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If you want to be placed in a race, then how about getting your numbers in the right place to make it easier for the judges

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Last Saturday, with a room full of officials and judges, there was a wait for an hour and half (felt longer actually) to place all the riders at the Eddie Soens Memorial. Most of the riders were probably home by the time the officials got out of the changing room after going through the data from the three cameras that were focused on the finish line.


So you think its easy to come with a result sheet? … not so. Look at the pics below at some examples of what caused the judges problems at the Eddie Soens.

The reason for the delay was not being able to read a rider’s numbers. Now, I have watched many a rider carefully pin their numbers on jerseys or perhaps it just looks like they are being careful. Many were obviously not taking care or perhaps just not aware of the importance of making sure that the photo finish camera and judges can see their numbers. There is an view that if a rider cannot be ID’ed by number or recognised by said judges, they don’t get placed. After a few hours of racing that would be a little hard to take but then if you get the numbers right, it won’t happen.

So before you roll up to the start line, make sure you know where the finish line camera is (which side of the road) (ask at sign on or an official). Have a think when in the riding position, will my numbers be visible by the judges/camera on the side of the road.


Side on shot … you’re a judge and you have to place these riders … 

Here are some common issues with rider’s numbers (thanks Carole)
1. Folding them up very small – also not good for sponsors if hiding their advertising
2. Not leaving a gap between numbers.
3. Positioning them too far into the centre of the back
4. Arm numbers when worn, to be put on the back of the shoulder rather than the front.
5. Wearing Gillet’s over the number
6. Numbers to be visible throughout the race not just the finish



Anyone see a problem here….


Memories… 2005 and a picture of mine of Bob Pinkerton helping sort a rider’s number out on the start line… should haven’t to be done though but many years later it still happens

 NOTE: If in doubt, ask an official or helper to make sure the numbers are visible from side and side/back!

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