Report: Bottrill wins BDCA Open 25


Matt Bottrill (DragZero) wins the BDCA Open 25 mile time trial in Derbyshire on Saturday while Michael Hutchinson wins in the East.

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Both the country’s top domestic time trial riders were in action on Saturday with Michael Hutchinson (Ingear/Trainsharp) winning the Lea Valley 25 with a 47.27 and Matt Bottrill winning in Derbyshire with a 48.18.

In the Lea Valley event where Hutchinson recorded the fastest time of the year so far for a 25, the riders faced wind and rain with a head wind out and tailwind back while in Derbyshire there were similar conditions.

In the Derby event, Matt Bottrill was the favourite from the 120 riders who signed up to take part in the BDCA 25 mile time trial, held in the village of Etwall, Derbyshire.

2013 Bottrill Coalville Whs 10

The event would be a good speed test for all the riders taking part with the weather looked promising for all taking part but roadworks on the course delaying the start by one hour. This meant the blue skies gave way to rain clouds and as the riders started, the heavens opened and high gust of winds, would test the riders to he max.

One of the first riders to start, was, Matthew Bottrill, asking for an early start to make his mum’s 60th birthday party at 5pm. But with the start being delayed, Bottrill would not be hanging around and would have to produce one of his best performances ever to make the meal! Starting at 3.20pm, Bottrill was fired up with adrenalin with the delayed start.

The Drag2Zero rider was soon well into his stride with an opening five miles in just under nine minutes and it was clear that he was on fire producing one of his best performances ever in a time trial.

The half way checkpoint came at 12.5 miles where Bottrill flew fast in a time of 23.23, making an average speed on 32mph. But on the return leg it was block headwind all the way to the finish and Bottrill stopped the clock with a great time of 48.18.

With the weather deteriorating, no rider could top his time, but some good battles were being had out on the road, from Simon Bridge (Manchester Wheelers) 51.19, Joel Wainmen (51.37), Adam Gasgoine 52.10 and James Perkins 52.17. Their times proving how hard the conditions were.

Winner Bottrill commented on his ride “I’m over the moon with that ride. I’ve come into a recent good spell of form and have to say that’s one of the best rides in terms of power output I’ve ever produced. I just hope I can keep producing rides like this all the way up to the National championships.”

“A final thanks goes to Peter Lavine from Coalville Wheelers CC. Pete spends every weekend driving and looking after me at races and Pete was also due to take part in the race today, and had taken me to the race, but with the delayed start, meant I would not have made my mum’s meal. But Pete Sacrificed his own ride to get me there on time. I really can’t thank him enough for everything he does for me”


1 Matthew Bottrill Wwwdrag2zero.Com 00:48:18
2 Simon Bridge Manchester Wheelers 00:51:19
3 Joel Wainman Team Swift 00:51:37
4 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough 00:52:05
5 James Perkins Team Zenith 00:52:16
6 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles R.C. 00:52:59
7 Alexander Royle Banjocycles 00:53:02
8 Barry Charlton Lyme R.C. 00:53:17
9 Andy Jackson Team Swift 00:53:27
10 Darren Maironis Withington Wheelers 00:53:47
11 Stewart Smith Stocksbridge C.C. 00:54:19
12 Daniel Barnett North Notts Oly R.C. 00:54:31
13 Philip Hunt Mapperley C.C. 00:55:00
14 Dave Fearon Weaver Valley C.C. 00:55:35
15 David Warren Keepthe Beatcycling 00:55:39
16 Philip Brown Walsall R.C.C. 00:55:56
17 Stephen Howgill Leicestershire R.C. 00:56:01
18 Sean Vincent Team Zenith 00:56:02
19 Alastair Semple Stafford R.C. 00:56:10
20 Ian King Coalville Wheelers C.C. 00:56:22
21 Ashley Roue Lutterworth Cycle Centre R.T. 00:56:25
22 Ross Barton North Notts Oly .R.C. 00:56:31
23 Paul Edwards Walsall R.C.C. 00:56:41
24 Michael Garner Birkenhead North End 00:56:48
25 Neal Parkin North Notts Oly R.C. 00:56:59
26 Simon Wix Evesham Wheelers 00:57:06
27 Paul Taylor North Lancs R.C. 00:57:17
28 Michael Wills Hinckley C.R.C. 00:57:24
29 Mike Blair Matlock C.C. 00:58:05
30 Mark Mccartney Nottingham Clarion C.C. 00:58:43
31 Simon Geraci Team Swift 00:59:17
32 Steve Heggs Coalville Wheelers C.C. 00:59:38
33 Nicky Hanson Seacroft Wheelers 00:59:59
34 Barrie Whittaker Lyme R.C. 01:00:45
35 Andy Barnard Bourne Whls/Bwell 01:01:03
36 Greg Dancer Stone Whls C.C. 01:01:17
37 Stephen Biddulph Born To Bike 01:01:22
38 Stephen Jackson Trent Valley R.C. 01:01:32
39 Mark Carter Walsall R.C.C. 01:01:48
40 Ryan Ballard Coalville Wheelers C.C. 01:02:16
41 Nigel Finch Mercia Hbm C.C. 01:02:32
42 Michael Wilkinson North Notts Oly R.C. 01:03:15
43 Rod Remedios Walsall R.C.C. 01:03:27
44 Mark Shore Walsall R.C.C. 01:03:38
45 Greg Hodges Coalville Wheelers C.C. 01:04:23
46 Michael Skivington Mercia Hbm C.C. 01:04:39
47 Brian Wills Hinckley C.R.C. 01:05:19
48 Chris Hall Lyme R.C. 01:05:33
49 Stephen Cook Walsall R.C.C. 01:08:56
50 Dave Pemberton Born To Bike 01:09:04
51 John Cornfield Born To Bike 01:09:33
52 Connor Fearon Weaver Valley C.C. 01:10:14
53 Simon Bates Walsall R.C.C. 01:10:49

1 Lynne Taylor Born To Bike 00:58:53
2 Lynn Hamel Team Herbalife 00:59:21
3 Clare Ella Born To Bike 01:02:05
4 Rachael Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers 01:03:13
5 Vicky Stinton Birkenhead North End 01:03:21
6 Theresa Taylor Preston C.C. 01:03:49
7 Clare Shea-Simmons Racetime Usn 01:03:51
8 Louise Day Team Jewson/Mi Racing 01:04:14
9 Lynn Hanson Seacroft Wheelers 01:07:22
10 Hilary Johnson Derby Mercury R.C. 01:08:39
11 Caroline Fearon Weaver Valley C.C. 01:10:02
12 Mandy Jackson Trent Valley R.C. 01:13:16


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