Full Result/Report: Imperial Winter Series


Full result from week three of the Hillingdon Winter Series where Tony Gibb, Ken Buckley and Alex Tinsley were the winners

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Report: by Imperial Racing Team

4th Category Race

With a strong south westerly wind blowing and a fine mild afternoon, the finishing was always going to be difficult and so it proved, with the group splitting on several occasions. There was one serious break by Alex Milne (unattached) who bravely rode away on his own and stayed clear for several laps. The Neon Velo Prime again caused many riders to dig deep and hang on as it was keenly contested and won by Milne with Will McAvock (London Dynamo) second and Alex Tinsley (Twickenham CC) taking third place.

Ultimately it came down to a very tight group sprint with Tinsley narrowly beating Bob Hobson (VC 10) and Ed Rowles (unattached) taking third place. It was a fine win for Tinsley who has moved over from field sports to cycling and looks set to progress in the third category race. The random prize is awarded to 5th place finisher Alex Donaldson (London Dynamo) who will ‘go faster’ courtesy of a WyndyMilla cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre.

 Category 3

The 3rd cat. race was more animated than previous weeks with several attacks from the main group, in particular from Ken Buckley (AW Cycles) who was riding in memory of his Grandfather, an old cyclist who died the night before the race. Riding alone on the Hillingdon Circuit into a south westerly wind on the back straight is very demanding and Buckley was caught by Neil Wass (TMG Horizon) and Cosmo Kedros (WyndyMilla) who were driving the main group along. He then attacked again and this time James Blackburn (Twickenham CC) pulled the main group back to him.

The Prime was taken by Greg Wiltshire (Kingston Wheelers) from Wass and Simon Oxenham (VC 10). Finally with 3 km to go Gavin Francis (London Dynamo) went clear, but like those before him he was caught and the group sprint was won fittingly by Buckley from Wiltshire and Jacek Reder with Ed Rose (Progression Bikelux) and Oxenham rounding off the first five. The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 23rd place finisher Russell Jones (unattached) who receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.


In the E/1/2/3 race Martin Garrett (London Dynamo) was the first to attack and started the action riding alone; another attack followed by Twickenham CC’s Graham Crow, both were brought back but this set the pattern for the afternoon’s racing. The Prime was the next focal point after 20 km with Connall Yates, (InGear), taking it from Jake Martin, again showing his previous good form in the Winter series, with Matt Carden (Team Quest) joining them.

They worked well together with Yates looking particularly menacing, but he was then suddenly dropped and absorbed by the main group. Carden also went back, but Martin showed great resilience to push on ahead but was also later pulled back. The sharp end of the race saw two very powerful attacks, one after the other from Ian Palmer (Twickenham CC) back from the States and both these dragged the field out. Martin went again but was pulled back by Richard Prebble (Node 4) doing hard turns on the front and he appeared to be the strongest rider.

Palmer tried again but with 3 km the most likely winner came from a move by Gerry Collingwood (Portsmouth North End CC) but in the end in came down to a group sprint and Tony Gibb’s experience and the fact that he had been quiet throughout the race hit the front on the right hand side, and taking the long way round the bend, managed to hold off Vince Halpern (Handsling) who had worked very hard during the race and deserving his second place, with in form Alan Strang (Dulwich Paragon) having to settle for third place. Another very entertaining race with action throughout the race and Tony Gibb now leads overall.

Race 4 22nd December 4th Cats 13:00 E123 14:10 3rd Cats 14:11
Race 5 29th December 4th Cats 13:00 E123 14:10 3rd Cats 14:11
Race 6 1st January 4th Cats 11:40 3rd Cats 12:40 Women’s race (Free of Charge) 12:41 E123 14:00

