Results: East London Velo Winter Series


Kristian Woolf and Mike Debney winners at week 4 of the East London Velo Winter Series at Redbridge Cycle Centre

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3rd/4th Cats
1. Mike Debney, London Dynamo
2. Gunther Zechmann, Team Zappis
3. Joe Fry, RTS RC (youth)
4. Matthew Menlove, Maldon District
5. Craig Chappell, ELV
6. Stuart Clapp, Vicious Velo
7. Charlie Scott, CCH
8. Kendal Noctor, CCH
9. David Hamming, Rapha
10. Antonius Wubben, Victoria CC
11. Tom Calduge, St Ives
12. Rauf Dean, London Phoniex
13. James Batten, Dulwich paragon
14. Charles Batho, Dulwich paragon
15. Hugh Vivian, Finsbury Park
16. Peter St Amuur, Addiscombe CC
17. Franos Fox, London Dynamo
18. Mark Parker, St Ives
19. Jack Saunder, Hackney CC
20. ?
21. Mitchell Blain, London Dynamo
22. Brad Lamb, Glade CC
23. Oliver Craig, London Dynamo

1. Kristian Woolf, Prestige Velo
2. Iain Palmer, Twickenham CC
3. Paul McGrath, North Road CC
4. Joe Holloway, VC 10
5. Felix Barker, St Ives
6. Louis Modell, ELV
7. Colin Bailey, North Road
8. Philip Hersey, Eagle RC
9. Joss Lawless, Apire Bicycle
10. Philip Murrell, Finsbury Park
11. James Local, London Dynamo
12. Rodriguez Gonzab, ELV
13. John Donovan, GS Gropetto
14. Ben Locke, Braintree Velo



RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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