Report/Results: Day 1 – Tour of Reservoir


Chris Opie (UK Youth) wins a tough stage 1 of the Tour of Reservoir in Northumberland

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DAY 1 – Road Stage – 77 miles – Hilly

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After a break went clear on the first lap which was never seen again except by a couple of riders who managed to bridge across, Yanto Barker and Wouter Sybrandy, the race was very active over the last 40 kilometres despite the strong wins, cold and hail. The stage came down to sprint despite three riders, Yates, Evan Oliphant (Raleigh) and Steve Lampier (Node 4-Giordana) having a 27 second lead with just five kilometres to go.

That lead, with UK Youth putting three riders on the front of the break, dissapeared as fast as the snow felting in the snow had done leaving Opie free to what he was expecting to do the whole stage, use his sprint to win the race on day 1.


Podium for stage 1: Simon Yates, Chris Opie and  Niklas Gustavsson


A big field of well over 100 riders started stage 1 led here by Twenty3c/Focus rider Rhys Howells


 Steve Lampier makes the first move on the long climb out of Blanchland.


 Lampier is joined by Rob Britton (Raleigh).


With Lampier joined by Simon Yates, Britton carries on forcing it


A break soon forms led here by Evan Oliphant with Joe Perrett. Riders who made the move included Andy Tennant, Ben Greenwood (Hope Factory Racing), Rob Partridge, Chris Opie and Nikolas Gustavsson (UK Youth), Peter Hawkins and James Moss (IG Sigma), Tom Stewart (Sportscover-Bioracer), Matt Holmes, Evan Oliphant and Rob Britton (Raleigh), and Steve Lampier (Node4 Giordana). Yanto Barker (UK Youth) and Wouter Sybrandy (IG Sigmasport) bridged to it later in the race.


Joe Perrett (IG Sigma Sport) soon punctures and goes from the break to the group behind the peloton and has to chase to get back into the peloton.


A left hand turn catches out one of the Herbalife riders


The break’s lead was never a great deal and later in the race, a chase group of what was left of the peloton almost caught it. The break here is led by Matt Holmes (Raleigh)


Rob Britton (Raleigh) and Simon Yates clipped off with still 15 miles to go


Yanto Barker (with Wouter Sybrandy) managed after many attempts to get from peloton to front group.


Steve Lampier and Niklas Gustavsson (UK Youth) chasing Yates and Britton


When the other breaks failed, Evan Oliphant (Raleigh) and Steve Lampier went clear …


Soon to be joined by Simon Yates who attacked out of the front group.


Oliphant (Raleigh) leads Lampier and Yates who stayed clear until just 2k to go.


Yanto Barker leads the UK Youth chase of the break to bring their hope for the stage, Chris Opie to the front of the race.


And Opie did not let his team down whilst Yates, despite a lot of miles in breaks, has enough left to get second.


The sprint for third though was tight with Gustavsson getting the verdict from Tom Stewart (Sportscover/Bioracer)

1. Chris Opie, UK Youth
2. Simon Yates, GB Academy
3. Niklas Gustavsson, UK Youth
4. Tom Stewart, Sportscover/Bioracer
5. Peter Hawkins, Team IG Sigma Sport
6. Mike Northey, Node 4 Giordana
7. Andrew Tennant, Madison Genesis
8. Rob Partridge, Team UK Youth
9. Rob Britton, Team Raleigh
10. Steve Lampier, Node 4 Giordana @ 5 seconds
11. Ben Greenwood, Hope Factory
12. Evan Oliphant, Team Raleigh
13. Yanto Barker, UK Youth
14. Wouter Sybrandy, IG Sigma Sport @ 24 seconds
15. James Moss, IG Sigma Sport @ 5.20
16. Peter Williams, IG Sigma Sport @ 6.04
17. Ian Bibby, Madison Genesis @ 6.07
18. Marcin Bialoblocki, UK Youth @6.08
19. Matt Holmes, Raleigh @ 6.15
20. Nathan Edmondson, Node 4 Girodana st

21. George Atkins, GB Academy @6.43
22. Perry Bowater, MG Maxifuel
23. Andrew Hawdon, Herbalife Leisure Lakes @ 10.12
24. Joe Kelly, GB Academy
25. Andy Magnier, Giordana Node 4 @10.19
26. Tom Scully, Team Raleigh @ 10.44
27. Matt Clarke, Halwesowen 11.51
28. Gary Hand, Herbalife Leisure Lakes
29. Andrew Coupe, Wheelbase @11.54
30. Ryan Mullen, IG Sigma Sport @11.55
31. James Sharp, Hope Factory @13.06
32. Kit Gilham st
33. Tom Murray, Metaltek Knights of Old
34. Tom Stockdale, Europe Power
35. Declan Byrne, MG Maxifuel 13.11

36 Dan Barry Node Giordana Racing
37 Ian Wilkinson Team UK Youth
38 Alistair Rutherford Wheelbase Altura MGD
39 Shem Rodger Node Giordana Racing
40 George Harper Felt Colborne Hargroves
41 Michael Cuming Rapha Condor JLT
42 David Lines MG Maxifuel Pro Cycling
43 Michael Ashurst Biketreks Racing Academy
44 Matt Cronshaw Team IG Sigma Sport
45 George Pym Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
46 Joseph Perrett Team IG Sigma Sport
47 Colin Parry Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
48 Jack Pullar Madison Genesis
49 Tom Barras Wheelbase Altura MGD
50 Joe Moses Team Sportscover
51 Alex Peters Madison Genesis
52 Samuel Lowe 100% Me
53 William Bjergfelt MG Maxifuel Pro Cycling
54 Jonathan Dibben 100% Me
55 Harry Godding PMR @ Toachim House
56 Rob Ward Felt Colborne Hargroves
57 Andrew Roache Isle of Man Cycling Association
58 Owain Doull 100% Me
59 Chris Sheriffs Team Leap Frog
60 Ryan Bevis NFTO

125 Finishers




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