Result: Round 6 Lincolnshire Cyclo Cross League

George Thompson & Diane Lee winners at round 6 of the Lincolnshire Cyclo Cross League, promoted by Witham Wheelers at Stroxton last Sunday

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1. George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers
2. Nathan Miller Buzz Cycles at 1:09
3. Richard Lister Ellmore Factory Racing 1st Vet at s.t
4. Jon Wells VC Lincoln at s.t
5. Mark Cotton Ellmore Factory Racing at 3:17
6. Graham Clark Time RT 2nd Vet at 1 lap
7. Darryl Hewson Alford Wheelers 3rd Vet
8. Brian Stanley Ace Racing Team 4th Vet
9. Adam Ellis Spalding CC 5th Vet
10. Martin Kennedy Keep the Beat Cycling
11. Ivan Oxborough VC Lincoln
12. Carl Dyson Clay Cross RT
13. Mark Preston VC Lincoln 6th Vet
14. Richard Baldwin Dinnington RC
15. Jordan Gell VC Lincoln 1st Junior
16. Richard Hamblin Sleaford Wheelers
17. Peter Cocker Witham Wheelers 2nd Junior
18. Neil Richardson RAF CA
19. Leighton Davies Bio Cadenza
20. Mark Botteley Bourne Wheelers 7th Vet
21. Adam Cadle Unattached
22. Diane Lee Zepnat RT 1st Lady
23. Bart Kieres Bourne Wheelers
24. David Allen Alford Wheelers at 2 laps
25. Sam Bentley Spalding CC 3rd Junior
26. Darren Smith Boston Wheelers
27. Craig Thursby Boston Wheelers 8th Vet
28. Dean Tracey Leicestershire RC 9th Vet
29. Henry Heyes Skegness Wheelers
30. Sam Tuplin Ellmore Factory Racing
31. Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln 10th Vet
32. Martin White Boston Wheelers 11th Vet
33. Graham Gee Sherwood Pines 12th Vet
34. Glen Allison Sherwood Pines 1st Vet 50+
35. Jon Clarke Lincoln Wheelers 2nd Vet 50+
36. Simon Jones Unattached
37. Steve Briance Hinkly CRC
38. Andrew Fraser VC Lincoln 13th Vet
39. Paul Dann VC Lincoln 14th Vet
40. Chris Carter Witham Wheelers
41. Joe Ashworth Alford Wheelers
42. Mick McDermott Heanor Clarion 1st Vet 60+
43. Steve Hilbert VC Lincoln 3rd Vet 50+
44. Steve Hull Unattached 4th Vet 50+
45. Helen MacGregor VC Lincoln 2nd Lady
46. Iain McKinlay Newark Castle
47. George Hackney VC Lincoln 15th Vet
48. Phil Galpin Bourne Wheelers 16th Vet
49. Graham McAndrew Spalding CC 17th Vet
50. Clayton Maltby VC Lincoln
51. Gary Bentley Spalding CC 5th Vet 50+ at 3 laps
52. Phil Wilkinson Rockingham Forest
53. Robert Briggs Rossington Wheelers 6th Vet 50+
54. Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers 7th Vet 50+
55. Ben Appleby Alford Wheelers
56. Malc Jacklin Fendland Clarion 18th Vet
57. Barry Robinson VC Lincoln 8th Vet 50+
58. Simon Santry Spalding CC 19th Vet
59. Philip Heyes Skegness Wheelers 9th Vet 50+
60. Martin Cullen VC Lincoln 20th Vet
61. Chris Crawford Witham Wheelers 21st Vet
62. Andy Stewart Unattached
63. Samantha Thoy VC Lincoln 3rd Lady
64. Nik Appleyard Lincsquad 22nd Vet
65. Sian Botteley Bourne Wheelers 4th Lady
66. Sean East Witham Wheelers 23rd Vet at 4 laps
67. Richard Peberdy Witham Wheelers 24th Vet
68. Terry Biestey Scunthorpe Poly 2nd Vet 60+
69. Tom Webster Spalding CC 25th Vet
70. Stuart Hocknell Unattached 3rd Vet 60+
71. Jane Roberts VC Lincoln 5th Lady
72. Martin Bishop RAF CA 26th Vet
73. Lennox Saint Boston Wheelers 4th Junior
74. John Dowell Heanor Clarion 4th Vet 60+
75. Gary Woods Alford Wheelers at 5 laps
76. J Miles Unattached

1. Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers 5 laps in 28:30
2. James Armstrong VC Lincoln 1st U14 at 2:06
3. Harry Lewis Sherwood Pines 2nd U14 at 3:00
4. Matt Ellis Spalding CC 3rd U14 at 3:03
5. Max Williamson Lincsquad at 4:45
6. Adam Botteley Bourne Wheelers 4th U14 at 1 lap
7. Daniel Burton Bourne Wheelers
8. Aaron Bateman Bourne Wheelers 5th U14
9. Marc Gee Sherwood Pines 6th U14
10. Damian Rutterford Bourne Wheelers
11. Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad
12. Robert McAndrew Spalding CC 7th U14
13. Isabel Darvill Newark Castle 1st Girl, 8th U14
14. Joseph Collins Bourne Wheelers 9th U14
15. Jacob Santry Spalding CC 10th U14
16. Thomas Webster Spalding CC 11th U14
17. Jack Clipstone Newark Castle
18. Nathan Priestley Newark Castle 12th U14
19. April Tracey Leicestershire RC 2nd Girl, 13th U14
20. Eleanor Crawford Witham Wheelers 3rd Girl, 14th U14
21. Luke Fraser VC Lincoln 15th U14
22. James Nation Bourne Wheelers at 2 laps
23. Isabel Dann VC Lincoln 4th Girl, 16th U14
24. Megan Kendall Spalding CC 5th Girl, 17th U14
25. Daniel Turner VC Lincoln 18th U14
26. Jessica Woodworth Bourne Wheelers 6th Girl, 19th U14

Under 12
1. Jake Norton Spalding CC 10 laps in 15:27
2. Kerrigan Robb Witham Wheelers at 0:56
3. Bradley Sprogis VC Lincoln at 1 lap
4. Cameron Neilson Spalding CC
5. Archie Lewis Sherwood Pines at 2 laps
6. Chrisopher Hilbert VC Lincoln
7. Alex Armstrong VC Lincoln
8. Alex Galpin Bourne Wheelers
9. Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln
10. Harry Tilley Kings Cliffe Flyers at 3 laps
11. Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers
12. James Broughton VC Lincoln
13. Nathan Townsend Witham Wheelers at 4 laps
14. Jessica East Witham Wheelers 1st Girl at 5 laps
15. Fynn Thursby Boston Wheelers
16. Harrison Tracey Leicestershire RC


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