Report/Results: Welwyn Friday Night Track League


A warm evening, ideal for racing for the Welwyn Friday Night Track League on 19th July in Hertfordshire

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from Peter Waghorn 

A warm evening, ideal for racing , well supported by the three youth categories but sadly a lack of senior riders. Brian Evans opened the senior B league with a well timed dash for the line closely followed by Rod Kelson and Lorretta Hanson visiting from Australia. John McClelland won the 10 lap A race but was chased home by Martin Dawkins making his first visit to Welwyn this year.

Best Senior race of the evening was the 10 lap odds and Evens Pursuit – neck and neck for eight laps but the team of Joe Gorman, Andy Hastings, Al Luxford and David Langlands slowly edged ahead and won by 10 metres in the fastest time of the year.

Honours in the Youth A group were spread around while the strong contingent of 16 riders in Youth BC saw Karl Jolly notch up three wins but chased hard by series leader Will Raymond and Michael Parry. The points race was marred by a minor crash and a restart with the culprits given a warning by the Chief Commissaire as to their behaviour.

Joe Latham was on good form in the Youth CDE group with two handicap victories in the 13 strong field. The closing senior 10 mile came down to eight riders for the last half of the race – John McClelland winning the final sprint by inches from Mark Smith with Cameron Gutteridge promoted from Youth A taking a well earnt fourth place

Senior A
10 lap scr – John McClelland (Prestige) Martin Dawkins (Team Quest) Mark Smith (Welwyn)
10 lap A Block Pursuit –Joe Gorman (Stevenage) Andrew Hastings (Finchley RT) Alistair Luxford (Welwyn)
Devil – John McClelland (Prestige) Martin Dawkins (Team Quest) Mark Smith (Welwyn)
10 mile – John McClelland (Prestige) Mark Smith (Welwyn) Joe Gorman (Stevenage)

Senior B
10 lap Scr – Brian Evans (Herts Whs) Rod Kelson (North Road) Loretta Hanson (Melbourne)
10 lap Points – Ben Smith (Welwyn) Gareth Richards (Shimri) Tom Hinchliffe (Welwyn)
10 lap Block Handicap – Roger Woodford (Willesden) Loretta Hanson (Melbourne) Andrew Granger (Dynamo)

Youth A
10 lap Scr – Glen Dossett (Welwyn) Cam Gutteridge (Welwyn) Charles Page (Hillingdon)
Devil – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Charles Page (Hillingdon) Connor Woodford (Wilesden)
10 lap Points – Cam Gutteridge, (Welwyn) Connor Woodford (Willesden) Glen Dossett (Welwyn)
8 Lap Handicap – Cam Gutteridge (Welwyn) Bradley Clarke (Green Arrow) Glen Dossett (Welwyn)

Youth B
5 lap Scr – Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Michael Parry (Welwyn) Tom Durkin (Welwyn)
Devil – Will Raymond (Welwyn) Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Michael Parry (Welwyn)
Points – Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Will Raymond (Welwyn) Niall Dawkins (Hillingdon)
6 lap Handicap – Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Will Raymond (Welwyn) Michael Parry (Welwyn)

Youth CDE
3 lap Scr – Christian Manzi , Lauren Higham, Joe Latham (all Welwyn)
3 lap H’Cap – Imogen Chastell (Welwyn) Sam Gage (Welwyn) Sophie Saberton (St Ives)
3 lap ,cap – Joe Latham , Sam Gage, Ben Griffin (all Welwyn)
4 lap H’cap – Joe Latham, Lauren Higham, Sam Gage (all Welwyn)

Peter Waghorn


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