Results: Pedal Heaven Eelmore Crits


Tim Elverson & Christoper Minter among the winners at round 8 of the Pedal Heaven Eelmore Crits on a wet night in the South East

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1 Tim Elverson Pedal Heaven RT
2 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven RT
3 Chris Wood VC Meudon
4 Robert McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT
5 P James Condor Cycles
6 Joseph Fry RST Racing team
7 Pete Allan Private
8 Mike Lancaster VC Meudon
9 Ben Sumner Beeline RT
10 Albert Ellison V C Meudon

Category 3/4
1 Christoper Minter
2 Darren Parker Python RT
3 Nathan Horward Kingston Wheelers
4 Noah Banner Nunn-yb- london rt
5 Mike Smith
6 Jake Noy Cycle Works.Co.Uk
7 Richard Jenore Willesden CC
8 Tom Hughes
9 Luke Dixon Personal Best
10 Graham Austin East St Cycles

1 Vitoria Bussi Zappi,s Ladies Team
2 Lucy Chittenden East st


1 Alex James Twickenham CC
2 Dairyi Lusasdi HHS
3 Chris Jenkinson Charlotteville
4 Kieran Woods Charlotteville
5 Luke Andus Wyndymilla
1 Bethany Lewis PPV
1 Charles page HSS
2 Harry Rose Plamer Park Velo
3 Ieuan Woods Charlotteville
4 James Kennett HSS
5 Troy Loxley
6 Lewis Haller Charlotteville
7 Ben Bishop Charlotteville
8 Lewis Russell PM

1 Ellie coooper Charlotteville
2 Kendra Meacock- Fletcher Charlotteville
3 Eleanor Shorey Charlotteville
1 Jay Allen PPV
2 Gabriel Banner HSS
3 Sam Bishop Charlotteville
4 Malin Cory Charlotteville
5 Jamie Series P/M
6 sean Loxley


1 Isabella Escalera HSS
2 Mia Loxley nhrc
3 Amelie Pateman
1 Kye Lewis Willbden
2 Ben Martinez Pedal Heaven RT
3 Jude beaton Charlotteville
4 Jacob Spiers
5 Benjamin Flatau Charlotteville
6 Oliver Pickup Pedal Heaven RT


1 Ella Beaton Charlottville
2 Ella Pateman
3 Detti Cory Charlottville
1 James Brown PPV
2 Ben Coppola Four 4th
3 Gee Peter Pedal Heaven RT
4 Stanley Pickup Pedal Heaven RT
5 Joseph Peters VC Meudon
6 Alex Bishop Charlottville
7 Charlie Hoy Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves
8 William Flatau CCC



RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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