Result: Hainault Hilly TT


Jonathan Shubert of the High Wycombe CC won the Hainault Hilly Time Trial

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1st Jonathan Shubert High Wycombe CC 1:11:21
2nd Russ Kober Hainault Roads Club 1:12:46
3rd Scott Cousins St Ives CC 1:13:51
4th Roger Maidment East London Velo 1:14:38
5th Ben Lewis Finsbury Park CC 1:15:51
6th Shane Norval Cambridge Cycling Club 1:17:41
7th Edward Renwick Oxford City Road Club 1:18:00
8th Jack Steven East London Velo 1:18:49
9th Ian Bibby Finsbury Park CC 1:19:36
10th Tony May TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:19:39
11th Colin Lewin Blackhawk 1:19:47
12th Howard Staunton Hainault Roads Club 1:20:07
13th Phillip Murrell Finsbury Park CC 1:21:06
14th Andrew Ward Hainault Roads Club 1:21:39
15th Damien Foy Eagle R C 1:21:45
16th Bob Flack Ford CC 1:22:47
17th Matt Haigh Essex Roads CC 1:22:48
18th Michael Naulls VC Venta 1:23:16
19th David Barnes East London Velo 1:23:22
20th Trevor Whittock Lea Valley Cycling Club 1:23:47
21st David Churchill Bigfoot CC 1:23:53
22nd Rob Young Team Vision Racing 1:24:13
23rd Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands 1:24:34
24th Geoff Bores Ford CC 1:24:42
25th Steven Mackintosh Elite CC 1:25:11
26th Michael Rolfe East London Velo 1:25:41
27th Graham Hurrell Basildon CC 1:25:43
28th Leigh Haigh Braintree Velo CRC 1:26:23
29th Dean Rose Elite CC 1:26:32
30th Mike Turvey Eagle R C 1:26:40
31st Colin Doe Ford CC 1:27:10
32nd Dominic Bray Finsbury Park CC 1:27:13
33rd Thomas Dean Eagle R C 1:27:40
34th Frederick Brand East London Velo 1:27:41
35th David Clarke Eagle R C 1:28:22
36th Andy Glessing Crest CC 1:29:07
37th Chris Tomkins Hainault Roads Club 1:29:47
38th John Iszatt Team Vision Racing 1:30:14
39th James Sale Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 1:30:52
40th Richard Stevens Crest CC 1:31:04
41st Stephen Vinning East London Velo 1:31:43
42nd Paul Sexton Colchester Rovers CC 1:31:51
43rd Christopher Kakoullis East London Velo 1:31:56
44th David Barrett East London Triathletes 1:33:15
45th Lucy Gossage Cambridge Triathlon Club 1:33:18
46th Stephen Knott Ford CC 1:33:29
47th Andrew Eckton Eagle R C 1:34:54
48th Chris Milne Gateway CC 1:35:15
49th Dan Smith Hainault Roads Club 1:36:23
50th Sean Bolton Eagle R C 1:36:49
51st Glen Littlechild Hainault Roads Club 1:40:38
52nd Julian Thorpe Crest CC 1:41:00
53rd Gary Lane Hainault Roads Club 1:42:42
54th John Witchell Hainault Roads Club 1:43:19
55th Michael Foster Ford CC 1:44:00
56th Antonio Paolino Eagle R C 1:49:20
57th Alastair Smith Hainault Roads Club 2:06:49


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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