Report & Photos: Day 2 – 2013 British Cyclo-Cross Championships


It was a memorable day of racing and certainly the most action packed weekend of ‘cross racing all winter as Ian Field, Nikki Harris, Billy Harding and Grant Ferguson came away as champions!

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Day 1 2013 British Cyclo-Cross Championships  | 2012 British Cyclo-Cross Championships Report & Photos

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Elite Men

The senior men’s title seems like a walkover for Ian Field who led from the start but a fight back from David Fletcher saw Field have to press on to keep his advantage and then Ian Bibby challenged him.

The defending champion though had too much experience and race fitness for the lead to be taken from him and he won easily in the end. Afterwards, the double British champion, Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles) said “This means so much to me. I had so many years without winning and then to retain the title which no-one’s done since Roger Hammond (five titles between 200 – 2004) so that meant a hell of a lot. The season hasn’t been the greatest for me with shoulder trouble and I struggled a bit on the European circuit.”


Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles) wins the Elite Men’s title race. After going clear with Jody Crawforth from the start, Field carried on going away from his rivals and whilst David Fletcher got close before cramping, and then Ian Bibby closed to within 9 seconds, Field had enough in his legs to repel any challenge and win his second title in a row.


Jody Crawforth (Hargroves Cycles) gets the best start with Ian Field not far away on the uphill starting grid.

“A lot of people forget that I’m abroad flogging myself every week against the best guys in the world and some people may scoff at what I am doing but I showed today that I am the best cyclo-cross rider this country has got. I can’t thank Specialized and Hargroves Cycles enough for supporting me and with this, repaying everyone like my family, girlfriend Annie and friends too for supporting me.”

“I am so happy. I didn’t mean to go away so early but it just happened and it was really slippery early on which favoured me because I have the ‘cross skills. And then it started to dry up and get draggy and I was always wary it was going to be a long race and I was wary not to blow.”

“I let Fletcher come to me and then dug in real hard and with three to go, I thought, that’s it, he’s gone. Then all of a sudden I saw Bibby coming and I thought I’ll let him come and he was making a big effort on that climb so I hit it really hard on that section on the last lap and that was it, race over.”

That gap from lap one gave me the chance to control things, take a breather when I wanted one. Whereas when you’re chasing with others, you don’t really get that opportunity to take a break and then hit them hard so that was what I was able to do with that constant lead”.

On the bike and tyres, he said “I finished with what I started which was 15 psi which is absolutely nothing but it seemed to work. I had super muds on as well, Challenge Limus and they were really good when it was slippery, perfect really.”


Lap 1 and where have they all gone! Ian Field leads up to what they called the Col du Peel …

Ian Bibby: “I am just starting to feel disappointed. At the start, I was going to be happy to get a medal as it’s only my third or fourth cross race but I am thinking now I could have won as it was so close. The legs were good though and it just took me a while to get into it and I had to go real deep for two laps to get myself back into contention. Then I got a stitch on the last lap and blew. Fieldy was the stronger and deserves it and good for him to have it being in Belgium.”

“Obviously I’d like to win it again but it’s good for him to show the jersey in Belgium and he’ll show it off well.”

As a former champion and ‘cross rider, Ian explained it is hard to not ride the season properly. “It’s hard because I love cross and want to go racing every weekend and want to do cross training and intervals in the week to do it well. It’s not as much fun when you’re not racing for the win. But I get paid for the road so I have to told hold myself back quite a bit.”


Behind David Fletcher and Ian Bibby, Nick Craig and Oli Beckingsale (Endura)  battling to get back to the front.

Ian went on to say … “This week is the first week I have backed off on the training and done some shorter intervals on the cross bike. With the race last week (Derby), it must have helped me get back into it and luckily it came good today”.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Roger Hammond (his manager at his new trade team) . He’s really keen and fresh out of the pro ranks and knows how it is and wants to do with us what worked for him in his career and I am looking to make him proud this year. There are a lot of young lads on the team so that’s good too ride with them and win some races.”

