2013 British Women’s RR Championship


Lizzie Armitstead is the 2013 British Women’s Road Race Championship after attacking on the final lap of tough course in Glasgow and winning the race solo. Laura Trott beat Dani King for the Silver medal.

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With rain in the air, the Women’s race lined up at 9.30am for 8 laps of the 14k course in Glasgow.


After a lone attack was brought back, the race was a wearing down process especially on ‘Inception Hill’, the steepest climb on the course which saw riders dropped each lap with Emma Trott and Lizzie Armitstead forcing the pace at the front.


 A lap later and the front group had shrunk and lots of small groups were dotted around the circuit. Here Emma Trott forces the pace.


A small lead group formed in the final half of the race with Laura Trott, Lizzie Armitstead, Emma Trott and Dani King. Amy Roberts was part of the group but dropped with attacks from Trott & Armitstead.


Sharon Laws, defending champion, rode well after only six weeks preparation and said later it went better than she expected. Laws made the break with Armitstead etc but the pace saw her drop back to the chase group.


Joanna Rowsell, winner of the time trial championship, leads the chase group. She later went solo and caught Emma Trott who was dropped when Armitstead  put the hammer down to go solo.


And then there was three, Dani King leads Armitstead and Laura Trott with two laps to go. 


Rowsell on her lone attack which saw her finish fourth.


Lizzie Armitstead wins the 2013 Womens RR title.


Laura Trott beats Dani King to the Silver medal.


1 Elizabeth Armitstead Boels Dolmans CT 3:12:40
2 Laura Trott OBE Wiggle Honda 1:03
3 Danielle King Wiggle Honda st
4 Joanna Rowsell Wiggle Honda 2:58
5 Emma Trott Boels Dolmans CT 3:20
6 Sharon Laws Lotto Belisol 4:49
7 Claire Thomas Unattached 4:52
8 Emma Grant Matrix Fitness Racing 4:54
9 Natalie Creswick Mulebar Girl Sigma Sport 5:33
10 Elinor Barker Wiggle Honda 7:29
11 Alexie Shaw Les Filles Racing Team 8:12
12 Amy Roberts Wiggle Honda 10:30
13 Laura Massey Abergavenny RC 11:14
14 Lucy Garner Argos Shimano 11:51
15 Hannah Barnes MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling st
16 Charline Joiner MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling st
17 Eileen Roe Breast Cancer Care st
18 Molly Weaver Breast Cancer Care st
19 Hannah Walker Matrix Fitness Racing st
20 Julie Erskine Granite City RT st
21 Corrine Hall Matrix Fitness Racing st
22 Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness Racing 11:54
23 Lucy Martin Boels Dolmans CT 11:55
24 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team 14:04
25 Jane Barr Breast Cancer Care 14:05
26 Karen Poole GB Cycles.co.uk 14:06
27 Lucy Coldwell Unattached st
28 Joanna Tindley Matrix Fitness Racing 17:29
29 Gabriella Shaw Breast Cancer Care 17:30
30 Melissa Brand MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling st
31 Jennifer Taylor Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers st
32 Penny Rowson Breast Cancer Care 17:33



Open: 1. Sharon Laws, 2. Lizzie Armitstead 3. Emma Pooley
Under 23: 1. Katie Colcough, 2. Annie Simpson, 3. Penny Rowson.

Open 1. Elizabeth Armitstead, 2. Nicole Cooke, 3. Sharon Laws

Open Emma Pooley, 2. Lizzie Armitstead, 3. Nicole Cooke
Under 23 1. Lizzie Armitstead, 2. Katie Colclough, 3. Emma Trott

Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Lizzie Amitstead, 3. Emma Pooley
Under 23 1. Lizzie Armistead, 2. Katie Colcough, 3. Nikki Harris

Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Emma Pooley, 3. Joanna Rowsell
Under 23 Joanna Rowsell, 2. Jess Allen, 3. Emma Trott

Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Rachel Heal, 3. Helen wyman
Under 23 2. Nikki Harris, 2. Lizzie Armitstead, 3. Alice Monger-Godfrey

Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Lorna Webb, Joanna Rowsell
Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Rachel Heal, 3. Emma Davies
Under 23 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Amy Hunt, 3. Nikki Harris

Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Rachel Heal, 3. Vicky Pincombe
Under 23 1. Lorna Webb, 2. Gabby Day, 3. Rebecca Jones

Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Rachel Heal, Vicky Pincombe
Under 23 Nicole Cooke, 2. Catherine Hare, 3. Lorna Webb
Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Rachel Heal, 3. Melanie Sears
Under 23 1. Heather Summers, Karen Jeffrey, 3. Rebecca Jones

Open 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Ceris Gilfillan, 3. Sara Symington

Open 1. Ceris Gilfillan, 2. Caroline Alexander, 3. Yvonne McGregor

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