Report: 2013 Ryedale Grand Prix


Hannah Barnes, Anna Christian and Joe Perrett winners at the 2013 Ryedale Grand Prix in North Yorkshire

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Using the same format of having Men’s and Women’s events as they did at the British Championships in 2012, and over similar courses, there were two very worthy winners at Ampleforth Abbey and College.

Men’s Race


L-R: Ian Bibby, Joe Perrett and Richard Handley.

The final round of the Premier Calendar was the long running Ryedale GP and there were three riders capable of winning it on the final day, Evan Oliphant (Raleigh), Tom Stewart (Raleigh) and Node4’s Mike Northey.

The Photo Album

With the wind blowing strong and the sun shining, the field of around 130 riders left Appleforth Abbey and from the moment the flag was dropped, the attacks began and such was the pace that eleven riders were dropped on the first big climb. The pace never let up until a break went clear with three riders, Simon Yates (GB Academy), Joe Perrett (IG Sigma Sport) and Raleigh’s Mark Christian.

With Raleigh on the front in numbers, the peloton behind were happy to give them some rope and well into the second lap, their lead was over four minutes and while there was a chase and the peloton split for a while, the gap to the leaders remained high and after two laps was still over four minutes.


The pattern of the race was the peloton would sit up before a new concerted chase saw the gap come down again and after that was repeated a few times, a group of six chasers went clear; Ian Bibby (Madison Genesis), Mike Cuming, Hugh Carthy, Richard Handley (Rapha Condor JLT), Jack Pullar (Madison Genesis) and Rob Partridge (UK Youth).

They quickly reduced the gap to the leaders and caught them at the beginning of the second of the first of the smaller loops whilst IG Sigma Sport led the chase in the peloton which was splitting as the pace of the race moved up a gear. That chase though soon disappeared and the break started to open the gap to the peloton and through the finish to start the third of the finish loops, both front group and peloton were cruising with little sign of urgency and the gap between the two was almost five minutes.


Two laps to go and the race situation was the same, the lead of the break well over five minutes and Raleigh, with Premier Calendar leader Evan Oliphant and second placed Tom Stewart, sat on the front of the peloton, it was not a sure thing that the winning rider would come from the break.

But who? Some of the question was answered when riders in the break got itchy feet and started to have a few digs. Six of the nine went clear, Ian Bibby, Richard Handley, Mark Christian, Joe Perrett, Simon Yates and Rob Partridge and it was a sign of things to come. With the TV bike being told to get out of the action within the break that was coming together, the peloton was falling further behind and the bell was being rung for the final lap.


The chasing six that became nine when they caught the leaders. It was the last ticket to the break going …

The last lap saw a lot of action from the riders in the break and on the main climb, Handley, Bibby and Joe Perrett went clear chased by Yates whilst Jack Pullar was being dropped. The three leaders worked well together until Handley decided he’d rather go it alone but that didn’t succeed in breaking the trio up and they settled back down to stay clear.

Whilst Yates chased them alone, another three from the break were chasing him and the three in front. It was now a drag race to see who could get to the finish line first and in one of those strongest wins sprints, Joe Perrett (IG Sigma Sport), more know for his time trialling than sprinting, who defeated the favourite Ian Bibby .


The sprint, or slog, to the line where Joe Perrett surprised his rivals.

Video Highlights


The chasing six led by Ian Bibby past the cricket pavilion


Once the six chasers had gone,Raleigh and Rapha shut up shop in the peloton.


The prestigious Star Trophy won by Evan Oliphant.

1. Joe Perrett, IG Sigma Sport
2. Ian Bibby, Madison Genesis
3. Richard Handley, Rapha Condor JLT
4. Simon Yates, GB Academy
5. Mark Christian, Raleigh
6. Rob Partridge, UK Youth
7. Mike Cuming, Rapha Condor JLT
8. Jack Pullar, Madison Genesis
9. Hugh Carthy, Rapha Condor JLT
10. Graham Briggs, Raleigh @4.33
11. Marcin Bialoblocki, UK Youth
12. Evan Oliphant, Raleigh (Star Trophy winner)
13. Tom Stewart, Raleigh (2nd Prem Cal)
14. Mike Northey, Node4 (3rd Prem Cal)
15. Yanto Barker, UK Youth
16. Gary Hand, Herbalife
17. Alex Peters, Madison Genesis
18. Pete Williams, IG Sigma Sport
19. Peter Hawkins, IG Sigma Sport
20. Scott McCrosson, Rock to roll cycles
21. Martin Ford, Herablife
22. James Moss, IG Sigma Sport
23. Kristian House, Rapha Condor JLT
24. Jacob Tipper, Biketreks
25. Luke Dunbar, Equipe CMI
26. Will Stephenson, Rapha Condor JLT
27. Matthew Clarke,Wheelbase
28. Tom Murray, Metaltek
29. Conor Ryan, Equipe CMI
30. James Lowsley-Williams, UK Youth
31. Andrew Tennant, Madison Genesis
32. George Harper, Felt Colbournes Hargroves RT
33. Robert Smail, Metaltek
34. Sam Lowe, GB Academy
35. Lauchlan Norris, Raleigh
36. Kit Gilham, Metaltek
37. Ben Greenwood, IG Sigma Sport
38. Richard Lang, Raleigh
39. Daniel Patten, Smartstop
40. Will Bjergfelt, MG Maxifuel
41. Matt Holmes, Raleigh
42. Alex Coutts, Herbalife
43. Rob Britten, Raleigh
44. Daniel Pearson, Zappis
45. James Gullen, Hope
46. Sam Boast, Sportscover/Bioracer
47. Tom Barras, Wheelbase
48. Luke grivell-Mellor, Rapha Condor JLT
49. Wouter Sybrandy, IG Sigma Sport
50. Alistair Slater, GB Academy
51. Owen Doull, GB Academy
52. Chris Bartlett, Metaltek


Women’s Race


Hannah Barnes adds another race to her list of wins in 2013.

