Report/Results: Friday Night Welwyn Track League


The threatened rain held off until five minutes after the completion of the final senior 10 mile to complete a good evenings racing on Friday, May 10

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Peter Waghorn writes

John McClelland increased his overall series lead by winning all four Senior A events. He was pushed hard in the 10 mile and 10 lap scratch by visiting rider Christian Braybrooke.

In the Senior B category Joe Gorman won the opening scratch race and points while local rider Julio Davies made a last gasp 200m sprint to take the 10 lap handicap for his first ever track victory.

Youth A numbers were affected by the following days road series event however the two Team Terminator riders Mitchell Powell and Frank Longstaff won the two opening events but were made to work hard to get on terms in the two rearranged 6 lap handicap events – the first went to Glen Dossett and the second a dead heat between Glen Dossett and Connor Woodford

Simon Bird won the opening two races – scratch and Devil – in the Youth BC group while the points and 5 lap handicap races were won by Will Raymond. The thirteen riders in the youth CDE group produced some entertaining and competitive racing in their four events – Christian Manzi took the opening 3 lap scratch and added the first 3 lap handicap with a sterling ride from the scratch position.

In the next two handicap races the back markers worked hard to reel in the limit riders – Lauren Higham from scratch was second to limit rider Michael Sunmer and Sam Asker won the final event in a blanket finish to complete the programme.
Senior A
10 lap scr –
1. John McClelland (Prestige)
2. Christian Braybrooke (Velocity)
3. David Langland (Fenland Clarion)

Devil –
1. John McClelland (Prestige)
2. Neil Fraser (Stevenage)
3. Nigel Stephens (Finchley RT)

10 lap Points-
1. John McClelland (Prestige)
2. Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell)
3. Andrew Hastngs (Prestige)

10 mile –
1. John McClelland (Prestige)
2. Christian Braybrooke (Velocity)
3. Andrew Hastings (Finchley RT)

Senior B
10 lap Scr –
1. Joe Gorman (Stevenage)
2. Brian Evans (Herts Whs)
3. Alan Galloway (CC Luton)

10 lap Block H’Cap –
1. Julio Davies (Welwyn Whs)
2. Tony Marriott (Herts Whs)
3. Leigh Marmon (CC Luton)

10 lap points –
1. Joe Gorman (Stevenage)
2. Gareth Richards (Shimri Cycles)
3. Alan Galloway (CC Luton)

Youth A
10 lap scr –
1. Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator)
2. Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator)
3. Josh Roberts (Welwyn)

Devil –
1. Mitchell Powell (Team Terminator)
2. Frank Longstaff (Team Terminator)
3. Connor Woodford (Willesden)

6 Lap H’Cap –
1. Glen Dossett (Welwyn)
2. Connor Woodford (Willesden)
3. Cai Davies (Welwyn)

6 lap Handicap –
1st Glen Dossett (Welwyn)
2. Connor Woodford (Willesden,
3. Cai Davies (Welwyn)

Youth B
5 lap Scr – Simon Bird (Lee Valley) Will Raymond (Welwyn) Tom Durkin (Welwyn)
Devil- Simon Bird (Lee Valley) Will Raymond (Welwyn) Toby Miles (Welwyn)
Points – Will Raymond (Welwyn) Simon Bird (Lee Valley) Michael Parry (Welwyn)
6 lap Scr – Will Raymond (Welwyn) Michael Parry (Welwyn) Harriett Mellor (Hillingdon)

Youth CDE
3 lap Scr –
1. Christian Manzi (Welwyn)
2. Sam Asker (West Suffolk)
3. Lauren Higham (Welwyn)

3 lap H’Cp –
1. Christian Manzi (Welwyn)
2. Adam Lightfoot (CC Ashwell)
3. Michael Sumner (Welwyn)

3 lap h’Cap –
1. Michael Sumner,
2. Lauren Higham,
3. Joe Kiely (all Welwyn)

4 lap H’cap –
1. Sam Asker (West Suffolk)
2. Felix Mackie (Lee Valley)
3. Sam Gage ( Welwyn)


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