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1. Anthony Gibb Metaltek – Scott
2. Vincent Halpern Handsling Racing
3. Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon CC
4. Ryan Visser Redhill CC
5. Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix CC
6. Tom Smith Felt-Colbornes RT
7. Rupert Beale Beeline Bicycles RT
8. James Norris High Wycombe Cycling Club
9. Jeremy Collingwood Portsmouth North End CC
10. Colin Bailey North Road CC
11. Philip Holloway Southend Wheelers
12. Daniel Tamplin Aylesbury CC
13. Gareth Dickinson Farnborough & Camberley CC
14. George Withers AW Cycles
15. Conall Yates In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp Ra…
16. Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands
17. Paul McGrath
18. John Donovan C.S. Grupetto
19. Paul Carr Club Corley Cycles
20. Robin Basford WyndyMilla UK Youth
21. Nicholas Beale Beeline Bicycles RT
22. Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands
23. Richard Prebble Node4 – Giordana Racing
24. Will Houghton Hillingdon Cycling Club
25. Graham Crow Twickenham CC
26. Jake Martin
27. Joshua Maynard Welwyn Whls CC
28. Ralph de Kanter Norwood Paragon CC
29. James Butterworth Twickenham CC
30. Mark Smith Welwyn Whls CC
31. Dominic Clegg Redhill CC
32. Duncan Rimmer Morden Cycle Racing Club
33. Matthew Carden
34. Paul Holdsworth Hounslow & District Wlrs
35. Mario Manelfi Team ASL360
36. Martin Garratt London Dynamo

3rd Cat only
1. Ken Buckley AW Cycles
2. Gregory Wiltshire Kingston Whls CC
3. Jacek Reder
4. Edward Rose Bikelux – Progression
5. Simon Oxenham VC10
6. Liam Yates In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp Ra…
7. Steve Atkinson Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
8. Andrew Colsell High Wycombe Cycling Club
9. James Blackburn Twickenham CC
10. Alex Toghill Twickenham CC
11. Paul Moore Kingston Whls CC
12. Charles Sanders Cadence RT
13. Luke Taylor Kingston Whls CC
14. Peter Hudson
15. Edmond Irwin
16. Cosmo Kedros WyndyMilla UK Youth
17. Andrew Wright High Wycombe Cycling Club
18. Neil Wass TMG Horizon Cycling Team
19. Jason Painton
20. Robert Tinn Maidenhead and District CC
21. Jasmijn Muller Kingston Whls CC
22. Gavin Francis London Dynamo
23. Russell Jones
24. Susan Freeburn In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp Ra…
25. Christopher Campbell London Dynamo
26. Clemence Copie High Wycombe Cycling Club
27. Martin Porter Thames Velo
28. Henry Dawson Prestige Velo Club

4th Category
1. Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
2. Robert Hobson VC10
3. Alex Milne
4. Edmund Fowles
5. Alexander Donaldson London Dynamo
6. William McAvock London Dynamo
7. James McCarthy Twickenham CC
8. David Morgan Charlotteville CC
9. Scott Shepherd London Dynamo
10. Mark Oliver Rapha Condor Cycling Club
11. Luke Raistrick
12. Kenneth Ross Willesden Cycling Club
13. Riyadh Khamis
14. Unknown Specialized Bike/ Lime Jersey
15. Giles Porter London Dynamo
16. Joseph McConnell
17. Samuel Evans Dulwich Paragon CC
18. Alvaro Alves da Cunha
19. Martin Williams Sky Velo
20. Spencer Nash Bishops Stortford CC
21. Khan Follina Sky Velo
22. James Chadwick
23. Stephen Cavey Catford CC
24. Thomas Gibb Imperial College CC
25. Ben Voller Twickenham CC
26. Viktor Kazinec Dulwich Paragon CC
27. Unknown – Green bike/ White jersey with purple squares
28. Philip Han
29. Oliver Fowles
30. Ian McNally Westerley CC
31. Tim Childs Westerley CC
32. Unknown – blue bike/ red jersey/long black leggings
33. Edward Cox
34. Michael Joseph Twickenham CC
35. Carl Adams Aylesbury CC
36. Matthew Evans London Dynamo
37. Andrew Deans
38. Lee King Beeline Bicycles RT
39. Konrad Siebrits
40. Matthew Coulter Cowley Road Condors
41. Matthew Twist
42. Tom Bowker Hackney GT


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