Result: Clifton CC LVRC Races


Lots of winners in the various categories for the Clifton CC LVRC Races near Boroughbridge, Yorkshire

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes


A/B race
1. Shaun Tyson 1st A
2. Michael Wright 2nd A
3. Paul Hickman 3rd A
1. Sean Smith 1st B
2. Lee Johnson 2nd B
3. Stephen Ellis 3rd B

C/D race
1. Philip Wilkins 1st C
2. Robert Pye 2nd C
3. Rob Blackburn 3rd C

1. Steve Collins 1st D
2. Mark Robinson 2nd D (after review)
3. Robert Whitfield 3rd D
4. John Galway 4th D

E/F/G/H race
1. Malcolm Fraser 1st E
2. Dave Maughan 2nd
3. Reg Haigh 3rd E

1. David Hargreaves 1st F
2. Jeff Hardy 2nd F
3. John Leach 3rd F

1. Paul Priestley 1st G
2. Jim Morrison 2nd G
3. Ron Bennett 3rd G

1. Jack Watson 1st H


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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