Report & Full Results: North Road CC Hard Riders Time Trial


Full result, photos and report on Joe Perrett’s win in the classic early season time trial, the North Road CC Hard Riders

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Joe Perrett (Team IG-Sigma Sport) took the top spot in the 2013 North Road Hardriders time trial. The former European Junior Time Trial Champion completed the shortened course (22 miles) in a time of 49.21 to ensure a comfortable victory of over two minutes from Wojciech Szlachta (Twenty3C/Focus) 51.33 with winner of the past two editions, Wouter Sybrandy (Team IG-Sigma Sport), a further 3 seconds back.

013_NorthRoad_Harders_1st Overall - Joe Perret - © Iain Norman

Above: Joe Perrett back to his time trialling best with a solid win in the North Road Hardriders. Photo: © Iain Norman

Joe led Team IG-Sigma Sport to the team award with Andrew Griffiths (52.34) the 3rd counter.

013_NorthRoad_Harders_3rd overall - Wouter Sybrandy - © Robert Wade

Former winner, Wouter Sybrandy. Photo © Robert-Wade

Karla Boddy (High Wycombe CC – RT) repeated her 2012 success in the event to take to women’s top spot in 1.01.08. In the Junior category, Joe Fry (RST RT) took the honours for the under 18’s with a time of 54.07, also good enough to place inside the top 10 overall. Despite the very cold conditions, 112 riders started out of a full field of 120 plus 15 reserves.

013_NorthRoad_Harders_1st Woman - Karla Boddy - © Robert Wade

Above: First woman was Karla-Boddy. Photo: ©-Robert-Wade

013_NorthRoad_Harders_5th Overall - Conall Yates - © Robert Wade

Conall Yates of Trainsharp was 5th. Photo: Robert-Wade

Rider Reactions:
“I don’t know what to say” said Daniel Northover, Finsbury Park CC. “Freezing cold and roadworks couldn’t dampen the spirit of your fine time trial on Sunday. Brilliant marshalling and organisation topped off with a (more importantly) amazing tea and cake selection at the end! Thanks so much for your efforts, I really feel like I experienced something special this weekend. Thanks again and hope you and all your riders have a good year ahead”.

013_NorthRoad_Harders_2nd overall - Wojciech Szlachta - © Robert Wade

Above: Wojciech-Szlachta ( beat a former winner to finish second. Photo: © Robert Wade

Tom Cosgrove (VTTA London & Home Counties) meanwhile said “I’d just like to say thank you for organising the North Road Hardriders event. I had a great ride, although I am very slow. Since I think everyone after me went past, I was probably the last rider on the road. Please thank the marshals for waiting for me to go through. The only time I have done this event before was in 1986, when I finished in 1:18:25, so assuming the 1:18:24 I noted is correct, I beat my time from back then by exactly 1 second! A shame the route was 3 miles shorter! Again, thank you very much – I had a fantastic morning”.

013_NorthRoad_Harders_1st Junior - Joe Fry - © Robert Wade

First Junior was Joe Fry (RST Clothing/Trigon Bikes). Photo: © Robert Wade.

Former winner Wouter Sybrandy emailed the organisers to say “Thanks for organising another great event today” while Richard Lofthouse (Eagle RC) told the organisers “Thanks for a great event Neil. Thanks for clearing Cucumber Lane which had enough ice left to be interesting anyway. Looking forward to seeing full results and doing it again next year! I was so cold I had to leave before the big guns came in.”

