Results: Elveden Races Rd 2


Results of the racing on a brilliant day for racing on the smooth roads on the private roads of Lord Iveagh’s estate in the Eastern Region

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The day was enjoyed by all as the start finish area is so remote that no traffic can be heard. The 4th Cats Race had 97 starters from a 100 maximum and ended in a small bunch sprint due to a number of minor spills during the race.

The ladies Race was won from a two up sprint a minute clear of the bunch after the 3rd member of the break was dropped with a mile to go. The Youth race A saw a 20 up bunch sprint but the Youth B saw the winner a minute clear of the second rider who was a further 20 sec ahead of the 3rd rider also on his own. The E/1/2/3 event won from a five up sprint with breaks going and getting pulled back right from the 1st lap. The category 3 race was from a bunch sprint.

Names and who finished where below! Thanks to the organiser Ken Jolliffe for the info


1 Elizabeth Malins
2 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands
3 Alison Lilley Kings Cliffe Flyers CC
3 Jackie Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
4 Michelle Forster London Phoenix
5 Kelly Davis Iceni Velo
6 Erica Howe VC Norwich
7 Jane Paterson-Todd Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
8 Sophie Lankford Cambridge Triathlon Club
9 Angela Joiner-Handy Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
10 Claire Martin Iceni Velo
11 Louise Marsden VC Norwich
12 Hannah Ormesher North Road CC
13 Lisa-Jane Leonard St Ives CC
14 Jennifer Smart VC Norwich
15 Beth Coley VC Norwich
Rachel Clarke Amisvelo Racing Team
Clare Gillott Elitecycling
Rosemary Homer Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
Lesley Pinder Elitecycling
Jennie Tillott St Ives CC

1 Tom Neale Spalding CC
2 Alex Peters Madison Genesis
3 Jamie Caldwell MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
4 Wojuech Szlkchta Twenty 3C – Focus
5 Andrew Hastings Finchley Racing Team
6 Martin Ruepp Iceni Velo
7 Tom Fitzpatrick Strada-Sport
8 Lloyd Chapman Glendene CC
9 Jonathan Shuster Team Corley Cycles
10 Mark Westrup Strada-Sport
11 Jack Steven East London Vélo
12 Michael Auger Iceni Velo
13 Philip Hetzel Ipswich BC
14 Malcolm Smith St Ives CC
15 David Jakeman Wisbech Whls CC
David Bamford East London Vélo
Chris Bartlett Metaltek – Knights of Old Racing Team
Kieran Brady City Cycle
Nicholas Esser Strada-Sport
Chris Guy Iceni Velo
Tim Guy Iceni Velo
Peter Hargreaves Strada-Sport
Mike Jackson CC Luton
Simon Millard Iceni Velo
Gavin Moore Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
Stuart Pryce Strada-Sport
Lee Rowe Finchley Racing Team
Mark Smith Welwyn Whls CC
Alan Trolove St Ives CC
Nick White East London Vélo

1 Thomas Power Strada-Sport
2 Adam Ellis Spalding CC
3 Lee Sturman West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
4 Jason Kierman Wisbech Whls CC
5 Martin Hunter Colchester Rovers CC
6 Ken Roesner Wisbech Whls CC
7 Ben Nicholson Iceni Velo
8 Mark Longstaff Colchester Rovers CC
9 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC
10 Mark Botteley Bourne Whls CC
11 Wayne Barber Strada-Sport
12 Richard Farrow West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
13 Dieter Rowe Strada-Sport
14 Glyndwr Thomas VC Norwich
15 Paul Driver Amis Velo racing team
Harry Bellars Spalding CC
Daniel Bloy Kings Lynn CC
Thomas Caldwell St Ives CC
Geoff Frost Team Solicitors
Alistair Gurney Rapha Condor Cycling Club
Philip Hargreaves VC Norwich
Jack Jeffery Lee Valley Velo
Ben McCluskey Ipswich BC
Ben Smith Welwyn Whls CC
Michael Watts St Ives CC
Tony Wilkins API – Metrow/Essex Utilities
David Young West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club

