Report: Bournemouth Arrow Track League 12


Another absorbing evening’s racing at round 12 of the Bournemouth Arrow Track League on Tuesday night

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Eamonn Deane writes (Click here for photos) 

The night started with a 6 lap youth scratch race, a competitive affair won by Charley Calvert (BACC). Calvert, who also took the elimination race, rides aggressively and from the front.


John Heffernan (New Forest CC) sprinted to victory in a close B group 8 lap scratch before league leader Gawain Bailey (Performance Cycles) took the A group scratch. Bailey went alone 3 laps out and just hung on.

Adama Newlove (Fareham Wheelers) took advantage of Ellie Gilham not paying attention to win an elimination race. Gilham had looked in control but was hindmost as Newlove & Aisha Fenwick (Poole Wheelers) concentrated. Gareth Rose (BACC) took the first sprint in a 16 lap point’s race, then stayed away till the finish.

Rose had enough in hand to sit up in the home straight and coast over the line. Alex Jolliffe (Poole Wh) & Dave Gilham (BACC) escaped early in the A group 16 lap scratch race. Fielding & Brendan Drewett (Fareham Wh) joined them before Jolliffe attacked in the back straight, Fielding held on but as Gilham and Drewett faded, up popped Bailey for a few more league points.

Sam Clark put in a heroic effort in a 6 lap youth block handicap to hold off the bigger boys! Clark lunged for the line to cheers from the impartial judges as Calvert closed in. Lucy Edmunds (BACC) worked hard for her win in another exciting block handicap.

It was Bailey again in the A group 20 lap points race. Fielding started brightly taking the first two sprints but seemed to lose interest, his early morning training session taking its toll perhaps.

Eve Jefferies (Poole Wh) held off the charging Calvert to win a 3 lap handicap sprint as the light started to fail. The final race, a 15km scratch started with a bang. Fielding attacked from the gun and took a lap inside five.

He was still smarting from his disqualification in the scratch the week before and responded in style. Bailey, Gilham, Ollie Hitchens (PHR), Steve Moss (BACC),Roland Tilley ( and Alex Jolliffe reacted quickly, stealing a lap on the fracturing bunch, however Fielding had attached himself on the back, giving him two.
The action had decimated the field, giving the judges a problem, solved by pulling riders out. Jolliffe and Tilley got half a lap, Tilley faded, Bailey tried late on, Fielding had it covered but probably owes teammate Hitchens a lemonade, it was breathless thirsty work!

Event 1 Youth 6 Lap Scratch
1 Charley Calvert (Bournemouth Arrow Cc)
2 Joseph Clark (I-Team)
3 Lucy Edmunds (Bacc)

Event 2 B 8 Lap Scratch
1 John Heffernan (New Forest Cc)
2 Chris Braiden (Bacc)
3 Jake Thomas (Bcdg)

Event 3 A 8 Lap Scratch
1 Gawain Bailey (Performance Cycles)
2 Alex Jolliffe (Poole Wh)
3 Adam D’arcy Wykes (Vc St Rapahel)

Event 4 Youth Male Elimination Race
1 Charley Calvert (Bacc)
2 Sam Wadsley (Pw)
3 Joseph Clark (I-Team)

Event 5 B/Youth Women Elimination
1 Adama Newlove (Fareham Wh)
2 Aisha Fenwick
3 Ellie Gilham (Vc St Raphael)

Event 6 B 16 Lap Points Race
1 Gareth Rose (Bacc)
2 John Heffernan (Nfcc)
3 Chris Braiden (Bacc)

Event 7 A 16 Lap Scratch
1 Alex Jolliffe (Pw)
2 Harrison Fielding (Peter Hansford Racing)
3 Gerwain Bailey (Performance Cycles)

Event 8 Youth Male 6 Lap Bloch Handicap
1 Sam Clarke (I-Team)
2 Charley Calvert (Bacc)
3 Sam Wadsley (Pw)

Event 9 B/Youth Women 6 Lap Block Handicap
1 Lucy Edmunds (Bacc)
2 Eve Jefferies (Pw)
3 Danielle Bury (Pw)

Event 10 B Elimination Race
1 Chris Braiden (Bacc)
2 John Heffernan (Nfcc)
3 Dan Lovett (Bacc)

Event 11 A 20 Lap Points Race
1 Gawain Bailey (Performance Cycles)
2 Harrison Fielding (Peter Hansford Racing)
3 Alex Jolliffe (Pw)

Event 12 Youth 3 Lap Handicap Sprint
1 Eve Jefferies (Pw)
2 Charley Calvert (Bacc)
3 Sam Clark (I-Team)

Event 13 A/B 15km Scratch Race
1 Harrison Fielding
2 Alex Jolliffe
3 Roland Tilley (Ride Bike.Co.Uk)


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