Results: Tameside Tuesday Night Circuit Races


Dave Heald wins a wet and windy race at the Tameside Tuesday Night Circuit Races (Manchester)

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1 Dave Heald
2 Will Thomas
3 Paul Cheetham
4 Matthew Walls
5 Lee Brown
6 Sam Padder
7 Robert Lockhart
8 Jerrod Hartley
9 Zack Williamson
10 Luke Beswick
11 Mark Jones
12 Jack Duffy
13 Phil Guest
14 Rob Wilkinson
15 Adam Hartley
16 Scott Wilson
17 Kristian Spreckley
18 Richard Small
19 Darren Dunn


A Boys
1 Ryan McGillick Youth A
2 Joseph Peatfield Youth A
3 Thomas Craig Youth A
4 Reece Player Youth A
5 Harris Redgrove Youth A
6 Alex Kindernan Youth A
7 Thomas Figgins Youth A
8 Archie Stewart Youth A
9 Joe Williams Youth A
10 Ben Gleeson Youth A

Girls A
1 Amura Mellor Youth A Girls
2 Monica Dew Youth A Girls
3 Kiera Byland Youth A Girls

Boys B
1 Harry Hardcastle Youth B
2 Jamie Ridehalgh Youth B
3 Nathan Hawthorn Youth B
4 James Farrington Youth B
5 Luke Cheetham Youth B
6 James Brown Youth B
7 Lewis Hartley Youth B
8 Alex Ridehalgh Youth B
9 Brad Dronfield Youth B
10 Jack Ford Youth B
11 Tom Byers Youth B
12 Karl Richter Youth B
13 Dom Whitefield Youth B
14 Isacc Appleby Youth B

Boys C
1 Robert Donaldson Youth C
2 Isacc Peatfield Youth C
3 Thomas Bates Youth C
4 Nathan Rowbotham Youth C
5 Cameron Bates Youth C
6 Joel Ackers Youth C

Girls C
1 Ava Oxley Youth C Girls
2 Shannon Hawthorn Youth C Girls


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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