y 44:21.7
18 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle Y 45:59.0
19 Feargus Scherczer Derwentside CC Y 46:03.6
20 Mason Hollyman KCA Y 46:08.4
21 Harry Hardcastle KCA Y 46:22.7
22 Matt Taylor Pedalsport CC Y 38:01.1
23 lucy horrocks team hope factory racing YG 38:19.8
24 Ben Turner Doncaster wheelers Y 39:09.3
25 Christian Worner Teesdale CRC Y 39:49.8
26 Mason Mirzaali Bromly Wheelers Y 40:06.1
27 Lewis Haworth Bronte Wheelers Y 40:21.9
28 Joe Williams Holme Valley Wheelers Y 40:26.7
29 Simeon young Pedalsport Y 42:19.4
30 Sophie Thackery Paul Milnes YG 42:44.6
31 Sol Kerfoot-Robson Rhos-on-Sea Y 44:21.3
32 Joe Faichney City Road Club Hull Y 44:34.1
33 Louis Mason Harrogate Nova Y 45:24.7
34 Jim Brown Holme Valley Wheelers Y 45:44.4
35 Ian Cullen Otley CC Y 46:03.6
36 georgia savory eastlands YG 48:44.1
37 Joe Parker East bradford Cycling Club Y 37:49.0
38 Domonic Rutter CSP Y 40:02.5
39 peter middlemiss otley cc Y 44:42.7
40 Alice Slattery Wheelbase YG 39:13.4

1 Benjamin Oglesby M
2 Andrew Butler M
3 Andrew Burgess Team JMC M
4 andy leah M
5 Jim Simpson Leeds Uni CC M
6 Ed Robinson M
7 Chris Clinch Broughton Wheelers M
8 Peter Kettleborough Ilkley cc M
9 David Procter Millom M
10 Adam Webster M
11 Paul Topham Top Cat Racing M
12 Martin Humphris M
13 darren mattinson settle www M
14 Neil Pomfret Ilkley CC M
15 Stephen Coy Ilkley cycling club M
16 philip wardman All The Gear No Idea.Net M
17 Ben Houldsworth M
18 Adam Pridmore M
19 Jon Robinson M
20 Liam Mealey M
21 Jason Hill M
22 Steve Laycock Unattached M
23 Jane nolan Clitheroe bike club WOMAN
24 Dave Topping M
25 Richard Paige Clitheroe Bike Club M
26 Jim Nolan Clitheroe bike club M
27 Karen Robertson One Life Racing WOMAN
28 Duncan Wareham North Cheshire Clarion M
29 David Ainsworth Clitheroe bike club M
30 Chris Rowley Beamish Oddsox M
31 Chris Middleton M
32 Jacqui Simcock Team JMC WOMAN
33 Jonathan Riley Ilkley CC M
34 Tyrone Morgan Clitheroe bike club M
35 Paul Nokes M
36 Ian Hockey Fusion Triathlon club M
37 Matthew Hooper M
38 Chris parker East Bradford Cycling Club M
39 Jon Myhill Clitheroe Bike Club M
40 Big Doug Watt M
41 Pete Maguire Ilkley CC M
42 Claire McKibben Skipton CC WOMAN
43 Rob Clewer M
44 Adam Jennings M
45 Helen Goldthorpe WOMAN
46 Sarah Shaw Garage Bikes WOMAN
47 Sam Atkinson M
48 Niels Burnley Clitheroe Bike Club M


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