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Jamie Sharp & Iona Sewell winners at test event at the new purpose built circuit in York

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Julie Rodman writes … What a way to spend a Tuesday evening in June, enjoying the sunshine at the new York-sport circuit. The purpose built 1.2km circuit, has its own venue, with the youngsters learning their trade of cycling in a safe environment as a prelude with Go ride events. This facility is ideally situated off the A64 ring road and easily accessible.

This was the second trial event of three for adults to come and try out the venue, no points were awarded but the racing was still as fast and furious. The first event of the night was the ladies criterium and 8 ladies took to the course. It was nice to see five new faces from the first week. This was to be a handicapped race with the first group of three riders having a 30 second advantage on the next four with Iona Sewell GB Cycles setting off a further 45 seconds behind.

The groups worked well together with the Harrogate Nova racing novices Alison Sarwento along with Kay Brass Army CU settling into their first attempt at road racing well. After twenty minutes the groups caught each other with two dropping off the back. Iona Sewell showed why she was a 1st category rider by riding strongly for the win, with a close bunch sprint for second won by Victoria Hood We love mountains from Madeline Crosswaite University of York.

The men’s event started with a group of 14 riders taking to the start line, in form Jamie Sharp of Team Hope gave the other riders a head start of 2km, with the riders having a head start they set off at a fast pace as worked well together, Jamie caught the bunch then passed to try and make up the 1.2km lap he was down, the other riders led by a strong Clifton CC and University of York teams and a Malton Wheelers duo were going to make it tough for him.

As the sun came down over the circuit and the floodlights kicked in, with three laps to go, Jamie Sharp caught the leaders to set it up for a bunch sprint. As they turned around the final corner Jamie held off the challenges for a well deserved win, followed by the Malton Wheelers duo of Matthew Enticknap and Paul Hickman, followed by Anthony Lazarus Clifton CC. A mention must go to Iona Sewell who finished the men’s event after winning the previous event.

It was encouraging to see some great racing, good techniques being learnt in a fast safe environment, but most off all riders having fun. The next test event is next Tuesday 25th June, ladies at 7.15pm, men at 8.15pm with a fifteen minute warm up time beforehand.

There are plans for open races for every Tuesday in July, they will be live soon.


Men’s 50mins + 1lap
1. Jamie Sharp. Team hope
2. Matthew Enticknap Malton Wheelers
3. Paul Hickman. Malton Wheelers
4. Anthony Lazarus. Clifton CC
5. Joe Brown. Clifton CC
6. John Savage. Clifton CC
7. Daniel Gray. Clifton CC
8. Nathan Adams. UOYCC
9. Will Fraser. UOYCC
10. Greg Melia. Clifton CC
11. Simon Cave Harrogate Nova CC
12. Neil Harris. UOYCC
13. Johnny Ruttell. UOYCC
14. Iona Sewell. GB

Ladies 40mins + 1lap

1. Iona Sewell. GB
2. Victoria Hood. We love mountains CC
3. Madeline Crossthwaite UOYCC
4. Kay Brass. Army CU
5. Corrine Mitchell. Harrogate nova CC
6. Alison Sarwento. Harrogate nova CC
7. Natalie Hodgson. UOYCC
8. Jess Taylor. UOYCC


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