London Nocturne: Raleigh’s Tom Scully triumphs in Capital


Following on from his victory in the Tour Series on Tuesday, Team Raleigh’s Tom Scully (New Zealand) won the biggest race of his UK excursion in the London Nocturne. Olympic champion Laura Trott won the Women’s race.

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Teaser Video from Mat Pennell

The London Nocturne 2013 – Teaser / No Spoilers from Mat Pennell on Vimeo.

The well established London Nocturne in Smithfield Market (London) was again buzzing with cycling fans as racing returned there for another year. With many of the riders in the Tour Series competing in the men’s race as well as Tour of Italy stage winner Alex Dowsett, that event was as expected, fast and furious.


Tom Scully of Team Raleigh is a clear winner from Tour of Italy stage winner Alex Dowsett with Dean Downing getting the better of Roman van Uden for the final podium place, 3rd. Photo: Antony Edmonds

After the selection was made at the front of the race, one that many top stars did not make it across to, Kiwi Tom Scully (Raleigh) outsprinted Alex Dowsett and Dean Downing. In the Women’s event Laura Trott beat Hannah Barnes (MG – MaxiFuel Pro Cycling) and Dani King.

Photos from Josephine Hartfiel


1 Thomas Scully Team Raleigh
2 Alex Dowsett Movistar
3 Dean Downing Madison Genesis
4 Roman Van Uden NODE4 Giordana Racing
5 Graham Briggs Team Raleigh
6 Niklas Gustavsson Team UK Youth
7 Kristian House Rapha Condor JLT
8 Hannes Baumgarten Rudy Project RT
9 Liam Stones MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
10 Samuel Witmitz Team Raleigh
11 Matt Cronshaw IG Sigma Sport
12 Dan Barry NODE4 Giordana Racing
13 Alexandre Blain Team Raleigh
14 Richard Lang Team Raleigh
15 Marcin Bialoblocki Team UK Youth
16 Mike Northey NODE4 Giordana Racing
17 Magnus Backstedt MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
18 Helmut Trettwer Time Out London
19 Andrew Tennant Madison Genesis
20 Will Bjergfel MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
21 Ian Bibby Madison Genesis
22 Jon Mould Team UK Youth
23 Eric Berthou Team Raleigh
24 Greg Mansell Team UK Youth
25 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Altura MGD
26 Be±at Intxausti Movistar
27 Andreas Graf Time Out London
28 James McCallum Rapha Condor JLT
29 Andrew Coupe Wheelbase Altura MGD
30 Christian Grasmann Rudy Project RT
31 Steven Adams
32 Tom Barras Wheelbase Altura MGD
33 Richard Hepworth NODE4 Giordana Racing
34 Ian Wilkinson Team UK Youth
35 Adam Duggleby Wheelbase Altura MGD
36 Joe Fox MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
37 James Williamson NODE4 Giordana Racing
38 Liam Holohan Madison Genesis
39 Ed Clancy Rapha Condor JLT
40 Felix English Rapha Condor JLT
41 Rob Partridge 00:35:54 Team UK Youth
42 Jamie Scott 00:34:20 MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
43 Symon Lewis 00:34:21 Nuun – YB London
44 Jake Hales 00:34:22 IG Sigma Sport
45 Will Stephenson 00:34:22 Rapha Condor JLT
46 Ross Edgar 00:34:28 IG Sigma Sport
47 Chris Snook 00:34:49 Madison Genesis
48 Shem Rodger 00:29:47 NODE4 Giordana Racing
49 Alex Peters 00:26:31 Madison Genesis
50 Ed Laverack 00:13:53 Rapha Condor JLT
51 Declan Byrne 00:14:15 MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
52 Tony Lock 00:12:42 Nuun – YB London
53 Pete Williams 00:05:54 IG Sigma Sport
54 Luke Ryan 00:05:55
55 Matt Jones 00:05:57 IG Sigma Sport

Women’s Race

1 Laura Trott Wiggle – Honda
2 Hannah Barnes MG – MaxiFuel Pro Cycling
3 Dani King Wiggle – Honda
4 Coryn Rivera Breast Cancer Care
5 Corrine Hall Matrix Fitness Racing Team
6 Lauren Kitchen Wiggle – Honda
7 Jo Rowsell Wiggle – Honda
8 Louise Mahe MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport
9 Charlotte Becker Wiggle – Honda
10 Natalie Creswick MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport
11 Lucy Garner Argos Shimano
12 Emily Collins Wiggle – Honda
13 Emily Kay Scott Contessa Epic Cycles
14 Amy Roberts Wiggle – Honda
15 Clemence Copie MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport
16 Charline Joiner MG – MaxiFuel Pro Cycling
17 Laura Massey Abergavenny RC
18 Nicola Juniper Team CTC
19 Joanna Tindley Matrix Fitness Racing Academy
20 Lydia Boylan Team CTC
21 Alexie Shaw Les Filles Racing Team
22 Helen Wyman Kona Factory Racing
23 Louise Borthwick ASL 360
24 Alice Barnes 23C Orbea
25 Bethany Hayward Scott Contessa Epic Cycles
26 Sarah Byrne Champion System/Maxgear/Base
27 Melissa Brand MG – MaxiFuel Pro Cycling
28 Karla Boddy MG – MaxiFuel Pro Cycling
29 Rohan Battison MG – MaxiFuel Pro Cycling
30 Hannah Walker Matrix Fitness Racing Academy
31 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team
32 Amy Bradley Breast Cancer Care
33 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team
34 Nicola Soden Champion System/Maxgear/Base
35 Maxine Filby
36 Harriet Owen Matrix Fitness Racing Academy
37 Eileen Roe Breast Cancer Care
38 Ella Hopkins Breast Cancer Care
39 Keira McVitty Team Zenith/
40 Elinor Barker Wiggle – Honda
41 Emily Barnes MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport
42 Gillian Taylor Abergavenny RC
43 Jo Munden Pedal Heaven RT
44 Brit Tate
45 Dani Christmas ASL 360
46 Vikki Filsell Les Filles RT
47 Francesca Morgans-Slader BC Eastern
48 Emma Towers Twickenham CC
49 Bryony Board Glendene CC
50 Wiesia Kuczaj MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport
51 Flora Gillies ASL 360
52 Tessa Pugh London Dynamo
53 Michelle Sellars Goscomb BSR
54 Karen Poole
55 Emma Trott Boels – Dolman
56 Anna Railton ASL 360
57 Siobhßn McNamara DID