Photo Links:
Photo’s from Robert Wade and Iain Norman can be found in the North Road CC galleries below
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013_NorthRoad_Harders_1st Vet on Standard - Trevor Burke - © Robert Wade

First Vet on Standard was Trevor-Burke. Photo: © Robert Wade

Course was shortened to 22 miles due to over running roadworks on Darnicle Hill. Temperature didn’t get above 1 degree and there were patches of ice in places. Out of the 135 including reserves on the start sheet, 112 started which was outstanding given the conditions

013_NorthRoad_Harders_Joe Perrett Presentation - © Iain Norman

Joe Perrett with the Trophy with a lot of top names on it. Photo: Iain Norman

013_NorthRoad_Harders_4th Overall - Ash Cox - © Robert Wade

4th overall, Ash Cox. Photo: © Robert Wade

1 Joe Perrett Team IG-Sigma Sport 00:49:21
2 Wojciech Szlachta 00:51:53
3 Wouter Sybrandy Team IG-Sigma Sport 00:51:56
4 Ashley Cox CC Luton 00:52:21
5 Conall Yates In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:52:22
6 Andrew Griffiths Team IG-Sigma Sport 00:52:34
7 Rhys Howells 00:53:22
8 Dean Robson Somerset RC 00:54:05
9 Joe Fry RST Racing Team 00:54:07 Juv
10 Adam French Rapha Condor Cycling Club 00:54:29
11 Luke Hattersley St Ives CC 00:54:37 Jun
12 Trevor Burke Finchley Racing Team 00:54:53 V
13 Jonathan Shubert High Wycombe CC 00:55:01
14 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC 00:55:09 V
15 Simon Cannings 00:55:13 V
16 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 00:55:16 V
17 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles 00:55:21 V
18 Tim Davies Icknield Road Club 00:55:47 V
19 Steve Golla High Wycombe CC 00:55:48
20 Andrew Hastings Finchley Racing Team 00:55:51
21 Robert Moore London Phoenix CC 00:55:57
22 Stephen Nunn Finchley Racing Team 00:56:11 V
23 David Vaughan Shorter Rochford Exclusive Ranges RT 00:56:39
24 Simon McNamara South Downs Bikes 00:56:39
25 George Farrell Welwyn Whs 00:56:51
26 Roger Maidment East London Velo 00:56:56
27 Steve Torley 00:57:06
28 Philip Hersey Eagle Road Club 00:57:55
29 Adam Brittain High Wycombe CC 00:57:55
30 Henry Farrell Welwyn Whs 00:57:56
31 Mark Smith Welwyn Whs 00:58:05
32 Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands! 00:58:06
33 Ben Lewis Finsbury Park CC 00:58:16
34 Jake Coward Rapha Condor Cycling Club 00:58:24 Jun
35 Matt Molloy Finsbury Park CC 00:58:50 V
36 Sam Hayes Team 00:59:02
37 Nick Jackson Cambridge CC 00:59:06 V
38 Edward Renwick Oxford City RC 00:59:40
39 Joshua Maynard Welwyn Whs 00:59:41
40 Alex Anderson Welwyn Whs 00:59:52
41 Jon Dallimore London Phoenix CC 00:59:54
42 Neil Hornett Eagle Road Club 01:00:26
43 Colin Bailey North Road CC 01:00:35
44 Jack Steven East London Velo 01:00:48
45 Martin Dossett Welwyn Whs 01:00:53 V
46 Rob Chaplin East London Velo 01:01:02
47 Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC 01:01:08 W
48 Anthony Purnell Cambridge Clarion Cycling Club 01:01:14 V
49 Rebecca Slack Look Mum No Hands! 01:01:17 WV
50 David Bamford East London Velo 01:01:17
51 Ryan Witchell Welwyn Whs 01:01:18 Jun
52 Jonathan Scott Verulam CC 01:01:18
53 John Pritchard Finsbury Park CC 01:01:33
54 Steven Halsall Velo Club Moulin – SCU 01:01:33
