TT Result: One and All Cycling Open 50


Rob Scott wins the One and All Cycling Open 50 Miles Time Trial on Sunday, June 23rd

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South West District Championships 2013 | Sunday 23rd June  | Course S100/25

What a contrast to last year! Despite being a month later, no sun to be seen, strong winds, and distinctly chilly. Well done to everyone who started, whether you finished or not, it was not a day to relish.

Many, many thanks to all the helpers, five of whom are from other clubs. It’s a serious contribution to help with a ‘50’ as it means a really early start and 3+hours standing in the cold and the wind. Without your unselfishness, the race couldn’t have gone ahead.

Congratulations to Rob Scott on his fine win and impressive time under the adverse conditions. It’s good to see some younger riders getting stuck in and making year on year improvements. Also congratulations to 18 years old Josie Gilbert – her first ‘50’ in her first year of time trialing, completed in such unhelpful conditions on a road bike without the aid of aero bars. Josie’s still at college and running on a limited budget – has anyone an old pair of aero bars they can dig out of the garage and donate to her?

The team race was pretty close, only 1:41 between Plymouth CCC in 1st and Mid-Devon CC in 2nd after a combined distance of 150 miles.

Next One and All Cycling Open Time Trial:
Wednesday 24th July at 19:00 on S103 course HQ Roche Victory Hall
Note: this is NOT on the S6 as wrongly advertised in The CTT Handbook

1 Rob Scott PCCC 01:52:57 1st Man + 1st Team
2 Andrew Perkins MDCC 01:54:02 2nd Man
3 Graham Moir NDW 01:54:57 3rd Man
4 Martyn Lewis CL 01:55:47 4th Man
5 Alessandro Gourley PZW 01:57:15 5th Man
6 David Rouse NDW 01:59:43
7 Mark Sanders MDCC 01:59:59 3rd Vet
8 Tony Chapman DC 02:00:25
9 Lubos Obornik CSD 02:01:16 4th Vet
10 Lee Sanderson RNRMCA 02:01:49
11 Damian Ayling PZW 02:02:20
12 Chris Scawn PCCC 02:02:21 2nd Vet + 1st Team
13 Chris Vellacott RNRMCA 02:03:37
14 John Fazakerley PZW 02:04:22
15 Mark Pilcher DRT 02:04:44
16 Steve Kirby PCCC 02:04:50 1st Team
17 Tony Farnell O&A 02:05:04 1st Vet
18 Julian Harper EVCC 02:05:15
19 Arved Schwendel EW 02:06:27
20 Garry McCallum PZW 02:07:02
21 Garry James PZW 02:07:10
22 Barry Moss RNRMCA 02:07:16
23 Andrew Ellis CL 02:07:27
24 Andrew Crawford SAW 02:07:43
25 Ian Deakin MDCC 02:07:48
26 Peter Blackshaw PZW 02:08:35
27 Stuart Sly O&A 02:09:23
28 James Wiltshire SAW 02:11:18
29 Hari Slade PZW 02:11:55
30 James Scott RNRMCA 02:12:12
31 Steve Inglefield SAW 02:14:56
32 Peter Miners CVCTC 02:15:02
33 Ian Crocker CVCTC 02:15:40
34 Lisa Picton CVCTC 02:17:49 1st Woman
35 Chris Gosling EW 02:19:20
36 Bob Richards RNRMCA 02:19:51
37 Stewart Cox RNRMCA 02:21:37
38 Crystal Spearman NDW 02:21:45
39 Paul Craddock SAW 02:23:05
40 Kim Homewood PZW 02:31:40
41 Alan Chapman CVCTC 02:33:20
42 Josephine Gilbert O&A 02:45:25


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