1 Neal Hughes Autostrasse Porsche RT
2 Jason Burrill Bourne Whls CC
3 Jamie Booth Royal Air Force CC
4 Martin Dunne Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
5 Christopher Parker Ipswich BC
6 Toby Payne Sky Velo
7 Darren Rutterford Iceni Velo
8 Thomas Gillingwater Strada-Sport
9 Andrew Bower High Wycombe Cycling Club
10 Robert Lewis Ipswich BC
11 Mark Turner St Ives CC
12 Paul Towns Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club
13 Lee Cheung Strada-Sport
14 Darren Rule CC Sudbury
15 Andrew Hewitt Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club
16 Richard Hoey VC Norwich
17 Mark Nickerson Gt Yarmouth CC
18 Steven Neill Kings Lynn CC
19 Ben Stephens West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
20 Tom Sykes Ely & District CC
Mark Alsop Maldon & District CC
Matthew Rose Autostrasse Porsche RT
Alistair Argo
James Asker West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
Matt Askham Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
Trevor Baker Colchester Rovers CC
Samuel Bakewell
Gavin Barron Iceni Velo
Gerald Barton West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
Karle Belding Wisbech Whls CC
James Boardley Peterborough CC
Clive Bond Gt Yarmouth CC
Marc Bowers Mildenhall CC
John Bradbury Boxford Bike Club
Charlie Bratt St Ives CC
Geoffrey Brewster Ely & District CC
David Buist
Daniel Carr Boston Whls CC
Gavin Carter Autostrasse Porsche RT
David Catchpole Colchester Rovers CC
Keven Coman Great Yarmouth Cycle Club
Oliver Cozens
David Crisp Autostrasse Porsche RT
Mark Crook
Kevin Curtis Stowmarket & District CC
Carlo D’Aloia
Matt Debnam Ipswich BC
Tom Duncan Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
Mathew Eley Ely & District CC
David Emms Didcot Phoenix CC
Christopher Errington Autostrasse Porsche RT
Philip Ewing Iceni Velo
Stuart Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
Jamie French Mildenhall CC
Jason Goodright Ipswich BC
Paul Groombridge Iceni Velo
Louis Gyde Cycling Club Breckland
Matt Hammond
Simon Harrison Diss & District CC
Ben Harwin St Ives CC
Rory Havis St Ives CC
David Hicks Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
Gary Hounsome Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
James Kershaw
Jaroslaw Kobylinski Ipswich BC
Bjorn Krylander Cambridge CC
David Lambourn High Wycombe Cycling Club
Elliot Lawrence University of East Anglia CC
Simon Lomax VC Norwich
Owen Marsden VC Norwich
Harley Matthews Gt Yarmouth CC
Christopher Mellor University of East Anglia CC
Thomas Mills West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
Glenn Morris TITAN Roadsport
Martin Page Ipswich BC
Nick Perks Iceni Velo
Richard Postance
Anthony Purnell Cambridge CC
Sean Quarmby VC Norwich
Matthew Ramsay Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club
Colin Byford Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club
Alex Lubbock VC Norwich
Max Sahota Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
Andy Sewell Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
James Shipley Iceni Velo
Mark Smart VC Norwich
Matthew Smith
Richard Stiff West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
Robert Tillott St Ives CC
Alan Towler Mildenhall CC
Gareth Turner Autostrasse Porsche RT
Jason Villarde VC Norwich
James Walsgrove
Kevin Watkinson Iceni Velo
Matthew Whitaker Gresham’s School
Robert Wicks Iceni Velo
Leon Woodcock

1 Lewis Bulley Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2 Marcus Burnett Team Milton Keynes
3 William Mapus-Smith West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
4 Lewis Stevens Team Solicitors
5 Harry Paine Glendene CC
6 Archie Wishart Welwyn Whls CC
7 Frank Longstaff Colchester Rovers CC
8 Adam Looker Colchester Rovers CC
9 Zinzan Heap Team Milton Keynes
10 Jordan Mooney Welwyn Whls CC
11 Matthew Clements Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
12 John Heap Team Milton Keynes
13 James Jackson Colchester Rovers CC
14 George Baker Kings Cliffe Flyers CC
15 Callum O’Hara Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
16 Jake Towler Mildenhall CC
17 Robin Lines West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
18 Edward Wootton Diss & District CC
19 James Nation Bourne Whls CC
20 Georg Mew-Jenson Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club

1 Rebecca Maynard Welwyn Whls CC
2 Honor Rendall Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club
3 Sophia Chastell Welwyn Whls CC

Under 14
1 Adam Botteley Bourne Whls CC
2 Patrick Manning Gt Yarmouth CC
3 Michael Parry Welwyn Whls CC
4 Matthew Ellis Spalding CC
5 Thomas Durkin Welwyn Whls CC
6 William Raymond Welwyn Whls CC
7 Toby Miles Welwyn Whls CC
8 Zak Coleman Great Yarmouth CC
9 Matthew Baker Gt Yarmouth CC
10 Sophie Wright Great Yarmouth cycling club (1st girl)
11 Bob Longstaff Colchester Rovers CC
12 Alex Tarlton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
13 Sophie Holmes Inverse/Cycling-Components RT (2nd girl)
14 Isla Rush WyndyMilla (3rd girl)
15 Matthew Shepherd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
16 Harrison Charlwood Gt Yarmouth CC
17 Callum Bulley Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
18 Gareth Lewis Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
19 Rhys Holland-Jones West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
20 Matthew Asker West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club

4 Jessica Woodworth Bourne Whls CC
5 Rosanna Moyniham CC Ashwell
6 Sarah Brunton Cambridge Triathlon Club


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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