Report: Imperial Winter Series Week 4


Report & full results from week 4 of the Imperial Winter Series at a flooded Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on December 22

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Words by Imperial Racing Team

It was touch and go whether the racing could go ahead with the southern end of the circuit almost completely flooded. However, with some determined effort from volunteers, as much water as possible was swept away with an area coned off. This enabled racing to go ahead with a little extra care from the riders and they did well in carefully negotiating the flooded area. The weather also reduced the fields in all three categories considerably.

It was agreed to let the least experienced 4th Cat riders start 1 minute ahead of the main group in order that they could get used to the conditions and this seemed to work very well. They were a group of varying abilities and were caught before the Neon Velo Prime was contested and this was taken by Scott Shepherd (London Dynamo) from team mate Will McAvock and Huw Jones (Coffee#1). For the remainder of the race, the bunch stayed together and the finish was contested by a good sprint, which was very quick and clean, with a fine judged effort by McAvock holding off Spencer Robinson and James Bird. The random prize was awarded to 23rd place finisher Shane Townsend (Westerley CC) who will ‘go faster’ courtesy of a WyndyMilla cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre.

The 3rd Cat race started behind the Elite group as usual with last week’s 4th Cat winner Alex Tinsley (Twickenham CC) riding aggressively and attacking several times, perhaps too many times? However, the Prime was contested by the main group with Neil Wass (TMG Horizon RT) taking it from consistent Ed Rose of Progression Bikelux with Simon Oxenham (VC10) picking up the remaining points. From this the ride of the afternoon came from Cosmo Kedros of series sponsor WyndyMilla, who broke away on his own, steadily building up a commanding lead (including passing through the e123 race!), finally finishing over a minute clear at the line.

Greg Wiltshire (Kingston Wheelers) took second place from consistent finisher Simon Oxenham with Alex Tinsley still placing fourth after his earlier efforts. The Maxifuel random prize was awarded to 6th place finisher Ed Rose (Progression/Bikelux) who receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.

The Elite Race started slowly, but after 10 km Twickenham CC rider Graham Crow took off on his own and managed to stay clear for several laps and being joined by several other riders, but their efforts were short lived and Martin Garratt (London Dynamo) working hard at the front pulled the reluctant group back to the breakaways, only to retire later.

Robin Basford (WyndyMilla) then tried and managed to break away and stay away for a while. The Neon Velo Prime loomed up with Ryan Visser (Redhill CC) judging his effort well to take it from Jerry Collingwood (PNE), who continued his good form from previous weeks and Daniel Tamplin (Aylesbury CC) taking third place. The pace slowed almost to a crawl and the 3rd Cat race leader caught them back and went past; all this played into the hands of Tony Gibb (Metaltek-Scott) and a group sprint was inevitable and indeed with 100m to go Gibb hit the front and managed to hold off a very fast finishing Vince Halpern (Handsling Racing) with Look Mum No Hands! Jo Skelton, taking third place from Tom Smith (Felt-Colbornes RT). All very fast finishes, with Jake Martin (unattached) 5th, Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers) sixth and Jerry Collingwood hanging in for 7th.

Race 5 29th December 4th Cats 13:00 E123 14:10 3rd Cats 14:11

Race 6 1st January 4th Cats 11:40 3rd Cats 12:40 Women’s race (Free of Charge) 12:41 E123 14:00
Race 7 29th December 4th Cats 13:00 E123 14:10 3rd Cats 14:11

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1 Tony Gibb Metaltek – Scott
2 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing
3 Jo Skelton Look mum no hands!
4 Tom Smith Felt-Colbornes RT
5 Jake Martin unattached
6 Phil Holloway southend wheelers
7 Jerry Collingwood Portsmouth North End CC
8 Rupert Beale Beeline Bikes RT
9 Ryan Visser Redhill CC
10 Daniel Tamplin Aylesbury CC
11 Robin Basford Wyndymilla
12 Neil Heffernan Inverse CyClaim RT
13 Graham Crow Twickenham cc

Neon-Velo Prime
1 Ryan Visser Redhill CC
2 Jerry Collingwood Portsmouth North End CC
3 Daniel Tamplin Aylesbury CC

3rd Cats

1 Cosmo Kedros WyndyMilla UK Youth
2 Greg Wiltshire Kingston Wheelers
3 Simon Oxenham VC10
4 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
5 Steve Atkinson Southdowns Bikes CC
6 Ed Rose progression/bikelux
7 James Blackburn Twickenham CC
8 Andrew Wright High Wycombe
9 Kevin Argent La Fuga/ Sigma Sport
10 Mark O’Brien Archer RC
11 Nick Franzini London Dynamo
12 Brian Hennessey Redhill CC

Neon-Velo Prime
1 Neil Wass TMG Horizon RT
2 Ed Rose progression/bikelux
3 Simon Oxenham VC10

4th Cats

1 William McAvock London Dynamo
2 Spencer Robinson unattached
3 James Bird unattached
4 Liam Earl Prestige Velo Club
5 Kenny Ross Willesden Cycling Club
6 Peter Blencowe Imperial College CC
6 Tim Wormleighton Kingston Wheelers CC
8 Chris Stone Redhill CC
9 James McCarthy Twickenham CC
10 Alex Milne unattached
11 Iona Sewell GB cycles
12 Bob Hobson VC10
13 Brit Tate GB cycles
14 Alex Milne unattached
15 Andrew Costello unattached
16 Thomas Gibb Imperial College CC
17 Luke Samuel OUCC
18 Graham Austin East St
19 Jason Snell Thames Turbo
20 Tim Childs Weskesley CC
21 Ian McNally Westerley CC
22 Daniel Goldsmith Twickenham CC
23 Shane Townsend Westerley CC
24 Steve Chiswell VC10
25 Daren Austin Twickenham CC
26 Carl Adams Aylesbury CC
27 Tom Yates unattached

Neon-Velo Prime
1 Scott Shepherd London Dynamo
2 William McAvock London Dynamo
3 Huw Jones Coffee#1


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