Result: Oldham Century Mountain TT


 David Kinloch of Ilkley CC wins the Oldham Century 18 mile Mountain Time Trial on Wednesday, May 22nd

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Course J8/7r | 18 miles

1 David Kinloch – Club Ilkley CC 52m.04s
2nd Ian Stott – Blackburn& District CTC 52m.23s
3rd Ben Gillespie – Saddleworth Clarion 52m.45s
4th Sam Clarke – Sett Valley Cycles/Buxton CC 53m.30s
5th Philip Knupfer * – Manchester Wheelers 56m.27s

1st Vet Paul Greenhalgh * – Manchester Wheelers 56m.02s
2nd Vet Stuart Green – Oldham Century Road Club 56m.51s

1st Lady Emma Osenton – Kinesis Morvelo Project 59m.06s
2nd Lady Vanessa Whitfield – VC St Raphael 59m51s

1st Team. Manchester Wheelers – ( P Greenhalgh-P Knupfer-J Sanderson )
13th Richard Jervis – Leigh Premier Road Club 58m.33s

This years event was the 25th occasion since dedicating the race to the late Ian Crossley. Ian’s father Jim, made the journey from his home in Spain to ride, and finished with a creditable time of 1 hour 14minutes and 44 seconds.
The weather was thankfully dry, but with a cold, blustery wind to trouble the competitors, mainly on the return leg from Meltham.

The result was very close, with less than a minute covering the first three riders., victory going to David Kinloch of Club Ilkley CC in a time of 52minutes and 4 seconds. There were, as sometimes happens in these events, a few ‘hard luck’ stories. Sam Clarke, Sett Valley Cycles/Buxton CC was the winner two years ago, and looking likely for a repeat win, rode the last mile with a flat front tyre, after hitting a pot-hole and still managed to finish in fourth place. Paul Stitt, Glossop Kinder Velo, suffered three punctures on the start line before abandoning his attempt.

Fastest lady was Emma Osenton, Kinesis Morvelo Project ( 59mins.06secs ) and the team award went to Manchester Wheelers. Other riders from the promoting Oldham Century Road Club were, Stuart Green in seventh place ( 56mins.51secs ), Rob Wilkinson was fourteenth (58mins.36secs) and Ian Kenworthy, thirtieth (63mins.58secs) from a field of 53 entrants. Special mention goes to Mitchell Cross (Team Wheelguru), the youngest rider age 16 years, and Peter Knott (Ribble Valley CRC) the oldest, age 76 years.

Congratulations to all prize winners, and thanks to all those taking part. Tony Lyons, (Event Organiser)

1 David Kinloch 61 V40 Club Ilkley CC 52m.04s
2 Ian Stott 55 S Blackburn & District CTC 52m.23s
3 Ben Gillespie 65 S Saddleworth Clarion 52m.45s
4 Sam Clarke 67 S Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 53m.30s
5 Paul Greenhalgh 47 V40 Manchester Wheelers 56m.02s
6 Philip Knupfer 39 S Manchester Wheelers 56m.27s
7 Stuart Green 45 V40 Oldham Century Road Club 56m.51s
8 Darren Staniforth 28 S Condor RC (Calderdale) 56m.56s
9 Steve Wigglesworth 66 V50 Vegetarian C & A Club 56m.59s
10 Derek Schofield 57 V60 Rossendale Road Club 57m.33s
11 Nathan Turnbull 60 S Leigh Premier Road Club 58m.13s
12 John Sanderson 49 S Manchester Wheelers 58m.14s
13 Richard Jervis 46 S Leigh Premier Road Club 58m.33s
14 Rob Wilkinsom 54 V40 Oldham Century Road Club 58m.36s
15 Simon Cullen 40 V40 Saddleworth Clarion 58m.57s
16 William Belcher 58 V50 Clayton Velo 59m.00s
17 Emma Osenton 26 W Kinesis Morvelo Project 59m.06s
18 Josh Fear 18 S Taw Velo 59m.32s
19 Paul Talbot 21 V40 Glossop Kinder Velo 59m.39s
20 Vanessa Whitfield 41 W VC St Raphael 59m.51s
21 Rob Dickinson 63 V40 Vegetarian C & A Club 59m.54s
22 Mark Ferguson 52 V50 High Peak Cycles RT 1h.00m.06s
23 Simon Pateman 38 V40 Saddleworth Clarion 1h.00m.26s
24 Joanne Blakely 35 W Champ.Sys./MaxgearRT/Base 1h.00m.36s
25 Justin Howcutt 23 S Manchester Wheelers 1h.00m.58s
26 Darren O’Toole 36 V40 Glossop Kinder Velo 1h.01m.35s
27 Nikola Butler 30 W VC St Raphael 1h.02m.20s
28 Martin Oliver 62 V50 Kiveton Park CC 1h.02m.32s
29 David Shirley 44 V40 Glossop Kinder Velo 1h.03m.20s
30 Ian Kenworthy 32 S Oldham Century Road Club 1h.03m.58s
31 Geoff Robinson 42 V50 Glossop Kinder Velo 1h.05m.31s
32 Viv Slack 37 W Manchester Wheelers 1h.06m.01s
33 Phil Davies 51 V40 Saddleworth Clarion 1h.06m.46s
34 Mitchell Cross 22 J Team Wheelguru 1h.06m.47s
35 Jenny Brown 33 W Rochdale Tri Club 1h.07m.28s
36 Paul Manchester 17 V50 Saddleworth Clarion 1h.08m.02s
37 Neil Warner 34 V50 Saddleworth Clarion0 1h.08m.24s
38 Sarah Griffiths 19 W Manchester Wheelers 1h.09m.48s
39 Gareth Howard 56 S Leigh Premier Road Club 1h.11m.36s
40 Paul Smith 25 S Huddersfield Star Wheelers ** 1h.12m.12s
41 James Crossley 20 V60 Oldham Century Road Club 1h.14m.44s
42 Ali Mills 29 W Here Come The Belgians 1h.18m.08s
43 Steve Coote 24 V50 Vegetarian C & A Club 1h.20m.13s
44 Sian Lambert 16 W Manchester & District LCA 1h.21m.11s
45 Peter Knott 27 V70 Ribble Valley CRC 1h.28m.35s
46 Christopher Fisher 15 V60 Sowerby Brothers Cycles RT 1h.40m.40s



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