Result: North of England Championships

Paul Oldham gets the better of Endura Racing’s Ian Bibby in Doncaster at the North of England Cyclo-Cross Championships. Rebecca Preece wins the Womens.

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1. Paul Oldham, Hope Factory Racing 1:00:26
2. Ian Bibby, Endura Racing @ 1:46
3. Adam Martin, Cestria Cycles @ 2:24
4. Rob Jebb, Hope Factory Racing
5. Jack Clarkson, Hope Factory Racing
6. Tony Fawcett, Team Scott UK
7. Neal Crampton, Crosstrax
8. Giles Drake, Team Elite
9. Dieter Droger, Dirt Wheels
10. James Dalton, Pedalsport CC

Veteran Over 40
1. Ian Taylor, Craven Energy 44:26
2. Andy Peace, Crosstrax @ 49sec
3. Chris Young, Pedalsport CC @ 54sec
4. Pete Middleton, Zepnat RT
5. Chris Taylor, Pedalsport CC
6. Adrian Lawrence, Team Bglobal
7. Seth Smith, Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic
8. Richard Noble, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
9. Matt Denby, Jewson
10. Dan Cook, Planet X

Veterans: Over 50
1. Barry Kipling, MTS Cyclesport
2. Mark Ferguson, High Peak Cycles
3. Chris Leger, Zepnat RT

1. Rebecca Preece, Red Rose Olympic
2. Nikola Butler, Pedalsport CC
3. Marie Jackson, Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic

1. Jake Womersley, Sportscover-Altura 43:38
2. Michael Thompson, TES Richardson @ 20sec
3. James Edmond, Ferryhill Wheelers

1. Chris Barnes, Zepnat RT 30:31
2. Mark Donovan, Beacon Wheelers @ 1:39
3. Thomas Mein, MTS Cyclesport @ 1:58
4. Miles Warriner, Teesdale CRC
5. Matt Walls, Velocity
First Under 14: Mark Donovan

Youth Girls
1. Abby-Mae Parkinson, RST Trigon Trigon Bikes
2. Henrietta Colbourne, Beacon Wheelers
3. Kim Baptista, Eastlands Velo

Under 12
1. Jenson Young, Pedalsport CC
2. Isaac Peatfield, Bolton Hotwheels
3. Robert Donaldson, Mossley CRT


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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