Results: Jersey Town Centre Criteriums


Greg Mansell (UK Youth) sprints to victory in Elite race at the Jersey Town Centre Criteriums last weekend (Sunday, May 26)

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1. Greg Mansell Team UK Youth
2. Tobyn Horton Team UK Youth
3. Yanto Barker Team UK Youth
4. Ian Wilkinson Team UK Youth
5. Jonathan Mould Team UK Youth
6. Andrew Roche
7. Michael Serafin GVC Edmond De Rothschild
8. James Baillie Langsett Cycles RT
9. Joshua Gosselin Guernsey Velo Club
10. Alexander Wilson GVC Edmond De Rothschild
11. Danny Lowthorpe Langsett Cycles RT
12. Philip Touzeau GVC Edmond De Rothschild
13. James Allen Langsett Cycles RT
14. Glyndwr Griffiths Bristol South CC
15. Jamie Burgan Langsett Cycles RT
16. Chris Spence Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
17. Matthew Mildon Mud, Sweat n Gears CC
18. James Thompson Langsett Cycles RT
19. Robert Watson Dirtwheels Cycles


1. Hannah Walker Matrix Fitness Racing Academy
2. Lauryn Therin Champion System/Maxgear/Base
3. Brit Tate GB
4. Iona Sewell GB
5. Ann Bowditch GVC Edmond De Rothschild
6. Nicola Soden Champion System/Maxgear/Base
7. Kimberley Ashton Abergavenny Road Club
8. Joanne Blakeley Champion System/Maxgear/Base
9. Vittoria Bussi Zappi’s Ladies Team
10. Joanna Watts Guernsey Velo Club
11. Laura Chellingworth Velo Sport Jersey
12. Marina Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club
13. Rachel Przybylski WyndyMilla
14. Lili McLean Andover Whls
15. Karen Poole GB
16. Charlotte Turner Jersey Cycling Association
17. Jemima Leach Velo Sport Jersey
18. Charlotte Le Lievre Guernsey Velo Club
19. Sarah- Jane Robbe Caesarean CC Jersey

Category 3/4
1. Howard Greenside Caesarean CC Jersey
2. Stuart Wallbridge Guernsey Velo Club
3. Alexander Wilson GVC Edmond De Rothschild
4. Leon Ogier Guernsey Velo Club
5. Aaron Bailey Guernsey Velo Club
6. Ben Le Brocq Caesarean CC Jersey
7. Stephen Haley Velo Sport Jersey
8. Daniel Thut London Dynamo
9. Paul Millar Caesarean CC Jersey
10. Simon Coles Norwood Paragon CC
11. Anthony Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club
12. Andrew Hamon Velo Sport Jersey
13. Jordan Sewrey Jersey Cycling Association
14. Alistair Cann Caesarean CC Jersey
15. Paul Brehaut Guernsey Velo Club
16. Martin Smith Velo Sport Jersey
17. David Spars Caesarean CC Jersey
18. Ryan O’Shea Jersey Cycling Association
19. Lorenzo Nardone Caesarean CC Jersey
20. Daniel Alderton Guernsey Velo Club
21. Barry Cameron Caesarean CC Jersey
22. Jamie Shearer Andover Whls
23. Jack Rebours Jersey Cycling Association
24. Jonathan Wood Velo Sport Jersey
25. Andrew Cattanach Glasgow Green Cycle Club
26. Peter Tompkins Velo Sport Jersey
27. James Garrett Velo Sport Jersey
28. Tim Andrews Guernsey Velo Club
29. Hugo Jacques
30. David Wong Min London Dynamo


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