55 Tony May TMG Horizon Cycling Team 01:01:54 V
56 Matthew Clements Lea Valley Youth CC 01:02:03 Juv
57 Paul McGrath North Road CC 01:02:16
58 Ian Baynes Hemel Hempstead CC 01:02:24
59 Will Beresford London Phoenix CC 01:02:34
60 Roger Fogg North Road CC 01:02:39 V
61 Desmond Gayler Kenton RC 01:02:56 V
62 Damien Foy Eagle Road Club 01:03:15 V
63 Anthony Collier HA Tri 01:03:32
64 Trevor Whittock Lea Valley CC 01:03:34 V
65 Kevin Haynes Finsbury Park CC 01:03:43 V
66 Michael Atkinson North Road CC 01:03:53
67 Anthony Newland Bossard Whs 01:04:06 V
68 Graham Stogden Finchley Racing Team 01:04:30 V
69 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands! 01:04:31 W
70 Bryan Holland North Road CC 01:04:31 V
71 Shay Giles VC Elan – Harry Perry Cycles 01:04:51 V
72 Adam Laycock Team Trisports 01:04:52 V
73 Daniel Northover Finsbury Park CC 01:05:01
74 Lawrence Evans Welwyn Whs 01:05:03
75 James Hoskins Kingston Wheelers CC 01:05:40
76 Frank Rawlins North Road CC 01:05:56 V
77 Glyn Dodds North Road CC 01:06:16 V
78 Sam Williamson Hemel Hempstead CC 01:06:22 V
79 Ethan Lazell London Phoenix CC 01:06:33 V
80 David Clarke Eagle Road Club 01:06:47 V
81 Richard Lofthouse Eagle Road Club 01:06:54 V
82 Dominic Bray Finsbury Park CC 01:07:09 V
83 Thomas Clarke North Road CC 01:07:24 S
84 Jeremy Bonn North Road CC 01:07:45 S
85 Mark Allen Finchley Racing Team 01:07:50 V
86 Graeme Freestone King Team 01:07:55 V
87 Michael Higgins North Road CC 01:08:03
88 Richard Moule Bossard Whs 01:08:10 V
89 James Horan South Downs Bikes 01:08:14 V
90 Tim Burrows Westerley CC 01:08:20 V
91 Hannah Ormesher North Road CC 01:08:44 W
92 Richard McLellan North Road CC 01:08:53
93 Dave Dickie Finchley Racing Team 01:08:59 V
94 Susan Hoskins Kingston Wheelers CC 01:09:27 W
95 Aimee Wright High Wycombe CC 01:09:56 W
96 Ricky Gray HA Tri 01:11:24
97 Andy Pearce High Wycombe CC 01:11:50 V
98 Tony Madgwick Lea Valley Velo 01:12:19 V
99 Kris Pringle HA Tri 01:13:09
100 Thomas Weir CC Ashwell 01:13:12
101 Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads CC 01:13:12 V
102 Callum Mackie Lea Valley Youth CC 01:13:15 Juv
103 Sarah Williamson Hemel Hempstead CC 01:13:43 WV
104 Trevor Watson Bossard Whs 01:14:22 V
105 Charles Pugh Freedom Tri 01:15:11
106 Joanna Spragg Bossard Whs 01:15:12 WV
107 Lyndon Lewis Team 01:17:39 V
108 Tom Cosgrove VTTA (London & Home Counties) 01:18:24 V


1 Joe Perrett Team IG-Sigma Sport 00:49:21
2 Wojciech Szlachta 00:51:53
3 Wouter Sybrandy Team IG-Sigma Sport 00:51:56

1 Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC 01:01:08
2 Rebecca Slack Look Mum No Hands! 01:01:17
3 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands! 01:04:31
4 Hannah Ormesher North Road CC 01:08:44

1 Joe Fry RST Racing Team 00:54:07
2 Luke Hattersley St Ives CC 00:54:37
3 Jake Coward Rapha Condor Cycling Club 00:58:24

Vet on Standard

1 Trevor Burke Finchley Racing Team 00:54:53 +13:09
2 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles 00:55:21 +12:05
3 Stephen Nunn Finchley Racing Team 00:56:11 +11:51

Team IG-Sigma Sport 2:33:51
Joe Perrett 00:49:21  | Wouter Sybrandy 00:51:56  | Andrew Griffiths 00:52:34

Thanks to organiser Neil Lewis for all of the above.


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