Results: Newark Showground Circuit Races


Steve Young & Alice Cobb among the winners at the Newark Showground Circuit Races in Nottinghamshire on Saturday

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4th Category Riders
1. Steve Young Royal Navy & Royal Marines
2. Patrick Cutmore Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
3. David Beachill Huddersfield RC
4. Rob Hoyles Norwood Paragon CC
5. Michael Adlington VC Lincoln
6. Iain McKinlay Newark Castle CC
7. Kevin Fearnshaw TFN Triathlon Club
8. Antony Richardson Royal Air Force CC
9. Chris Lee Lincoln Wheelers CC
10. Samuel Bentley Spalding CC
11. Mervyn Dudley Pines Cycles/Sram
12. Anthony Swaby Newark Castle CC
13. Sam Wainwright Ashfield RC
14. Jamie Booth Royal Air Force CC
15. Mark Smart VC Norwich
16. John Hind Bolsover and District CC
17. Steve Train Nottingham Clarion CC
18. Mark Warters Royal Navy & Royal Marines
19. Tom Goy Royal Navy & Royal Marines
20. Jakub Hnatko
21. Sean Hunt Lincoln Wheelers CC
22. Earl Taylor Boston Whls CC
23. Richard Sperke Newark Castle CC
24. Christopher Sidney Coalville Whls CC
25. Matthew Brian VC Lincoln
26. Kevin Bedford
27. Liam Bosley Derby Mercury RC
28. Gary Bentley Spalding CC
29. Dr William Lankford Cambridge Triathlon Club
30. Paul Hutson Arrow Cycles

2/3/4 Women
1. Alice Cobb Scott Contessa Epic
2. Linda Young GB
3. Sam Thoy VC Lincoln
4. Sian Botteley Squadra Donne – Shutt VR
5. Sophie Lankford Cambridge Triathlon Club
6. Gemma Scougal Dinnington RC
7. Annabel Sill Clay Cross Road Team
8. Paige Coope WXC World Racing
9. Lisa-Jane Leonard St Ives CC
10. Dr Jennifer Smart VC Norwich
11. Heather Wesson


1. Max Poole Lincsquad (Lincolnshire Quadra
2. Joshua Giddings Heanor Clarion CC
3. Jack Brough Heanor Clarion CC
4. Oliver Sawyer VC Lincoln
5. Alexander Armstrong VC Lincoln
6. Christopher Hilbert VC Lincoln
7. Ben Norton Spalding CC
8. Molly Peel Spalding CC
9. Sophie McIntyre VC Lincoln
10. Stephen Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC
11. Harrison Wallace Derby Mercury RC
12. Eleanor Peel Spalding CC

1. Jake Norton Spalding CC
2. Poppy Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC
3. Kerrigan Robb Team Light Source
4. Cameron Neilson Spalding CC
5. Carter Howe Heanor Clarion CC
6. Alfie Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC
7. Ethan Wilmot Derby Mercury RC
8. Abigail Armstrong VC Lincoln
9. Milo Sawula Newark Castle CC
10. Leon Chapman Clay Cross Road Team
11. Kian Baker Newark Castle CC
12. William Towse Nottingham Clarion CC
13. Matthew Woolley Newark Castle CC
14. Molly-May Parkinson Newark Castle CC
15. Harry Bates Newark Castle CC
16. Piper Radford Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram R
17. Alexander Gammons Bourne Whls CC
18. Oliver Cole Nottingham Clarion CC

1. Louis Swindell Matlock CC
2. Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln
3. Finley Bass Newark Castle CC
4. Jack Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC
5. Dylan Edlin Newark Castle CC
6. Joe Ward Newark Castle CC

1. Scott Hookway Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram R
2. James Armstrong
3. Bailey Wilmot Derby Mercury RC
4. Matthew Ellis Spalding CC
5. Liam Hindmarsh Dinnington RC
6. Aaron Bateman Bourne Whls CC
7. Adam Botteley Bourne Whls CC
8. Adam Egner Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
9. Oliver Snodden Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram R
10. Isabel Darvill Newark Castle CC
11. George Swindell Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram R
12. Joni Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC
13. Robert McAndrew Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
14. Luke Hind Bolsover and District CC
15. Nathan Priestley Newark Castle CC
16. Jacob Hubner Nottingham Clarion CC
17. George Kirk VC Lincoln
18. Emma Lucas Newark Castle CC

1. Thomas Weeds Derby Mercury RC
2. Oliver Peckover Nottingham Clarion CC
3. Karl Baillie Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
4. Joshua Waters Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram R
5. Alex Littlewood RVO Racing
6. Reece Egner Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
7. Brennan Laws VC Lincoln
8. Elliot Dudley Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram R
9. Unidentified Rider
10. Owyn Wallace Derby Mercury RC
11. Joshua Snodin Melton Olympic CC
12. Max Williamson Lincsquad (Lincolnshire Quadra
13. Jali Packer Gt Yarmouth CC
14. Jennifer McAndrew Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
15. Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad (Lincolnshire Quadra
16. Robert Wards Bourne Whls CC
17. Tom Chandler Melton Olympic CC
18. Campbell Pollock Bourne Whls CC
19. Callum Baker Newark Castle CC
20. Jessica Willett Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram R
21. Isla Rush WyndyMilla
22. Rebecca Richards Newark Castle CC
23. James Nation Bourne Whls CC


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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