Report & Photos: Maureen Bain Memorial RR


After four laps of the tough Ryals circuit, Tom Stewart (Sportscover/Bioracer) beats Matt Cronshaw (IG Sigma Sport) in a tight sprint to win the Maureen Baines Memorial Road Race

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Interviews with Tom Stewart, Dean Downing, Tom Bustard and Matt Cronshaw here on VeloUK


What a thrilling finish after 80 miles of hard racing in the North East. Tom Stewart, who rode last year for the RST Clothing/Trigon Bikes team and was on his Trigon bike in the race today as he awaits his new race bike from Sportscover/Bioracer, beat Matt Cronshaw (IG SigmaSport) in a three up sprint.

Stewart, along with Peter Williams (IG Sigma Sport) and Will Bjergfelt (MG Maxifuel) got across to the break on the last lap and then when the move went on the Ryals for the last time, Stewart was in that move as well along with Cronshaw and the rider in third, Tom Bustard (Herbalife/Leisure Lakes).


Lap 1 and the first time up Ryals and the race is already split wide open. Matt Cronshaw and Steve Lampier (Node4 Giordana) lead the group here. Also in the break according to race radio were James Moss (IG Sigma Sport), Ben Ives (Sportscover/Bioracer), Dean Downing (Madison Genesis), S McCrossan, L Glen, M Perry, J Alder, Davie Lines (MG Maxifuel) and W Haynes.  


Chase group on the Ryals on lap 1.


Peloton all bunched up as they hit the Ryals with Andy Magnier (Node 4-Giordana) and a rider from RST Clothing/Trigon


Steve Lampier leads James Moss at the foot of the Ryals on the second lap with the break numbering nine riders.


MG Maxifuel on the front of the peloton get organised with Paris Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt (black top) giving them  advice in a chase that saw them reduce the gap and from that, one of the team, Will Bjergfelt got across to the break in a  chase group of three.


The one in six slopes of the Ryals is tackled by the bunch.


Matt Cronshaw leads the break of five, from Tom Bustard, Steve Lampier, James Moss and Dean Downing.


The chase by MG Maxifuel brings the gap down to a minute with a lap to go, close enough for a trio including race winner Tom Stewart to cross to the break.


It was close race between Cronshaw and Stewart with the Sportscover/Bioracer rider getting the verdict by three or four inches on the line.


Peter Williams wins the sprint for fourth place from Steve Lampier and Will Bjergfelt.


A good day for Sportscover/Bioracer with two riders in the break and then Tom Stewart (2nd from right) getting across the break and going on to win the race. 

Result (Provisional)
1. Tom Stewart, Sportscover/Bioracer
2. Matt Cronshaw, IG Sigma Sport
3. Tom Bustard, Herbalife Leisure Lakes
4. Pete Williams, IG Sigma Sport @ 30 seconds approx
5. Steve Lampier, Node 4 Giordana
6. Will Bjergfelt, MG Maxifuel
7. S McCrossan
8. James Moss, IG Sigma Sport
9. Dean Downing, Madison Genesis
10. J Lodwfor
11. Ben Greenwood, Hope Factory
12. Davie Lines, MG Maxifuel
13. D Griffis
14. D Smith
15. Matt Kipling
16. J Cartland
17. Alex Peters, Madison Genesis
18. Ben Ives
20. J King

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RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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