“I want to put 2012 behind me and be a different rider this year. I was up for the Tour of Britain after having a bad year for various reasons and I got it together for the Tour of Britain and it was amazing to be part of that win by JT, I’ll never forget that, but it was too late for me. I hope I can get that form this year and keep all the way through.”

“I have certainly had a better winter and trained properly. I think when I look back, I don’t think I have ever trained properly compared to now. This year I have got myself off to Spain rather than train in England. Even if the weather isn’t bad, I just seem to train better abroad and do it properly.”



Ian Bibby gets a fresh bike from his dad as he races to the Silver medal.


For so long in second place, David Fletcher was caught in the second half by Ian Bibby. I was standing near Bibby’s team manager Roger Hammond who screamed at him Fletcher was ‘dying’ and that was that, Bibby put the hammer down and caught and passed the former World Championhip bronze medallist (Junior XC MTB).


Ian Bibby, Ian Field and David Fletcher on the podium afterwards.


A ‘young’ Team Hope’ won the team award in the men’s race.


Ian Field led his Hargroves Cycles team to a overall win on the weekend


The Women’s race was relatively simple in that Helen Wyman was seemingly riding away with the race with Nikki Harris 10 or 15 seconds adrift and Annie Last alone in third. Wyman then crashed and whilst straightening her bike up, Harris went past and that was the race over for the seven time winner.

Nikki Harris seemed to grow in confidence in the lead and Wyman was unable to bring her back. Harris carried on all the way to the line to win by 50 seconds and clinch her first senior women’s title. Afterwards she said “Oh my god! I’ve tried so hard for the last few years and haven’t quite been good enough. I’ve moved up a level this year and whilst I didn’t feel great this today but my legs must have been good.”

Nikki came into the race recovering from a knee injury “I had five days off because I picked up a knee injury and last weekend I could hardly pedal so I had some scans Monday and was told I needed seven to ten days off the bike. I told him I have the nationals so he said you have to rest for five days and then pray to god its better!”


After Helen Wyman had won seven titles straight, Nikki Harris won her first at Peel Park.

“I was quite confident today with the technical sections” Nikki explained “and knew Helen was a bit sketchy on them so I felt I could benefit from that later on in the race. As long as I could keep her in sight, I thought there was a chance she might slip up. It played into my hands and as soon as I got past her, I fully committed to it and I’m so happy I won!”

“I think she came back up to me after I got past but I got some confidence in the technical sections and saw I had a gap and I went for it. I went quite deep to stay away and then on the final lap, backed off a bit because I didn’t want to make any mistakes because one mistake on this course can cost you 20 seconds if you’re unlucky”.

Asked what it was like down the home straight lined with people, Nikki replied “it was amazing. I can’t describe just how great that felt. It was a nice way to say thank you to everyone who has helped me the last few years!”


Helen Wyman, European Champion with British Champion Nikki Harris and world class MTB rider Annie Last. It means that both the European and British champions jerseys will be seen in Europe next season…

Helen Wyman: “It’s always disappointing to not win. I would not be doing this if I didn’t want to win every race. I have won 15 races this year and was planning making this the 16th! I thought with three laps to go, I had it in the bag. But, it’s good because there is a rider racing in the National Champs jersey alongside me in the European Champs jersey and I’m not selfish and want them all like Marriane Vos!”

“It was quite a tough course today and quite tricky as the sun melted the ice and made it slippery whereas when I rode it early in the day, it was quite fast.”

“On one of the corners, I was taking the same line as before but I cut it a bit too tight and crashed and got up really quick and at that stage, still had a good gap. I went to get back on and the bars were twisted and leavers twisted and I had to stop and sort them.”

