Report & Results: Kalas Cup Stage Race


James Lewis wins the Kalas Cup over four stages in the one day at Merryfield Ilton promoted by Team Tor 2000

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Note: Photos courtesy of Ann and Richard Owens and Mark Cox of Cox Creative Ltd

Bright sunshine welcomed the riders for the 7th edition of the Kalas Cup. The 2013 version had to be reduced from its traditional two day event to single day with all the stages taking place at Merryfield Ilton.

1 James Lewis
2 Hefin Price
3 John Whittington
4 Alexander Murison
5 Ian Rees
6 James Smith
7 Hugh Wilson
8 Matt Franklin
9 Elliot Davis
10 Toby Eichler
11 Connor Ryan
12 Ashley Martin
13 Graeme Lackford
14 Richard Oram
15 Peter Medhurst

 Team Time Trial
Another change from the norm the race kicked off with a team time trial over 3 laps of the circuit (15km). Diabetes UK set the early standard with the first team to break the 21 minute barrier. It was not until NFTO blasted across the line taking a minute off the Diabetes UK time. No other team could get the near their time, it was the home team of Team Tor 2000 that got the closest. The Kalas yellow jersey went to Hefin Price as he lead the NFTO team across the line.


James Lewis
Hefin Price
Hugh Wilson

2 Team Tor 2000
Elliot Davis
John Hollier
Graeme Lackford
Charles Rees
3 Team Greenover
Ashley Martin
Alexander Murison
Connor Ryan

4 University of Exeter CC
Oscar Hutchings
Peter Medhurst
Richard Oram
Oliver Pritchard
5= Diabetes UK
Toby Eichler
Matt Franklin
Paul Merryweather
John Whittington

5= Spin Rotor Primal Europe
Peter Haworth
Keith Satchwell
Sam Shannon
James Smith
7 Dream CC
Alec Baskaya
Charles Coleman
Freddie Lewton

8 VC St Raphael
Jason Streather
Jamie Streather
Andrew Stuart
Alex Wise

9 Exeter Wheelers
Ben Hooppell
Adam Sainsbury
Chris Shakya
Thomas Weston

10= Diabteres UK/Team Tor 2000 composite
Joshua Gray
Kevin Jones
Michael Leech
Ian Rees

10= Welwyn Wheelers CC
George Farrell
Henry Farrell
Joshua Maynard

Kalas Cup– stage 2 (Criterium)
The second stage was the crit around a 1.5 km circuit, this was expected to break the peloton to pieces. Surprising the race stayed together all accept one rider, Alec Baskaya (Dream CC) who had already tried to get away earlier in the race crossed line five seconds clear of Al Murison (Team Greenover) who lead the bunch gallop from Ian Rees (Team Tor 2000/ Diabetes UK Composite). Alec’s aggressive race gave him the lead in the points competition.


1 Alec Baskaya
2 Alexander Murison
3 Ian Rees
4 Elliot Davis
5 Mark Dolan
6 James Norris
7 Hugh Wilson
8 Richard Oram
9 Hefin Price
10 Oscar Hutchings

Kalas Cup– stage 3 (Circuit Race)
By the penultimate stage, a circuit race, the legs were starting to get heavy adding to this the wind was picking up. It was not long before riders were going out the back as pace proved too much.

It was a pair NFTO and Team Diabetes UK accompanied by a rider SRC, Team Greenover and Spin Rotor/C Original/ Primal RT causing and early split putting on the pressure. This stayed the same format through out the race with the gap growing each lap. It was only the pair of Ian Rees (Team Tor 2000/ Diabetes UK Composite) and Toby Eichler (Team Diabetes UK) that managed to bridge across to the leaders at end of the last lap.

James Lewis (NFTO) escaped his break away companions to power across the line to take the stage victory and to take over the yellow jersey from his team mate. This was also enough for him to seal the points competition


1 James Lewis
2 John Whittington
3 Hefin Price
4 Alexander Murison
5 Ian Rees
6 Matt Franklin
7 James Smith
8 Toby Eichler
9 George Farrell
10 Hugh Wilson

Kalas Cup– stage 4 (ITT)
The final stage, a one lap 5 km time trial. It was John Whittington (Team Diabetes UK) that proved he still had the legs to break the 7 minute mark, only two other riders could get near him Elliot Davis (Team Tor 2000) and Hugh Wilson (NFTO). John’s time was enough to edge him onto the podium with James Lewis taking overall honours and his NFTO team mate Hefin Price in second place. NFTO also took the team award from Team Diabetes UK. The Walter Rixon under 23 award went to Al Murison (Team Greenover) after strong performances throughout the day.

1 John Whittington
2= Hugh Wilson
2= Elliot Davis
4 James Lewis
5 Hefin Price
6 Alec Baskaya
7 Connor Ryan
8 Michael Leech
9= Joshua Gray
9= James Smith

Team Tor 2000 would like to thank all the helpers and officials, sponsors; Kalas Sportswear Ltd, White Lake Ltd, Peloton Racer Ltd, Scorpion CS, Overt Locke Ltd and Cox Creative Ltd whom the event would not be possible.
Photos courtesy of Ann and Richard Owens and Mark Cox of Cox Creative Ltd.



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