Report & photos: Ludgershall Winter Series


James Wilson picked up his second race win of the new season at the Army training area at Ludgershall in Wiltshire

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2013 Round 6 | Saturday 16th February 2013 | Graham Robins – Words and Photos


After winning the first round, James made sure he collected win number two with a well timed sprint finish ahead of John Russell (Strada Cycles). The test track was dry and had recently been widened by cutting back the foliage and even the sun made a rare appearance in a complete contrast to the snow the week before.

The race got underway with the riders settling themselves in for a 45min + 3 lap race; there were a couple of early attacks but each time the race was pulled back by a very attentive bunch. Lap after lap different riders had an attack of the front only to be pulled back. At one point a group of five got some day light but they could not get away and so the race all came down to a big bunch sprint.

James in the middle of three managed to hold onto his sprint winning by half a bike length from John with James Phillips (Severn RC) another half bike length back. The bunch were right on their wheels and they all crossed the line closely compacted.
1. James Wilson
2. John Russell Strada Cycles
3. James Phillips Severn RC
4. Charles Coleman Cadence RT
5. Deacon Cutterham Army Cycling Union
6. Euan Adams Juice Lubes Racing
7. Simon Barnes Procycling Magazine RT
8. Stuart Williams Reading CC
9. Cameron Campbell Army Cycling Union
10. Robert Ward Asfra Racing Team
11. Donal Lineham Newbury rc
12. Nick Yarworth NFTO
13. Dave Lee NTFO
14. Tom Bowering Performance Cycles CMI
15. Paul Jones Army Cycling Union
16. Daniel Dolan Army Cycling Union
17. Steve Cottington Cadence RT
18. Thomas Hayward Andover Wheelers
19. Liam Glen Wheelbase MGD
20. Nicholas Beale Beeline Cycles RT
21. Will Hunt Army Cycling Union
22. Rupert Beale Beeline Cycles RT
23. Frazier Carr AW Cycles
24. Phillip Reynolds Peter Hansford Racing
25. Richard Phillips-Schofield Hantspol CC
26. Malcolm Dixon Severn RC
27. Daniel Marks Bristol RC
28. Matt Lee NFTO
29. Spencer Robinson
30. Alex Peterson AW Cycles


The earlier 3rd cat race all came down to another big bunch sprint with John Wood (NFTO) riding away from the whole bunch as they crossed the line at the bell. John was very near to the back of the whole field but on the open side. He simply rode past and reached the left turn clear and as they slowed down he increased his lead. John finished well clear of the bunch that all rolled in 5secs back.

Category 3
1. John Wood NFTO
2. Dan Guest Army Cycling Union
3. Steve Glass
4. Jake Coward Chippenham & District Wheelers CC
5. Robert Ward Asfra Racing Team
6. Dave Lee NTFO
7. James Cooper Sotonia CC
8. Nick Yarworth NFTO
9. James Coleman Cadence RT
10. Alex Clayton Fluid Fin RT
11. David Gorton Team Tor 2000
12. Henry Gilroy
13. Thomas Key Southampton University RC
14. Charles Sanders Cadence RT
15. Andrew Daniels Zappi’s Cycing Club
16. Owen Barnes Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
17. Alex Harding Andover Wheelers
18. Mark Bleakley Bath University
19. Cameron Campbell Army Cycling Union
20. Jonathan Gould
21. Daniel Stephens Sotonia CC
22. Darren Clarke Army Cycling Union
23. Spencer Robinson
24. Jason Painton Rides On Air
25. Lee King Rides On Air
26. Clare Leaver Zappi’s Ladies Team
27. Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC
28. Simon Dawe Bristol RC

Category 4 – Race 1
1. Tom King Southampton University RC
2. Trevor Allen
3. Greg Lewis VC10
4. Lee Jones
5. Jonathan Gates Royal Air Force cc
6. Joseph Henstridge Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
7. Micheal Rivers Southampton University RC
8. James Turzynski Kingston Wheelers cc
9. Kerry Greenham Army Cycling Union
10. Marc Diguisto
11. Lee King Rides On Air
12. William Hatton Bristol Rc
13. Tristan Grigalis Southampton University RC
14. Micheal Gates Kingston Wheelers cc
15. Ant Gilbert
16. James Cranstone
17. Dan Atkins Didcot Phoenix
18. Adam Gardner G.S Henley
19. Johan Hunter
20. Liam Walsh Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
21. Jonathan Fowles Velo Club Walcot
22. Matt Cooper Swindon Road Club
23. Steven Chiswell VC10
24. James Foster gillingham and district wheelers
25. Andrew Lockwood Southampton University RC
26. Richard Lewis Chippenham & District Wheelers CC
27. Duncan O’Reilly Didcot Phoenix CC
28. Giles Prentice VC Walcot
29. Sam Dorking Didcot Phoenix CC
30. Christopher Brooks BCPM
31. Gordon Rimmer Andover Wheelers

Category 4 – Race 2
1. Matthew Mew University of Bristol CC
2. Paul Ferguson VC Walcot
3. Matt Ulyatt Bath Cycling Club
4. Roger Theron Army Cycling Union
5. Nick Skardon VC Walcot
6. James Fulcher
7. Josh Hochmon Bath University CC
8. Unknown Rider
9. Chris Szpojnarowicz
10. Joe Gray Cycle Club Basingstoke
11. Unknown Rider in blue
12. H Mathews Penzance Wheelers
13. Jonathan Hicks
14. Liam Teesdale
15. Gary Shepherd Bath Cycling Club
16. Ben Urquhart Blazing Saddles
17. Paul Helyer Blazing Saddles
18. Anna Reid Zappi’s Ladies Team
19. Andrew Legge Newbury RC
20. Bob Richardson BC PM
21. Unknown Rider
22. Unknown Rider
23. Harriet Guest Army Cycling Union
24. Vittoria Bussi Zappi’s Ladies Team
25. George Upex Newbury RC
26. Christopher Bennett Army Cycling Union
27. Bonnie Van Wilgenburg Zappi’s Ladies Team
28. Tom Bandy Portsdown Hill CC
29. S Beadbury The Shed
30. Martin Walker
31. Sian Cahill Zappi’s Ladies Team
32. Dennis Keene Army Cycling Union
33. Adam Gardner G.S Henley
34. Matt Walters Army Cycling Union







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