“If it had been a short distance to the pit, it would have been okay but I had a lot of the lap left to do. I thought to myself, no problem, you can get this back but when you are that evenly matched in race, one incident makes a huge difference. I think Nikki knew that and kept pressing on and I made a mistake and not her.”

“Comparing the venues here to Belgium where Helen races a lot, she says “In Belgium they take an epic venue and make a cyclo-cross course in it where as here they take a good venue and do that. The same goes in America where they’ll have 115 corners per lap and it actually makes for a very different race, more skilled and more interesting.”

“Where as in Belgium its’ like, here’s a cobbled hill, you’re going up that and then you’re going to have a find a way down. In other countries outside of Belgium, the courses are much like this where there are lots of straights, a few corners and grass bits.”

Helen then explained how Britain is second nation in the World rankings for Women’s cyclo-cross. “We’re only 60 points off first and once Daphne’s points are lost as she’s retired we’re going to be the first ranked nation in the World and that’s incredible and testament to me, Nikki and Gabby all finishing in the top 12 in the World. At Koppenberg, I won, Nikki was second; it has never been two British riders on the podium in such a major race.”

“Hopefully younger riders in Britain will see that there is a future for them if they want to go into cyclo-cross and it’s like there is a pathway for them there now. It’s not easy by any means but hopefully for the next generation it will be”.

Annie Last: “It was a good race but I really did want to be in the race with Nikki Harris and Helen. I really liked the course today though, as it allows you to do a good race”.


Helen Wyman and Nikki Harris hug after a battle to be British champion…


Nikki Harris and Annie Last get away quickly from the line at the start.


Helen Wyman hits the front early on as Nikki Harris gives chase.


Junior Women’s Podium – Isla Short from Peebles CC, Scott Epic rider Alice Barnes and her cousin Emily Barnes.


The Women’s Veteran title, Lynn Bland, champion Louise Robinson and Marie Jackson

Under 23 Men

The Under 23 title race one of the most exciting seen in a long time with so many riders in contention from the start. Early on a big group formed at the front but the hilly course which was dead slippery, soon saw just three at the front, Steve James (Hargroves Cycles), Ben Sumner and Grant Ferguson.

After James dealt with a puncture before the start and another halfway through the race, Sumner was the man on fire in the lead group, attacking several times but unable to distance James and Ferguson. The Scottish rider Ferguson though played the waiting game until Sumner had nothing left from all his attacks before pressing on and distancing both Sumner and James.

Whilst Ferguson rode on alone at the front, Sumner had to switch his attention to battling with James for the Silver with the defending champion getting the better of Sumner on the closing laps.


In perhaps the best race of the day, the Under 23 championship  was edge of the seat stuff with Bronze going to Ben Sumner, Gold to Grant Ferguson and Silver to defending champion from Hargroves Cycles, Steven James.

Rider Reactions: Grant Ferguson on winning his first ‘cross title (he’s won one in MTB before): “It was good out there and I felt pretty strong so I’m very pleased, Really pleased. I felt pretty confident (despite the attacks from Ben Sumner). I just waited until the end and then went for it. The plan was to stay near the front and stay involved and then press on when the opportunity was there. The course was slippery but it was a good.”

Steven James (Hargroves Cycles): “My predication about Grant was unfortunately correct. He was so strong today. I came into this with not the form that I had last year, about 90 per cent, so I knew it was going to be a lot closer. As soon as it was me and Grant at the front, I knew either he or me was going to get away and unfortunately it was him”.

“That said, I can’t take anything away from him. He had a fantastic ride and has great form. I had two punctures, one before the start and then another halfway through the race up the ‘Col du Peel’ and that threw me into a bit of a panic. It wasn’t my day today but it was a great race from Ben too but not the result I wanted.”

Ben Sumner: “This is the only one I have been aiming for, the only one I have tapered for as I’ve been training for the mountain bike season. It was an exciting race to be part of for sure. I got taken down on the first lap and that made me angry and spurred me on but I’m chuffed with the medal. I was sixth last year, and third year in my first full year of cross this season. I have been practicing the running and I was running away from them so we’ll see what happens next year.”


