Report/Result: Sunderland Clarion Open 25


Andy Fuller of GS Metro wins the annual Sunderland Clarion Open 25 mile time trial on Sunday, 16 June

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Sunderland Clarion held their annual open 25 mile time trial in Ponteland on Sunday, 16 June. The event which sees riders tackle a gruelling route along the A696, acted as the National Clarions 25 mile championship and also the Northumbria and Durham Cycling Association 25 mile trophy championship.

The event saw 42 riders take to the start line, including 15 representing the hosts.This was the biggest field since Allan Smith began running the event some 15 years ago. The riders faced a strong headwind on the way out to Kirkwhelpington, on a dry and sunny morning.

The event overall was won with a strong performance by Andy Fuller (GS Metro) in a time of 57:04, just shy of the time he recorded earlier in the season of 57:01. Fuller also secured the Northumbria and Durham Cycling Association 25 mile championship. In second place was Simon Dale of Nottingham Clarion CC, in 58:04, who took the National Clarion championship half a minute ahead of third placed, and second Clarion rider, Mark Ewing (West Lothian Clarion – SCU).

The David Craig Memorial Trophy, awarded for the first Sunderland Clarion rider, was won by Craig Stephenson competing in his first 25 mile test against the clock, along with 11 other Sunderland riders. Stephenson clocked a time of 1:00:33, after admittedly starting off too strong before settling into a rhythm, which saw him take 11th overall. Michael Sloanes was second in from the hosts with a time of 1:02:27, over 3 minutes ahead of Stuart Grey in third with a time of 1:05:50. The three top 20 finishes saw Sunderland take the National Clarion team event on the day.

In the juniors competition the podium saw two Tyneside Vagabonds, in first and third, with 16 year old Adam Wild completing the course in 1:08:56, while Joshua Craven came in third with a strong 1:15:19 for the thirteen year old. The second step of the podium was taken by another Sunderland Clarion debutant, with Cameron Wright clocking 1:12:06. The first and only woman was Sunderland Clarion’s Ingrid Shepherd in 1:12:50.

1 Andy Fuller GS Metro 0:57:04
2 Simon Dale Nottingham Clarion CC 0:58:04
3 Mark Ewing West Lothian Clarion – SCU 0:58:34
4 John Cann 0:58:48
5 Mark Harrison Houghton CC 0:59:17
6 Neil Payton Barnesbury CC 0:59:32
7 Martin Knight Nottingham Clarion CC 0:59:37
8 Chris Bush VC St Raphael, Waites Hewitt 0:59:40
9 Stephen Grey Derwentside CC 1:00:02
10 Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC 1:00:04
11 Craig Stephenson Sunderland Clarion 1:00:33
12 Neil Baxter 1:01:45
13 Michael Sloanes Sunderland Clarion 1:02:27
14 Tim Wylie One Life Racing 1:03:51
15 Ian Clarke Fenland Clarion CC 1:03:56
16 Andrew Fisher Yorkshire Coast Clarion CC 1:04:08
17 Peter Iffland Northumbria Police CC 1:04:25
18 Richard Cleathero EMC 1:04:55
19 Matthew Cutler Bronte Wheelers 1:05:06
20 Stuart Grey Sunderland Clarion 1:05:50
21 Chris Good Yorkshire Coast Clarion CC 1:05:50
22 Michael Kelly Nottingham Clarion CC 1:06:44
23 Matthew Davies Sunderland Clarion 1:07:34
24 Paul Alderson Sunderland Clarion 1:08:34
25 Hendrik Nahler West Lothian Clarion – SCU 1:08:45
26 Adam Wild Tyneside Vagabonds CC 1:08:56
27 Brian Craven Tyneside Vagabonds CC 1:09:49
28 Mark Tully Sunderland Clarion 1:11:07
29 Raymond Bell Ryton Tri 1:11:24
30 Ronnie Thompson Derwentside CC 1:11:57
31 Cameron Wright Sunderland Clarion CC 1:12:06
32 Ingrid Shepherd Sunderland Clarion CC 1:12:50
33 Edward McLeod Sunderland Clarion 1:13:10
34 Norman Grotz Sunderland Clarion CC 1:14:51
35 Alan Duffy Sunderland Clarion CC 1:15:10
36 Joshua Craven Tyneside Vagabonds CC 1:15:19
37 Stephen Kerr Sunderland Clarion CC 1:17:07
38 David Hardy Sunderland Clarion CC 1:17:19
39 Peter Baggaley Sunderland Clarion CC 1:20:42
40 Paul Whitehill Sunderland Clarion CC 1:23:53
41 Martin Perfect National Clarion (London Section) 1:26:29
42 Allen Armstrong Sunderland Clarion CC DNF


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