1 Steve Calland SouthDowns Bikes – World of Books
2 Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands!
3 James Wakelin ViCious Velo
4 Gavin Ryan London Dynamo
5 Toby Parnell Cambridge Cycling Club
6 Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon
7 Wayne Crombie East London Velo
8 Ross Muir Nuun – YB
9 George Gori Nuun – YB
10 Harry Littlechild London Dynamo
11 Mike Debney London Dynamo
12 Gus Gillies Team ASL360
13 Chris Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon
14 James Walsby Catford CC Banks Equipe
15 James Local London Dynamo
16 Matthew Butt Team ASL360
17 Edward Farnell Cambridge Cycling Club
18 Phil Hersey Eagle Road Club
19 Simon Alexander Twenty3C-Focus
20 Stuart Spies London Dynamo
21 David Shilland Bigfoot CC
22 Nick White East London Velo
23 Phil Lenney Team GWB-ACTiV-springstarter
24 Josh Parkin Aprire Bicycles
25 Adam Capes London Dynamo
26 Ryan Visser Redhill CC
27 Kieran Dineen Amersham RCC
28 James Norris High Wycombe CC R.T
29 Ross Bryan Team Gwb-ACTiV
30 Paul Carr Corley Cycles
31 Jerzy Kuzminski High wycombe
32 Riko Sibbe London Dynamo
33 Kyle Peppo N/A
34 Barry Hughes Rapha Condor Club
35 Huberney Diaz Pretorius Bikes
36 George Kirkin Twickenham CC
37 Matthew Tibbutt Wightlink – LCM
38 Spencer Wilson
39 Chris Halls Nuun – YB
40 Aaron Saturley Dulwich Paragon
41 Rory Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon
42 James Leach Twickenham CC
43 Mitchell Joshua Bicester Millenium
44 Oliver Craig London Dynamo
45 Stuart Sargeant Arbis LLP/Colbert Cycles RT
46 James Wilson Nuun – YB
47 Riyadh Khamis Personal Bike Fit
48 Michaelá Williams Dulwich Paragon
49 Bohdan Musil Nuun – YB
50 Ed Ashby Private Member
51 Stuart Bettis Southdowns Bikes
52 James Hedgeland Dulwich Paragon
53 Matthew Butt Team ASL360
54 John Smith Out Of The Saddle
55 Rhys Keepence Dulwich Paragon
56 Andrew Brown Dulwich Paragon
57 Chris Pyne Imperial Racing Team
58 Noah Nbanner Nuun – YB
59 Stuart Harvey Team ASL360
60 John Coolahan Nuun – YB
61 Steven Collins Athlonsport
62 Tony Collins Athlonsport
63 Thomas Mannáááááááááááááááááá Greenwich Tritons
64 Aidan Quinn Team ASL360
65 Simon Lewington Dulwich Paragon
66 Scott Gilchrist 4T+ Velo Club
67 Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers
68 Cameron Fraser Nuun – YB

We’ll have more from the race when we get it.


Fashion legend Sir Paul Smith joins the top three on the podium. Photo: Thomas van Bracht.


 The sun has gone down and its time for bike racing in the country’s capital! Photo: Antony Edmonds


Olympic champion Ed Clancy who has been busy racing the Tour Series as well as representing GB in an Olympic qualification event, said on twitter after the race… “Good run of results came to an end today…. Trying to follow Tom Scully bridge across to the leaders completely finished me. Dnf.” Photo: Antony Edmonds


Great to see Greg Mansell (UK Youth), who had a high speed crash in the Tour Series on Thursday night,  jump straight back into racing at the tough London Nocturne. Photo: Antony Edmonds


Alex Dowsett swaps his TT legs for the crit ones and came close to repeating his win in a previous edition of the race. Photo: Antony Edmonds


Unsurprisingly, Alex Dowsett was popular with fans after his signature…. Photo: Antony Edmonds


Women’s race gets underway in the daylight of a day setting in London. Photo: Antony Edmonds


Twice a former World Champion on the road, Lucy Garner, racing the Women’s Nocturne. Photo: Antony Edmonds


Laura Trott gives her win the thumbs up. Photo: Antony Edmonds


Lots of the usual racing like the Penny Farthings.  Photo: Antony Edmonds

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