Steven James gets away quickest in the first race of the day for the Under 23s.


A big group soon formed at the front of the contenders including Kenta Gallagher, Grant Ferguson, Ben Sumner, Hugo Robinsoo, and Adam Martin.


Ben Sumner putting in an attack at the front with Ferguson following and a gap to James.


Steven James yells to Matt Payne commentator he’s punctured, and that is relayed to his pit and the rest of the park.


In the end, Sumner ran out of legs and Ferguson chose his moment to solo to the finish.



The Junior race was won by Billy Harding who seemed to have the whole of Yorkshire behind him on the day. Hargroves Cycles rider Harry Franklin, who has been in winning form in the National trophy got clear early on and soon a group of four riders led tthe race, Franklin, Harding, Ravenscroft and Matthew Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles).

It took a few laps but Harding soon started to press home his advantage on the local course, pressing on here and there and as fatigue set in to the legs of his rivals, he opened up a gap. Behind him, the Hargroves duo and Ravenscroft had a battle royal for the medals before Ravenscroft just managed to go clear by a few seconds from Franklin in the closing stages with Hargroves another ten seconds back after a great ride.


Probably the most popular winner of the day, local junior Billy Harding wins the Junior title from Jack Ravenscroft and Harry Franklin of Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant

Billy Harding: “I’m absolutely thrilled to win here today. The crowd were amazing and so so loud that it spurs you on and makes you want to go faster. This was my target this season so I have been building towards it and the last week has gone well for me.”

“The way I like to race is not to go too hard at the start and on a cold day like this, it takes me a bit of time to get my legs warm. I wanted to stick with them for a lap or so and it was a fast pace and then after that I really nailed it all the way to the line. I was thrilled to win it. I am only a first year junior so I get to wear the jersey all next season. Previous times I have won a champs jersey, I’ve gone up a category and not been able to wear the jersey”.

“So it means a lot to win this and be able to wear it next season.”


Billy Harding was certainly a very happy winner as he crossed the line alone…

Harry Franklin (Hargroves Cycles) “Both Matt (Hargroves) and me were desperate for a medal and weren’t giving an inch and it was full on trying to stay at the front and not letting Jack (Ravenscroft) get away.”

“It’s been close throughout the National trophy season and early on, I really wanted to get clear in case I made a mistake because the course was so demanding but both the others were really strong and got past me in the end. This was the best course, a proper ‘cross course. So demanding and showed who the best riders were.”

Jack Ravenscroft “I’m disappointed with that. I put everything into that and was counting on winning. Billy had the form today. I am definitely motivated now for the worlds. I have a strong finish but I think I put so much into trying to get Billy back today that I didn’t have as good a finish as I could have.


The race to the first corner with Harding, Harry Franklin (Hargroves Cycles) and Jack Ravenscroft.


 Franklin has a good lead after the start with Ravenscroft leading the chase.


Franklin, Ravenscroft and Matthew Hargroves on a ‘ride’battle for the medals behind Harding.