The first event was for the Women over a distance of 39 miles (short because of the Juniors in the race) starting at 9.30am. After very heavy overnight rain and strong winds, conditions for the race were tough with the riders coming back though Ampleforth twice before the finish after the third lap after nearly two hours of racing.

The race was well supported with seventy three entries that doubled up as a Junior Women’s RR Championship. After rolling out from the headquarters over to the start/finish, the peloton climbed out past the Abbey before the fast descent to Ampleforth and the start of two big circuits. It didn’t take long for the race to start losing riders with most of the action at the back of the peloton as the hills and wind took their toll.


First time through Ampleforth Abbey, the peloton was half the size it had been at the start with favourites Hannah Barnes, Helen Wyman and Sarah Bryne at the front and a lot of tired faces already in the wheels behind them. It was another long wait before they were to appear again at the Abby where 12 riders now led the race before an attack by Vittoria Bussi and Hannah Barnes saw them lead.

Photo Album

This was a short lived move but the pace, much of it forced by the Junior riders, saw the race split into two main groups. In that lead group were Hannah Barnes, Helen Wyman, Elizabeth Malins, Vittoria Bussi, Laura Massey, Julie Eskine, Amy Gornall, Bethany Hayward, Jessie Walker, Emma Grant, Anne Ewing, Anna Christian and Sarah Bryne.


Onto the smaller circuit and some of the group were struggling to remain in contact and a further selection was made when a group of six riders went clear; Wyman, Christian, Grant, Ewing, Eskine, and Hannah Barnes working well together chased by three; Gornall, Hayward and Malins.

Of the three, Malins managed to bridge to the front group to make seven out front heading for the finish. More attacks followed but it was going to be a sprint and as expected, the favourite, Hannah Barnes won the race whilst Anna Christian from the Isle of Man, sister of Raleigh pro Mark Christian won the Junior title.

Rider reactions …

Hannah has won the Women’s Tour Series, the Circuit Race Championship for Women, IG London Nocturne and much more but this is one of her more high profile road race victories against a strong domestic line up. Her aim is to get a place in a European Women’s team to get the opportunity to race in bigger events  and her win last Sunday would have done that no harm.

Hannah explained that she felt good on the day and was shocked she was climbing so well. “It’s probably helped I have cut down on the chips lately! I knew I had to leave the sprint as late as you could because it was uphill and a head/cross wind.”

“I never really went into the race thinking of the win, I was thinking about the junior nationals. I went into the race to work for my sister (Alice)  but she said to me, “I’m not feeling it today so do your own thing and as soon as she said that, I went! It split a lot up here (through the grounds of the Abbey) as I kept the power down and I was looking for one of the Scott girls to win as that’s my sisters team”.

“There was three of them in there and I just kept riding and it got faster and faster and Anna managed to go with it and I’m chuffed for her.”



Junior Women RR Champion, Anna Christian.

1. Hannah Barnes, MG Maxifuel
2. Emma Grant, Matrix Fitness
3. Anne Ewing, Breast Cancer Care
4. Helen Wyman, Kona
5. Julie Erskine, Granite City
6. Anna Christian, Scott Contessa Epic (Junior Champion)
7. Eliabeth Malins, Abergavenny RC
8. Bethany Hayard, Scott Contessa Epic
9. Amy Gornall, Scott Contessa Epic
10. Vittoria Bussi, Zappis
11. Jessie Walker, Matrix Fitness
12. Sarah Bryne, Maxgear
13. Laura Massey, Abergavenny RC
14. Delia Beddis, Dirtwheels
15. Lydia Gurley, Birmingham Uni
16. Louise Borthwick, Edinburgh
17. Natalie, Grinczer, Abergavenny RC
18. Sopie Faulkner, Solihull CC
19. Cassie McGoldrick, Wyndymilla
20. Melissa Lowther, Matrix Fitness
21. Annasley Park, Abergavenny RC
22. Corrine Hall, Matrix Fitness
23. Hannah Walker, Matrix Fitness
24. Megan Riach, Moray Firth
25. Laura Wasley, Scott Contessa Epic
26. Gabriella Nordin, Pedal Power
27. Joanna Tindley, Matrix Fitness
28. Karen Poole, GB Cycles
29. Claire Martin, Edinburgh RC
30. Vanessa Whitfield, VC St Raphael
31. Iona Sewell, GB Cycles
32. Keira McVity, Kings Cliff Flyers
33. Nikola Butler, VC St Raphael
34. Laura Murray, Breast Cancer Care
35. Ellie Gilham, Bournemouth Arrow
36. Bryony Board, Glendene CC
37. Elanor Cadzow, Welwyn Wheelers
38. Adele Martin Team Hope
39. Manon Lloyd, Abergavenny RC
40. Zoe Armstrong, Scott Contessa Epic








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