Comment: Tour of Britain Tender – Bizarre says Patrick Salt

VeloUK reader describes decision by British Cycling for Tour of Britain Tender bizarre

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Patrick writes … Well, I just read a report of what can only be described as a bizarre decision from BC. Putting the Tour of Britain out to tender. What a slap in the face for the current organisers! They run a race for years – I remember being at the finish of a couple of stages in 2004 when it was a new 5-day – get it’s status up a level, extend the race to be a quality 8-day, and then along comes the BCF and decides what?

There has to be something behind this – is someone at BC HQ jealous of the success? After all, they are not exactly starring with their top level road race calendar, are they?

The whole thing seems very, very, odd, as if somebody has decided they can either squeeze more money from an organiser, or maybe BC want to do it themselves? If that’s it, they hardly have an outstanding record n the road, one Premier, said to be a three years deal, which does not happen in year two?

Running a Tour is a bit different to track, BMX, and MTB big races, and there is a successful promoter who according to their release are ready and willing to keep the race going. Everyone was pleased when the race started, what’s happened over the years for BC to take this very strange line?

It needs a lot more explanation than just a bland press release and comment from the president. Not good enough, this is being done in the name of the members, and which members were consulted on such a big decision, I wonder? The regions, maybe, or just the inner sanctum at HQ?

Really bemused at how a gift horse is looked so comprehensively in the mouth.

Patrick Salt

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