Report & Full Results: Imperial Winter Series December 29


Report from week 5 of the 2012/13 Imperial Winter Series where Tony Gibb won again at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in West London on December 29

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Brief Results from the New Years Day Race | Words by Imperial Racing Team

All the riders who lined up deserved New Year’s honours with gale force winds and driving rain facing the riders throughout the afternoon. As Tom Smith of Felt-Colbournes commented he had to race hard to keep warm, which indeed the 4th Cat riders did. It was a very attacking race, with several riders causing havoc amongst the field, notably Darrell Green from Vivelo Bikes, David Morgan (Charlotteville) and Ken Ross (Willesden CC).

They came back together before Steve Chiswell (VC 10) and Graham Austin (East St Cycles), tried to break the rhythm of the main field. There was a slight touching of wheels with two riders coming down, however, it caused a break up in the race and with the Prime looming up it was won by Patrick Drury of Kingston Wheelers from Chris Carter (La Fuga Sigma Sport) with Giles Porter (London Dynamo) taking third place.

The race came back together and with 3 km to go James Walsby (Catford CC) made a valiant effort to break clear opening up and maintaining a small lead to finish alone – just- from a fast finishing Chris Carter with Neon Velo Prime winner Patrick Drury taking third place. A very entertaining race with worthy efforts by all the riders in the difficult conditions.

The random prize is awarded to 3rd place finisher Patrick Drury (Kingston Wheelers CC) who will ‘go faster’ courtesy of a WyndyMilla cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre.

Third Cats

Unfortunately the excitement did not continue in the 3rd Cat race which was a fairly low key affair! Neil Wass (TMG Horizon RT) took the prime from Simon Oxenham (VC 10) and Jake Coward (Rapha Condor); the latter went on to take first place with a strong sprint from Steve Atkinson (Southdowns Bikes CC) and Steve Oxenham again featuring; Neil Wass (Campag rules!) went alone but was caught and finished in fourth place – a positive effort. The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 19th place finisher Andrew Harvey (Kingston Wheelers CC) who receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.


The Elite race had a small but very classy field with Conall Yates returning after illness and Jo Skelton looking strong again. Tony Gibb (Metaltek-Scott) returned again having had a nervy Christmas with the family: he seems to be a rejuvenated rider with a definite purpose in mind.

The start was slow before the cold began biting: when Daniel Tamplin (Aylesbury CC) broke clear he was joined by Ben Knowles (London Phoenix), their effort was rewarded with Tamplin winning the prime from Knowles with Tom Smith coming out of the main group for 3rd place.

Shortly after a very useful break of four was formed, initiated by Ben Sumner (Beeline Bikes RT) with impressive Phil Holloway of Southend Wheelers then followed by Gibb and Graham Crow (Twickenham CC) the latter eventually dropping back.

The leading trio sliced through the 3rd Cat race and headed for the finish, again it was Gibb with his superior strength into a headwind who just held off Sumner, but it was very close, with another valiant effort by Holloway for third place and Tom Smith leading the remainder of the field in in fourth.

The question remains can Gibb be beaten?


1. Tony Gibb Metaltek – Scott 200
2. Ben Sumner Beeline Bikes RT 150
3. Phil Holloway southend wheelers 130
4. Tom Smith Felt-Colbornes RT 120
5. Rolandas Razgauskis unattached 110
6. Jo Skelton Look mum no hands! 100
7. Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 90
8. Dominic Clegg Redhill CC 80
9. Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix 70
10. Conall Yates InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 60
11. Robin Basford Wyndymilla 50
12. Daniel Tamplin Aylesbury CC 40
13. Chris Rees Pearson CC 30
14. Stuart Williams Reading CC 20
15. Graham Crow Twickenham cc 10
16. Ben Knowles London Phoenix
17. Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon
18. Matthew Butt Team ASL360

Neon-Velo Prime
1. Daniel Tamplin Aylesbury CC
2. Ben Knowles London Phoenix
3. Tom Smith Felt-Colbornes RT

3rd Cats
1. Jake Coward Rapha Condor CC 200
2. Steve Atkinson Southdowns Bikes CC 150
3. Simon Oxenham VC10 130
4. Neil Wass TMG Horizon RT 120
5. Peter Hudson unattached 110
6. Gavin Francis London Dynamo 100
7. Andrew Stronge unattached 90
8. Jacek Reder unattached 80
9. Kevin Argent La Fuga/ Sigma Sport 70
10. William Jones Private Member 60
11. Paul Moore Kingston Wheelers CC 50
12. Abigail Dentus Welwyn Wheelers CC A+dispW 40
13. Brian Hennessey Redhill CC 30
14. Mike Saunders team corridori 20
15. Clemence Copie High Wycombe CC 10
16. Stuart Stow Hounslow & Dist Wheelers
17. Jamie Saunders unattached
18. Chris Campbell London Dynamo
19. Andrew Harvey Kingston Wheelers
20. James Lyon unattached
21. Nat Spurling Finsbury Park
22. Chris Yates East Grinstead CC
23. Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
24. Mark O’brien Archer RC
25. Wayne Thomas G.S. HENLEY

Neon-Velo Prime
1. Neil Wass TMG Horizon RT
2. Simon Oxenham VC10
3. Jake Coward Rapha Condor CC

4th Cats
1. James Walsby Catford CC
2. Chris Carter La Fuga – Sigma Sport
3. Patrick Drury Kingston Wheelers CC
4. Liam Earl Prestige Velo
5. Kenny Ross Willesden Cycling Club
6. Zachary Bredemear Dulwich Paragon CC
7. Andrew Costello unattached
8. Giles Porter London Dynamo
9. Alvaro Alves Da Cunha unattached
10. David Beckett London Dynamo
11. Chris Stone Redhill CC
12. Tim Wormleighton Kingston Wheelers CC
13. Darryl Green Vivelo Bikes – Inverse RT/Cyclaim
14. Grant Little London Dynamo
15. Ian McNally Westerley CC
16. Paul Buckley Thames Velo
17. Christopher Pruvey unattached
18. Tom Bowker Hackney GT
19. Jason Snell Thames Turbo
20. Ed Everett unattached
21. Tim Childs Westerley CC
22. Max Schramm Zappi’s CC
23. Graham Austin East St
24. Damien Lodge unattached
25. Andrew Deans unattached
26. David Morgan Charlotteville CC

Neon-Velo Prime
1. Patrick Drury Kingston Wheelers CC
2. Chris Carter La Fuga – Sigma Sport
3. Giles Porter London Dynamo



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