Report: Weymouth’s Easter 10


Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) won CC Weymouth’s Easter 10 but missed Matt Illingworth’s course record by 4 seconds and a £199 bonus.

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Report & Photo by Eamonn Deane

Illingworth, who now lives in Western Australia, clocked 20:17 on the unfashionable P451 Winfrith course back in 1999, winning the national championship. It was never a day for fast times but Topham made light of the conditions, powering into the cold north easterly that chilled the riders faces on the outward leg.

2013 A TOPHAM2

The ride home is ever so slightly uphill and even with the wind on his back, Topham fell short of Illingworth’s mark, the final drag to the line saw the cash disappear. “The conditions were pretty tough, cold and windy but the record was on all the way until the last drag, the flag was just too far away, the money was going to charity, I just wanted the record” said the British Best All-rounder.”

“Early season revelation, Gregg Parker continued his good run of form, his 21:15, a club record for the course. Parker had won the previous days Bournemouth Arrow 10 with a PB 20:59, taking a few local scalps along the way “Loads of turbo work using power and just doing my own thing.”

“Winning my first open yesterday was very exciting but I felt it in the last third today, the power was sapping away” said the 48 year old. Chris Martin finished a distant third in 22:18.Bryce Riglar & John Chapman backed up Parkers ride to give Weymouth the team prize for the first time in their own promotion.

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Full Result
1, A Topham (High Wycombe Cc) 20:21
2, G Parker (Cc Weymouth) 21:15
3, C Martin (Yeovil Cc) 22:18
4, T Icke (Poole Wh) 22:34
4, S Potts (Somerset Rc-The Bycycle Chain)22:34
6, B Riglar(Cc Weymouth) 22:44
7, J Chapman (Cc Weymouth) 23;17
8, S Pink (Cc Weymouth) 23:22
9, N Brown (Westbury Wh) 23:26
10, A Jones (Charlotville Cc) 23:28
11, I Diaper (Bournemouth Jubilee) 23:53
12, P Wilson (Bournemouth Arrow) 24;01
13, M Aldridge (Poole Wh) 24:14
14, V Hounsome (Gillingham & Dist Wh) 24:24
15, S Peckham (New Forest Cc) 24:33
16, P Ward (Stratford Cc) 24:43
17, R Armitage (L) (Team Echelon Rotor) 24:48
18, H Baldachino (Yeovil Cc) 25:29
19, K Ridge (Bournemouth Jubilee) 25:33
20, J Chant (Gillingham & Dist Wh) 25:40
21, P Evans (Bournemouth Jubilee) 25:43
22,A Millard (Westbury Wh) 25:40
23, W Simmons (Bournemouth Jubilee) 26:05
24,S Hurd (Westbury Wh) 26:13
25, S Harrison (Andover Wh) 26:33
26,D Driver (Yeovil Cc) 26:35
27, J Beaven (1st Chard Wh) 27:00
28, J Foster (Gillingham & Dist) 27:02
29,P Wheeler (L) (Exeter Wheelers Cc) 27:21
30, J Terry (Poole Wh) 27:39
31,J Whitnall (Cc Weymouth) 30:16
32, O Carrington (J) (Cc Weymouth) 33:22


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