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We think it’s safe to say that winter has well and truly arrived and here’s a blog from Ceri at the Twenty3c bike shop in Stony Stratford!

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Ceri writes … Long sleeve base layers, full finger gloves and mudguards have all reared their ugly heads and will probably be a regular feature on rides for the next few months (and that’s being optimistic!)

For those of you who are seasoned riders and are used to training over the winter months this blog may sound like we are trying to teach you to suck eggs but we have a lot of customers who have just started cycling this year and the next few months will be a bit of a learning curve so we thought we would take this opportunity to give you some tips on clothing. It won’t be quite the same sport you remember from a few months ago but with the right clothing and accessories only ice and snow will keep you off the bike and even then we have solutions to keep you riding!

We won’t bore you with details of everything you might need all in one hit but gloves and overshoes are a good place to start and will help keep you nice and warm when you are out. Your hands and feet will really feel the cold on the bike because even though it may be 5 degrees outside that doesn’t take into account the wind chill factor which when you are travelling at 20mph is quite significant and can reduce the temperature to well below zero!

We offer a range of Shimano/Pro, BBB, Glacier and DeFeet winter gloves and overshoes to help you keep warm. Whether it’s something water resistant or thermal you are looking for we have something for you. Here are a couple of our most popular items to help you get started.

The key is to enjoy your riding whatever the weather! Riding with other people can make it more enjoyable and will help the time pass quickly rather than it becoming a monotonous couple of hours! Cycling is a hobby and is supposed to be fun so make sure that’s the case.

We will post another winter riding blog in a couple of weeks so keep an eye out.

Until then, stay safe on the roads! Ceri, Twenty3c.

Link: See what Twenty3c have to offer the serious cyclist


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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