Elite Men

1 Ian Field Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant 1.04
2 Ian Bibby Madison Genesis @ 0.26
3 David Fletcher Orange Monkey Pro Team @ 0.43
4 Oli Beckingsale Endura MTB Racing @ 0.44
5 Nick Craig Team Scott UK @ 1.4
6 Paul Oldham Team Hope Factory Racing @ 1.31
7 Lewis Craven @ 2.21
8 Dave Collins Team Hope Factory Racing @ 4.23
9 Robert Jebb Team Hope Factory Racing @ 5.14
10 William Bjergfelt MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling @ 5.48
11 Robert Wardell Trek Factory Racing @ 6.19
12 Tony Fawcett Team Scott UK @ 6.37
13 Daniel Booth Team Hope Factory Racing @ 6.56
14 Jody Crawforth Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant @ 7.47
15 Neal Crampton Crosstrax at 1 lap
16 Tom Payton Islabikes
17 Alex Payton Team GWB – ACTIV
18 Keith Murray Team Scott UK
19 John Whittington CNP/Orbea
20 Chris Metcalfe Charge Bikes
21 Tom Last Metaltek – Knights of Old RT
22 David Lines Pedal Power-Endura-Forme Racing
23 Andrew Naylor Fossa Racing
24 Gareth Whittall Clay Cross RT
25 Matthew Webber Hackney GT at 2 laps
26 Andrew Taylor Individual Member
27 Lee Shunburne Fossa Racing
28 Crispin Doyle Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant
29 Steven Davies Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant
30 James Dalton Pedalsport CC at 3 laps
31 Scott Chalmers Dream Cycling
32 Ross Tricker X RT/Elmy Cycles
33 James Thompson Team Hope Factory Racing
34 Chris Atkins Team Specialized
35 Paul Sheers Vicious Velo
36 Benjamin Lewis Hackney GT
37 Scott Wilson Manchester Wheelers
38 Andrew Johnson Yorkshire Velo at 4 laps
39 Colin Miller Coventry RC
40 Paul McInally Rock and Road Cycles
41 Jeremy Hicks Rugby Velo
42 David Morris Harrogate Nova CC
43 Richard Crabtree Pedalsport CC
44 Neil Ellison WDMBC Beyond Mountainbikes/Rapid at 5 laps
45 Ivan Boyes Huddersfield Star Wheelers
46 Andrew Shrimpton University of Bristol CC
47 David Bellinger Medway VC at 6 laps

1 Team Hope Factory Racing 23 points
2 Team Scott UK 35 points
3 Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant 43 points


1 Billy Harding Paul Milnes/ Bradford Olympic RC 44.19
2 Jack Ravenscroft Solihull CC @ 0.19
3 Harry Franklin Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant@ 0.22
4 Matthew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant@ 0.33
5 Jake Womersley Sportscover Altura RT @ 1.23
6 Adam King Cardiff JIF/Cyclopaedia @ 2.20
7 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Rhos on Sea CC @ 2.37
8 Michael Thompson TEF / Richardsons RT @ 2.38
9 Iain Paton Ben Wyvis CC @ 3.12
10 Sean Dunlea Ciclos Uno @ 4.28
11 Benjamin Pygott Paul Milnes/ Bradford Olympic RC@ 5.17
12 James Edmond Ferryhill Whs CC/Mountain High @ 5.59
13 Edwyn Oliver-Evans @ 7.0
14 William Perrett Heanor Clarion CC @ 7.45
15 Luke Markham Rugby Velo @ 8.31
16 Oliver Payton Cycle Sport Pendle @ 8.55
17 Sebastian Marsh Paul Milnes/ Bradford Olympic RC at 1 lap
18 Jordan Gell VC Lincoln/Pygott&Chrone/B&O
19 Chris McGovern Sutton CC/De Ver Cycles
20 Jake Hubbard Welland Valley CC
21 Conor Palliser East Bradford CC at 2 laps
22 Samuel Bentley Spalding CC 3 laps


