Results: Gas Hill Gasp


Kelly Davis & Ben Mackett winners at the Gas Hill Gasp hill climb in Norwich on Friday 5th July

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

Sponsored by Alan Boswell Financial Services | Part of New Norwich Lord Mayor’s Celebrations

Losing Stars final
Spencer Laborde Iceni Velo
James Moore Strada Sport
Steven Hurrell API-Metrow/Essex Utilities
Martyn Dunnett Diss CC
Glyndwr Thomas VC Norwich

Losing Hopefuls final
Matt Williams Unattached
Bill Griffin Cycles UK
Nicholas Dowell Unattached

Future Stars Final 5th to 9th (U12 / U 10)
Sam Asker West Suffolk Whs
Edward Cole Iceni Velo
Callum Laborde Iceni Velo
Tom Howell Strada Sport

Future Stars Final – 1st to 4th
Josun Cole Iceni Velo
Frazer Elsworth West Suffolk Whs
Chris Haslam Gt Yarmouth CC
Angus Tomms Iceni Velo

Hopefuls final 5th to 9th
Alan Bond VC Norwich
Peter Taylor Tri Harder
Graham O’Hara VC Norwich

Hopefuls Final – 1st to 4th
Darren Liversidge Unattached
Gareth Flack Iceni Velo
Martin Dunne Newmarket Cyc & Tri Club

Girls Final (U14)
Sophie Wright Gt Yarmouth CC
Alice Codling Gt Yarmouth CC
Emma Codling Gt Yarmouth CC

Rising Stars Final 6th to 10th (U16 / U14)
Jake Beaugeard Bungay Cycle School
Courtney Elmy Bungay Cycle School
Harrison Charlwood Gt Yarmouth CC
Matthew Baker Gt Yarmouth CC
Eddy Wooton Diss CC

Rising Stars final – 1st to 5th
Louis Julian Strada Sport
Dougal Toms Iceni Velo
Jali Packer Gt Yarmouth CC
Lewis Hardcastle Gt Yarmouth CC
Mark Baxte r VC Norwich

Ladies Final 5th to 8th
Erica Howe VC Norwich
Louise Marsden VC Norwich

Ladies Final 1st to 4th
Kelly Davis Iceni Velo
Claire Martin Iceni Velo
Alison Hogg VC Norwich
Amy Cole Iceni Velo

Stars Final 5th to 8th
Lee Cheung Strada Sport
Peter Hargreaves Strada Sport
James Browne VC Norwich
Peter Ingram Ipswich BC

Stars Final – 1st to 4th
Ben Mackett Gt Yarmouth CC
Dan Zagni Ipswich BC
Stuart Pryce Strada Sport
Mark Pearson Norfolk Cycling Academy

Fastest Winning Climb – Ben Mackett Gt Yarmouth CC in 21.9 seconds – Stars Final

The Brave Boswells – Sponsors Employees
Martin Adcock
Paul Horton
Anthony Lehman


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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