Result: Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit Races 2


Gareth Jones, Edward Silverton & Marcus Willday some of the winners at the Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit Races 2

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3rd Cat Race - Winner (Marcus Willday - Mid Shropshire Wheelers)

E.1.2.3 Winner (Gareth Jones - Wolverhampton Wheelers)


1. Gareth Jones Wolverhampton Whls
2. Matthew Gee Team Corley Cycles
3. Dominic Jelfs Madison Genesis
4. Daniel Guest Army Cycling Union
5. James Locker
6. Joe Fox MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
7. James Newey
8. Dave Starkey Fred Williams Cycles
9. George Farrell Welwyn Whls CC
10. Phil Giles Beeston RC
11. Joe Barry Performance Cycles
12. Simon Cox Climb On Bikes CC
13. Adam Howells Fred Williams Cycles
14. Gordon Park NFTO
15. Elliott Pike Lichfield City CC

4th Cat only
1. Edward Silverton Beacon Roads CC
2. Benjamin Manfield-Yorke Wolverhampton Whls
3. Daniel Hyde
4. Charlie Smith Wolverhampton Whls
5. Phillip Belshaw Coventry Road Club
6. Dan Cox Lichfield City CC
7. Kenneth Evans
7. Alan Phillips Wolverhampton Whls
9. George Bee Climb On Bikes CC
10. Joseph Hobbs Fred Williams Cycles
11. Iain Fake

3rd Cat only
1. Marcus Willday Mid Shropshire Whls
2. Jack Escritt Velocity WD-40
3. William Corden Lyme RC
4. Mike Farwell Port Sunlight Whls CC
5. Gordon Park NFTO
6. Mark Barfield MJS Racing
7. Timothy Jones Mid Shropshire Whls
8. Philip Hinch Brotherton Cycles
9. Andrew Tamplin Bikeshac…
10. Richard Smith Wrekinsport CC



Under 8
1. Daniel Wylie-Morris Abergavenny Road Club
2. Alexander Brown Halesowen A & CC
3. Bethany Bennett Towy Riders
4. Jake Parker TRCC (Towy Racing Cycle Club)
5. Yusuf Morgan Maindy Flyers Youth CC
6. Fay Garner Welland Valley CC
7. Freya Evans Towy Riders
8. Felix Hodges Abergavenny Road Club
9. Sam Tomlinson
10. Thomas Brookes Halesowen A & CC
11. Noah Thomas Wolverhampton Whls
12. Reece Edgington Lichfield City CC
13. Alexander Sharpe Halesowen A & CC
14. Danielle Barker Halesowen A & CC

Under 10
1. Ben Askey Lichfield City CC
2. Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Whls
3. William Perry Wolverhampton Whls
4. Harry Cockroft
5. Matt Garner Welland Valley CC
6. Joseph Brookes Halesowen A & CC
7. Christian Stevens Solihull CC
8. Samuel Holwill Mid Shropshire Whls
9. Alex Barker Halesowen A & CC
10. Ben Tomlinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers
11. Daniel Evans
12. Jacob Thomas Wolverhampton Whls
13. Grace Lister Wolverhampton Whls
14. Mia Edgington Lichfield City CC
15. Matthew Pound Mid Shropshire Whls
16. Rhiannon Tansley
17. Owen Nugent

Under 12
1. Lewis Askey Lichfield City CC
2. Jack Rootkin-Gray Solihull CC
3. Jamieson Blain Halesowen A & CC
4. Edward Woodward Coventry Road Club
5. Adam Phillips Wolverhampton Whls
6. Elena Shaw Maindy Flyers Youth CC
7. Iwan Evans Towy Riders
8. Nicholas Evans Stratford CC
9. Hollie Owens Wolverhampton Whls
10. Henry Lloydlangston Halesowen A & CC
11. Alex Barfield Birmingham CC
12. Alexander Harper Solihull CC
13. William Lodge Solihull CC
14. Mali Jones Mid Shropshire Whls
15. Danielle Parker TRCC (Towy Racing Cycle Club)
16. Ethan Roberts Wolverhampton Whls
17. Ellie Barfield Birmingham CC

Under 14 – Boys
1. Oliver Postle Bush Healthcare CRT
2. Jake Stewart Solihull CC
3. Matthew Shaw Solihull CC
4. Matthew Lewis Wolverhampton Whls
5. Tyler Brennan West Wales Cycle Racing Team
6. Alex Yates Solihull CC
7. Devon Round Mid Shropshire Whls
8. Alfie Mortimer Mid Shropshire Whls
9. Adam Aitken Mid Shropshire Whls
10. William Manfield-Yorke Wolverhampton Whls

Under 14 – Girls
1. Sophie Williams Cardiff JIF
2. Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris Abergavenny Road Club
3. Georgia Hilleard Wolverhampton Whls
4. Amy Garner Welland Valley CC
5. Caitlin Shaw Maindy Flyers Youth CC
6. Alice Law Wolverhampton Whls
7. Connie Hudson Wolverhampton Whls
8. Rebecca Simmons Wolverhampton Whls
9. Ellie Russell Mid Shropshire Whls

Under 16 – Boys
1. James Ireson Wolverhampton Whls
2. Jack Escritt Velocity WD-40
3. James Ellmore Mid Shropshire Whls
4. George Evans Mid Shropshire Whls
5. Jack Smith Wolverhampton Whls
6. Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Whls
7. Henry Gibbs Mid Shropshire Whls
8. Matthew Thorne TRCC (Towy Racing Cycle Club)
9. Alex Taylor Mid Shropshire Whls
10. Matthew Sisley Lichfield City CC

Under 16 – Girls
1. Maisie Duckworth Wolverhampton Whls
2. Hetty Niblett Mid Shropshire Whls
RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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