Report: 2013 Circuit of the Fens


Marcin Bialoblocki led a 1-2-3 for UK Youth in the 200 km Circuit of the Fens, the final big road race in Britain before the British Championships next weekend

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The final big road race before the British Road Race Championships was won dominated by UK Youth fresh from their win in the Tour Series. Marcin Bialoblocki countered an attack by a teammate Yanto Barker to go clear in the final kilometres and won seconds ahead of Niklas Gustavsson and Joshua Hunt.

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The team went into the race with a plan and they stuck to it even when a break of 15 riders went clear and had a lead of four minutes. Team UK Youth came to the front after an hour or so and started to smash it team time trial style, leaving riders spread all over Cambridgeshire was how it came over race radio. They explained later, it was full gas because the break wasn’t hanging around and they really had to go some to pull it back.

It took a long time to bring the break back and then once they had, there were a lot of tired legs in there but UK Youth still had plenty in the tank and dominated a small group along with Node 4 Giordana. IG Sigma Sport also had a rider in it with young Ryan Mullen. So that was four UK Youth, three Node 4 and Ryan from IG Sigma Sport!

Bell lap though and who was it attacking through the finish splitting the group – yes, Ryan Mullen! But after his attack failed, UK Youth went on the offensive with Yanto Barker and then Marcin going clear on the final four kilometre finishing circuit.

The speed of the race was astonishing and the fitness of UK Youth and Node 4 after five weeks on the road showed as they dominated the race… Interviews to follow!

Provisional as a few things don’t look right!
1. Marcin Bialoblocki, UK Youth
2. Niklas Gustavsson, UK Youth
3. Joshua Hunt, Team UK Youth
4. Dan Barry, Node Giordana
5. Yanto Barker, UK Youth
6. RyanMullen, IG Sigma Sport
7. Steve Lampier, Node 4 Giordana
8. Mike Northey, Node Giordana
9. Tobyn Horton, UK Youth,
10. Tom Stewart, Team Raleigh
11. Roman van Uden, Node 4 Giordana
12. Andrew Hawdon, Herbalife
13. Tom Barras, Wheelbase
14. Peter Williams, IG Sigma Sport,
15. Douglas Dewy, Felt Colbournes Hargroves Cycles
16. Will Bjergfelt, MG Maxifuel
17. Matt Holmes, Raleigh
18. Kit Gilham, Metaltek Knights of Old
19. Wouter Sybrandy, IG Sigma Sport
20. Michael Smith, Corley Cycles
21. Dominic Jelfs, Madison Genesis
22. Mark O’Brien, Raleigh
23. Hugh Wilson, NTFO
24. Grff Lewis, Metaltek Knights of Old
25. Billy Whenman, Zannata CT
26. Hefin Price, NFTO
27. Luke Ryan,
28. Tom Bustard, Herbalife

Regional A

1. Carl Dyson Clay Cross Road Team
2. Carl Sturgeon Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT
3. Ryan Bevis NFTO
4. Kieran Brady City Cycle
5. Stephen Nunn Finchley Racing Team
6. Dr Chris Bartlett Metaltek – Knights of Old Raci…
7. Douglas Coleman CC Luton
8. Mike Smith Colchester Rovers CC
9. Paul Jones NFTO
10. Matthew Nell Clay Cross Road Team
11. Wayne Crombie East London Vélo
12. Toby Parnell Cambridge CC
13. Philip Hetzel Ipswich BC
14. James Jobber
15. Lee Desborough St Ives CC


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