Results: One and All Club Time Trial


Once again, the One and All club were blessed with dry weather for the last of the One and All winter Time Trial series.

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Although it was a cold morning with an even colder breeze, there was a healthy turn-out, despite several of our older juniors absent at the Springtime Pursuits road races in Devon.

Damian Ayling and Mark Hooper flexed some early season muscles, while 16 year old James Trott rode to a strong 3rd place despite limited training recently due to GCSE examinations. Especially pleasing were the 23 One and All riders out of 34 entries who took the chance to have a go at time trialling or sharpen up their winter training.

Once again, thanks to the volunteer helpers who cheerfully gave up their Saturday morning to ensure that the race could go ahead – Roger Phillips and Ben Weaver marshalling at the turn, Bill Gladwell taking photographs (coming soon), John Trott marshalling at the junction, Claudia Trott for recording numbers at the finish, Ian Wherry for pushing off, and Fiona Telfer-Brunton for signing on and start time keeping yet again. Thanks also to Sarah Colloff who turned up to help, but was released for sun bathing duties.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the races – the main time trial raqcing season starts next weekend. Remember, to ride open races you have to enter in advance, but for club races you can enter on the day. There are frequent Wednesday and Thursday evening club races on the Ladock Valley and Leedstown courses – see One and All website.

1 Damian Ayling PZW 24:00
2 Mark Hooper O&A 24:22
3 James Trott (16) O&A 24:34
4 Garry McCallum PZW 25:05
5 Stuart Sly O&A 25:24
6 James Wiltshire SAW 25:52
7 Lawrence Sullivan O&A 26:17
8 Andrew Hosking CL 26:25
9 Daniel Watts RAF 26:28
10 Callum Roberts NT 26:40
11 Peter Jory O&A 26:54
12 William Gilbert O&A 27:24
13 Tom Smith SAW 27:41
14 Dave Timms O&A 27:32
15 James Round (17) O&A 28:32
16 Michael Poole (15) O&A 28:40
17 Jonathan Mashen O&A 28:54
18 Kim Homewood PZW 29:30
19 Ben Spencer (16) O&A
20 Pete Woodford O&A 30:21
21 Steve Smith O&A 30:30
22 James Bolton (13) CVCTC 30:56
23 Ned Kelly NV 30:59
24 Mick Harrison O&A 31:08
25 josephine Gilbert (18) O&A 31:28
26 Tom Nancarrow (14) O&A 31:35
27 Penny Colloff (16) O&A 32:01
28 Jordan Watson (13) O&A 32:04
29 Angela Noble O&A 33:36
30 Bev Pearce NV 34:12
31 Yvonne Mashen O&A 36:40
32 Megan Wherry (13) O&A 38:32
33 Jordan Round (14) O&A 42:06
Trev Heath O&A DNF puncture

Private trial
Sam Medlyn O&A 36:37
Aaron Martyn O&A 36:39


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