Report: Hull City RC Time Trial


Tragic end to Hull City RC Time Trial on Humberside after death of cyclist

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The Event

On a cold sunny day with a block headwind on the way out, the race on a record breaking course was to have seen Olympic Champion Joanna Rowsell race but as reported elsewhere, the event was stopped for the riders wearing numbers 105 or so upwards after the accident in which a rider was killed.


Matt Bottrill on his way to a personal best.

Photographing the race on the outward leg near the turn, we saw the likes of Matt Bottrill go past on his way to a personal best of 18.38 and then a short time after that, the police closing the road and taking traffic and any cyclists racing, off the A63 carriageway. Back at the HQ, there were reports of who the rider was involved in the crash.

Fastest of those riders able to complete their race was Matt Bottrill (drag2zero) who recorded a time of 18.38. Record holder Michael Hutchinson (Trainsharp) was entered but did not ride and had he turned up, would not have got a ride due to the accident.


Into a headwind, Bottrill stays aero on his way to a time of 18.38 on a  very cold day and busy dual carriageway.

Bottrill afterwards said it was a sad day for the sport again and his thoughts go out to the family of the rider reported to have been killed (at the time we spoke, everyone believed the rider in the crash was going to be okay).

On his own ride, a PB, he said “I feel like I am making progress after working a lot with Simon Smart over the winter and feel aero wise, I have improved.”

Sporting a pair of prototype tri-bars on the bike which he says have made a difference, he explained how he’s feeling good within himself even at this early stage of the season. “The time trial was bloody cold and being so early season, it’s a shock to the system as the body is not used to it. You can train hard but come race day, a 10 mile time trial is hard.”


Matt was sporting new tri-bars, prototypes, on his Giant TT bike.


Some of the times from the board are below, (note, not all riders were able to complete or start the race) Times are not in order as NO result will be issued as far as we are aware

R Hembrough    Team Swift 21.48
M Shacklock    Yorkshire RC 23.43
SJ Inman    Mapperley CC 22.03
J Dewhirst    East Bradford CC 21.18
N Goscinski    Yorkshire Velo 21.18
N Parkin    North Notts Oly 22.02
W Kaye    Clifton CC  21.58
P Thirling    Adept Precision RT 20.15
S Gibson    Peak Road Club 20.51
D Turner    Cleveleys RC 20.57
S Smith    Yorkshire RC 22.05
I Lazenby    Seacroft Wheelers 23.12
P Lawrence    Team MDT 20.14
R Robinson    Scunthorpe Poly 20.18
R Walker    Scunthorpe Poly 20.41
I Whittell    Manchester Wh 21.14
C O’Rourke    Cherry Valley RT 22.32
D Taylor    Birdwell Wh. 20.58
G Kondor    Sherwood Pines CC 23.08
P McAllister    Seamons CC 21.26
P Fielding-Smith    Wilson Wheels RT 21.55
A Gasgoigne    Pedal Power 19.41
G Lewis    VC10 20.51
R Shenton    Team Swift 22.14
J Hugill    Mercia 21.19
J Martin    VTTA [N.Mids] 23.09
S Kneeshaw    Malton Wh 21.43
R Dean    Barnsley RC 21.02
N O’Brian    Ingear-Quick Vit-Trainsharp 22.11
S Carrigan    City Road Club Hull 21.23
A Bruce    Yorkshire RC 22.06
R Hamilton    Yorkshire Velo 21.01
P Davis    St. Ives CC 21.44
A Jackson    Team Swift 20.21
J Read    Team Swift 21.03
T Humphries    Team Swift 22.11
B Hallworth    Ilkley CC 20.36
R Coomber    Cadence RT 19.41
S Jackson    Trent Valley  22.59
B Metcalf    Team Swift 21.29
J Hedley-Smith    Clay Cross RT 21.52
R Denton    Ilkley CC 21.45
S Geraci    Team Swift 22.54
J D Lewis    Albis-Colbert CRT 20.07
M Holton    drag2zero 18.51
P Evans    Scunthorpe Poly  20.28
A Roue’    Lutterworth Cycle Centre 21.21
R Jelly    Mapperley CC 20.45
R Barnard    Team Cystic Fibrosis 22.52
A Nash    Scunthorpe Poly 21.00
N Rogers    Team Swift 21.18
R Hey    Holme Valley Wh. 21.44
J Gadie    Barton Wh 22.27
S Burns    Manchester Wh 18.51
PD Fleming    Preston Wh 20.07
P M Boardman    Barrow Central Wh. 21.33
P Hunt    Mapperley CC 21.04
J Cross    Manchester Wh 20.31
S Gormley    Team Swift 21.10
N Fairfield    City Road Club Hull 21.44
D Robinson    Tyneside Vagabonds 21.19
WS Thorpe    Team Swift 21.45
T Hastie    Team Jewson MI Racing 21.01
M Botterill    drag2zero 18.38


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