Report: Bottrill wins VTTA 25


Matthew Bottrill (Drag2Zero) was once again in fine form taking victory in the VTTA 25 mile time trial held at six-hills in Leicstershire

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On a wind swept day, with hail storms and rain showers, it would be a true test for all those taking part.

There was a good field with a host of top names, first rider to break the 55 minute barrier was in form rider, Adam Gascoigne (Team Pedal Power) in a very rapid 53.52,and proving it wasn’t a day for fast times on the undulating Leicestershire roads.

The next fast men to hit the road, were James Perkins (Zenith/Buzz Cycles) 54.06 and Matthew Sinclair (Lutterworth Cycle Centre) 54.14. Final rider on the day was Matthew Bottrill ( and with knowledge of the local roads, the Leicestershire rider put his Giant Trinity SL time trial machine to full use. Equipped with a prototype disk wheel created by Simon Smart, the aerodynamic specialist and owner of the drag2zero team, with the high winds and torrential storms it would be a true test!

Accelerating from the start, the noise coming from the bike was unreal and soon up to speed of 30 mph, Bottrill was storming through the field and hit the halfway point in 26.03. With the hardest part of the circuit covered, Bottrill adopted his best aero position and crossed the line in a rapid 49.53, putting him well clear of the field and knotching up his ninth victory of the season.

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Asked about his winning performance Bottrill replied,”I’m really happy with todays ride and want to dedicate today’s victory to my Grandad, who was taken into hospital, at the start of the week. He follows all my results, so hopefully with him reading this and with the support of his family, we can get him back home”.

“Along with the emotions I had, I was really pleased with the handling of the new disc wheel I was riding today developed by Simon Smart in the Drag2zero wind tunnel. With hours of windtunnel time and development its a real special wheel,and like nothing I’ve ever ridden. The acceleration, handling and speed, can only be described as phenomenal and pairing with the Enve 8.9, it can only be described as the fastest wheel set out there.”


1. Matt Bottrill 0:49:53
2. Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough 0:53:52
3. James Perkins Team Zenith – Buzz Cycles 0:54:06
4. Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 0:54:14
5. Nick Cave Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 0:56:01
6. Chris Pike MG D̩cor РTeam Carbon Bikes 0:56:18
7. Russell Jelly Mapperley CC 0:56:44
8. Mike Westwell Mapperley CC 0:57:06
9. Sean Vincent Team Zenith – Buzz Cycles 0:57:18
10. Gareth Pymm Coalville Wheelers CC 0:58:10
11. Ian King Coalville Wheelers CC 0:58:41
12. Jason Rozee Mapperley CC 0:58:42
13. Stephen Howgill Leicestershire RC 0:59:15
14. Ashley Roue Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 0:59:33
15. Paul Reeves Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 1:00:03
16. Michael Wills Hinckley CRC 1:00:16
17. Mark McCartney Nottingham Clarion CC 1:00:38
18. Andy Smith North Notts Olympic RC 1:01:07
19. Jonathan Male Team Zenith – Buzz Cycles 1:01:19
20. Alan Tunnicliffe Clay Cross RT 1:02:02
21. Peter Lavine Coalville Wheelers CC 1:02:06
22. John Borlase Hinckley CRC 1:02:12
23. Barrie Whittaker Lyme Racing Club 1:02:26
24. Jason Feltus Coalville Wheelers CC 1:02:45
25. Matthew Simons Mercia CC 1:03:07
26. Tom Hibberd TFN Triathlon Club 1:03:36
27. Dave Bates South Pennine RC 1:03:54
28. Steven Heggs Coalville Wheelers CC 1:03:55
29. Andrew Warby Leicester Forest CC 1:03:57
30. Andrew Simpkins Solihull CC 1:04:21
31. William Harrison Witham Wheelers 1:04:25
32. Gary Kondor Sherwood Pines CRT 1:04:56
33. Steven Boat Welland Valley CC 1:05:15
34. Stephen Jackson Trent Valley RC 1:05:21
35. Christopher Sprott Leicester Forest CC 1:05:45
36. Michael Wilkinson North Notts Olympic RC 1:05:57
37. Jeff Bowler South Pennine RC 1:06:00
38. Ryan Ballard Coalville Wheelers CC 1:06:06
39. John Needham Alford Wheelers 1:06:20
40. Graham McAndrew Witham Wheelers 1:06:27
41. Neil Holden Ratae RC 1:07:55
42. Chris Hall Lyme Racing Club 1:08:09
43. Samantha Westwell Mapperley CC 1:08:42
44. Linda Hubbard Welland Valley CC 1:09:13
45. David Barber Derby Mercury RC 1:09:16
46. Martin Lister Witham Wheelers 1:09:21
47. Naomi Warr Bike Science – Boardman Elite 1:09:27
48. Brian Wills Hinckley CRC 1:09:37
49. Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers 1:09:43
50. Hilary Johnson Derby Mercury RC 1:12:22
51. Pete Akoslovski A5 Rangers CC 1:14:25
52. Ken Stevens South Pennine RC 1:15:17
53. Terry Horsburgh Ratae RC 1:15:22
54. Mike Bloom Rugby RCC 1:16:07
55. Matthew Finch Leicester Forest CC 1:16:18
56. Peter Holland Lincoln Wheelers CC 1:16:25
57. Christopher Wilcox Ratae RC 1:16:31
58. Mandy Jackson Trent Valley RC 1:16:35
59. Tracy Rowlinson Lyme Racing Club 1:18:12
60. Michael Spurr Leicestershire RC 1:19:44


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