Result/Report: Team Time Trial Championship


Wouter Sybrandy, Joe Perrett, Andrew Griffiths & Ryan Mullen win the Team Time Trial Championship for IG Sigma Sport

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Sunday saw the finest British time trial teams taking part in the Mens National 3-Up team time trial. Riders would complete two laps of a very hilly and technical circuit, to give a total distance of 39 miles.

Starting in the small village of Ponteland near Newcastle and taking in the village of Blagdon, Stannington,Tranwell Village before returning to Ponteland, the soaring temperature’s were a great test to see who would be the strongest team!

The race got underway, with a number of teams struggling with the heat, but the first team to set the high standard was Strategic Lions Cycling compromising of recent race across America winners Keith Murray, John Tanner, Duncan Moralee with an opening lap of 41:00. The standard had been set! This was then battered down by Sandy Wallace Cycles with 40:34 and Arctic SRAM RT were also faster with 40:42.

Out on the course, the battle for the Gold Medal was starting to heat up between 2011 winners trio of Matthew Bottrill, Mark Holton, & Jeff Jones and Team IG Sigma Sport pro cycling team; Wouter Sybrandy, Joe Perrett, & Andrew Griffiths.

The opening lap saw Team IG Sigma Sport taking the lead with an opening lap of 38:34 with Drag2zer on the pace with 39:00. With an indication from Drag2zero team helper on the day Martin Garner, the team knew they were down and so the power was applied and the heat was on for the title!

In full flight, Drag2Zero lifted their pace with the speed and power increasing with each pedal stroke. Flying along in their Smart aero suits and perfected positions on the bike from the windtunnel, the team tried so hard! IG Sigma stopped the clock in 1:18:55 putting them well clear of the rest.

IG Sigma Sport then had a long wait as Drag2zero were still out on the course and it was clear they where flying catching Arctic SRAM RT. The clock was ticking and the team were on the rivet. Coming into the finish area the team got caught behind a transit van! Hitting their speed hard once the road was clear, the team dug deep and were soon back up to speed but it was to late the team where just 3 seconds of the pace, in a time of 1:18:58.


Summing up Drag2Zero’s ride British championship Silver medallist Matt Bottill commented “We gave it everything out there today. We started steady then wound up the pace, but I guess we just left it to late. I know I could not have found any more from myself today. Its been a manic six weeks with seven national medals in, it’s been pretty special and I’m really happy”


1 Team IG Sigma Sport 01:18:55 00:38:34
Wouter Sybrandy, Joe Perrett, Andrew Griffiths

2 www 01:18:58 00:39:00
Matthew Bottrill, Mark Holton, Jeff Jones

3 Arctic SRAM RT 01:22:01 00:40:42
Michael Broadwith, Danny Axford, Tim Bayley Res 142 Darren Barcley

4 Sandy Wallace Cycles 01:22:49 00:40:34
Silas Goldsworthy, Alan Thomson, Kyle Gordon Res 140 Peter Ettles

5 Strategic Lions Cycling 01:21:13 00:41:00
Keith Murray, John Tanner, Duncan Moralee

6 Ilkley CC 01:25:25 00:42:06
Ben Hallworth, Ewan Farrow, Ged Millward

7 London Dynamo 01:26:11 00:42:02
Martin Williamson, Richard Legge, James Stratton

8 Mapperley CC 01:26:51 00:42:25
Michael Westwell, David Ellis, Russell Jelly

9 GS Metro 01:30:10 00:44:10

Andy Fuller, Simon Clark, Ben Lane Res 139 Mickey Mallen

10 Tyneside Vagabonds 01:30:22 00:44:25
Mark Reed, David Robinson, Tim Wilcock

11 Barnesbury CC 01:31:15 00:44:32
Neil Paynton, Ian Doughty, Brian Johnson Res 132 Dean Madden

12 GS Metro 01:31:53 00:44:52
Carl Donaldson, Micky Mallen, Paul Watson Res 135 Aiden McDermott Jnr

13 Derwentside CC 01:32:55 00:44:24
David Donaldson, Dave Hopper, Chris Simpson Res 133 Steven Grey

14 Northumbria Police CC 01:33:16 00:45:59
Phil Jack, Mick Aspey, Jonathan Caisly

15 Team Swift 01:33:17 00:45:09
Tim Humphries, Blaine Metcalf, Craig Fenwick

16 Colomba CC 01:35:26 00:44:41
Ian Christie, Ian Hulmes, Stuart Watson

17 Derwentside CC 01:35:54 00:46:38
Stephen Grey, Martin Connelly, Gary Fail

18 EMC 01:36:21 00:47:26
Gordon Dunsmure, Richard Cleathero, Craig Goff-Cooper
19 Derwentside CC 01:39:28 Jnrs 00:48:29
Joe Mann, Thomas Mein, Fin Robertson

20 Tyneside Vagabonds CC 01:40:00 00:48:46
Adam Hogarth, Rob Hogarth, Bob Hollywell Res 134 Chris Hepple

21 Barnesbury CC 01:40:01 00:46:30
Terry Wilkinson, Gordon Hodgson, Anthony Waterston

22 Trainsharp Racing Team 01:40:53 Ladies 00:49:12
Keely Chalk, Rebecca Rimmington, Bronwen Ewing

23 Tyneside Vagabonds 01:41:44 Vets 00:50:08
Roger Clarke, Brian Craven, Russ Hughes Res 138 Kevin Sorlie

24 Tyneside Vagabonds CC 01:41:54 Vets 00:49:46
Paul Rider, Ken Thursby, Chris Heppell Res 136 Rob Hogarth

25 Cramlington CC 01:43:20 00:49:47
Keith Sibbald, Adam Wilson, Mark Tighe

26 Ilkley CC 01:45:15 Ladies 00:51:53
Emily Hallworth, Katherine Church, Leanne Farrow

27 Barnesbury CC 01:46:23 00:51:13
Barry Kelly, Craig Bell, Dean Madden

28 Wansbeck CC 01:47:21 Vets 00:51:49
Richard Sill, David Youlton, Tony Gascoinge

29 Tyneside Vagabonds CC 01:49:33 00:54:03
Danny Winthorpe, Simon Colleran, Austin Wilcox Res 131 Kevin Sorlie

30 GS Metro 01:50:32 Vets 00:51:29
Dawn Sherrin, Graeme Huston, Aidan McDermott Snr


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