Results: Caithness CC’s Racing Weekend


Henry Blake & Allan Sutherland winners on the Caithness CC’s Racing Weekend

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Conditions for Sundays Loch Calder event were horrendous with near gale force winds, 5deg C and rain!

Event 1. Caithness 25 mile tt. Saturday April 27th. (Thurso)
1. Henry Blake (Ross-shire RCC), 58min 45sec
2. Charles Fletcher (Cairngorm CC), 59.05
3. Andrew MacLeod (Caithness CC) 59.32
4. Dave Harter (Forres CC) 1.00.10 Vet
5. Steven Liddle (Ben Wyvis CC) 1.00.53
6. Alasdair Washington (Caithness CC) 1.07.19 Vet

Ladies: Lorna Stanger (Caithness CC), 1.8.45
Vet on Standard: Washington, 1.7.19 (+9.40)

Both Fletcher and MacLeod were in their first “25” but still under-the-hour in far from good conditions.

Event 2. Loch Calder Hilly 23 miles tt. Sunday April 28th. (Thurso)
1. Allan Sutherland (Caithness CC), 1h 00min 28sec
2. Henry Blake (Ross-shire RCC), 1.00.40
3. Charles Fletcher (Cairngorm CC) 1.01. 27
4. Andrew MacLeod (Caithness CC) 1.1.49
5. Dave Harter (Forres CC) 1.04.25 Vet
6. Steven Liddle (Ben Wyvis CC) 1. 05 37

Ladies: Lorna Stanger (Caithness CC), 1.15.07
Vet on Standard: Dave Harter (Forres CC, 1.4.25 (+3.37).


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