1 Nikki Harris Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 43 6
2 Helen Wyman Kona/FSA Factory Team @ 0.50
3 Annie Last Trek Factory Racing @ 1.32
4 Louise Robinson (V) Islabikes @ 3.22
5 Bethany Crumpton Team Scott Contessa @ 4.45
6 Hannah Payton The Kinesis Morvelo Project @ 5.45
7 Delia Beddis Vicious Velo @ 7.08
8 Adela Carter Team Hope Factory Racing @ 7.26
9 Rebecca Preece Red Rose Olympic CC @ 7.34
10 Claire Beaumont Vicious Velo @ 8.20
11 Alice Barnes (J) Orbea @ 1 lap
12 Tamina Oliver Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant
13 Nikola Butler Pedalsport CC
14 Diane Lee RT/Kuota/GSG
15 Anna Buick University of Manchester CC
16 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles
17 Emily Barnes (J) Condor Cycles
18 Madeleine Robinson VC Moulin
19 Marie Jackson (V) Paul Milnes/Bradford Olympic RC
20 Melissa Brand Pretorious Bikes
21 Anna Cipullo Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant
22 Isla Short (J) Immerleithen MTB Racing/I-Cycles
23 Morven Brown Dales Cycles RT Scotland
24 Lynn Bland (V40) Norton Wheelers @ 2 laps
25 Phoebe Sneddon Team Mule Bar
26 Tracey Fletcher (V) Team Empella
27 Andrea Rodgers Norton Wheelers
28 Christine Howard (V40) Matlock CC/Impsport/Farmers/Wards
29 Laura Jolly Here Come the Belgians
30 Rebecca Keogh Solihull CC @ 3 laps

1. Alice Barnes, Scott Epic
2. Emily Barnes, Condor
3. Isla Short, Innerleithen MTB

Under 23

1 Grant Ferguson Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team 46 30
2 Steven James Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant @ 0.33
3 Ben Sumner Beeline Bicycles RT @ 0.40
4 Adam Martin Metaltek – Knights of Old RT @ 0.58
5 Hugo Robinson X RT/Elmy Cycles @ 1.18
6 Kenta Gallagher Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team@ 1.35
7 Nicholas Barnes RT/Kuota/GSG @ 1.48
8 Luke Gray Trek Cross Collective @ 2.6
9 Taylor Johnstone Ibaigane Opel @ 2.35
10 Jack Humphreys @ 3.19
11 Jack Clarkson Team Hope Factory Racing @ 3.34
12 Edward McParland GT Racing UK @ 4.8
13 Robert Watson Dirtwheels Cycles @ 4.47
14 Perry Bowater Asfra RT @ 5.04
15 Charles Coleman Cadence Cannondale @ 5.18
16 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle @ 6.6
17 Joe Fox MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling @ 6.17
18 Joe Atkins Coventry RC @ 7.42
19 Bruce Dalton The Kinesis Morvelo Project at 1 lap
20 Matthew Downes Descend/Hamsterley at 1 lap
21 James Garrett Rugby Velo at 3 laps

Former Winners
1955 Alan Jackson
1956 Alan Jackson
1957 Don Stone
1958 Don Stone
1959 Barry Spence
1960 David Briggs
1961 John Atkins
1962 John Atkins
1963 Mick Stallard
1964 Mick Stallard
1965 Mick Stallard
1966 John Atkins
1967 John Atkins
1968 John Atkins
1969 John Atkins
1970 John Atkins
1971 John Atkins
1972 John Atkins
1973 John Atkins
1974 John Atkins
1975 Jeff Morris
1976 Keith Mernickle
1977 John Atkins
1978 Chris Wreghitt
1979 Chris Wreghitt
1980 Chris Wreghitt
1981 Chris Wreghitt
1982 Chris Wreghitt
1983 Steve Douce
1984 Chris Young
1985 Steve Douce
1986 Steve Douce
1987 Steve Douce
1988 Steve Douce
1989 Steve Douce
1991 Chris Young
1993 Steve Douce
1994 Roger Hammond
1995 Barrie Clarke
1996 Nick Craig
1997 Barrie Clarke
1998 Nick Craig
1999 Steve Knight
2000 Roger Hammond
2001 Roger Hammond
2002 Roger Hammond
2003 Roger Hammond
2004 Roger Hammond
2005 Nick Craig
2006 Roger Hammond
2007 Phil Dixon
2008 Roger Hammond
2009 Jody Crawforth
2010 Ian Bibby
2011 Paul Oldham
2012 Ian Field

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