Results: Tuesday Night Thruxton Circuit Racing


Tom Jones, Ruby Baker & Rory Townsend winners at Week 7 of the Tuesday Night Thruxton Circuit Racing Summer Series in Hampshire

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1. Tom Jones Team Tor 2000
2. Matt Waters Army Cycling Union
3. Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
4. Vincent Avery Mid Devon CC
5. Jay Hookins Offcamber
6. Peter Kitching Team Wiggle
7. Dr James Franklin Velo Club Venta
8. Stephen Lewis Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
9. Ryan Smith VC Meudon
10. William Fleming Velo Club Venta
11. Chris Courage Bournemouth Jubilee Whls
12. Kevin Baker Andover Whls
13. Rob Barry Performance Cycles
14. Liam Walsh Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
15. Stuart Gardner North Hampshire RC
16. Mike Smith Gillingham and District Wheele…
17. Peter Humphreys Gillingham and District Wheele…
18. Andy Hibberd North Hampshire RC
19. Neil Horner Behind The Bikeshed
20. Chris Hutchings Velo Club Venta
21. Shane Stevens Army Cycling Union
22. Aaron Piper Velo Club Venta
23. Paul Cooke
24. Paul Double Velo Club Venta
25. David Peel Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
26 Martin Hallam
27. Sam Norrish Army Cycling Union
28. Bryan Telford Swindon RC
29. Jed Webber Andover Whls
30. Owen Barnes Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
31. Kevin Brooks Zappi’s Cycling Club
32. Garry Clark Banjo Cycles
33. Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whls
34. Joseph Henstridge Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
35. Roger Longman Team Tor 2000
36. James Braid Team Wiggle
37. Jonathan York Somer Valley CC
38. Andrew Crocker Team Tor 2000
39. Christopher Eccles Sid Valley CC
40. Mike Anderson VC St Raphael
41. Kevin Harding Velo Club Venta
42. Pete Douglass Team Tor 2000

1. Ruby Baker Behind The Bikeshed
2. Jennifer Hudson VC St Raphael
3. Mandy Hibberd North Hampshire RC
4. Lucy Chittenden
5. Susan Jeffery Army Cycling Union

1. Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT
2. Anders Christensen Pedal Heaven RT
3. Tim Elverson Pedal Heaven RT
4. Robert McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT
5. Lee Smith Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
6. David Larcombe Pedal Heaven RT
7. Michael Cripps Banjo Cycles
8. Charles Rees Team Tor 2000
9. Scott Chappell Behind The Bikeshed
10. Dr James Plumb
11. Christopher Minter
12. Graeme Lackford Team Tor 2000
13. Luke Davies VC St Raphael
14. Paul Helyer Blazing Saddles Cycles
15. Steve Dring Team Echelon – Rotor
16. Edwin Puttock Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
17. Roger Theron Army Cycling Union
18. Joshua Gray Team Tor 2000



U10 Boys
1. Luke Spurden Andover Whls

U10 Girls
1. Finnuala Horner VC St Raphael

U12 Boys
1. Lance Hutchison VC St Raphael
2. Freddie Horner Behind The Bikeshed
3. Jamie Series

U14 Boys
1. Ryan White 1st Chard Whls
2. Alexander Cross Oakley Pedalers
3. Alfie Franks Outdoor Traders Cycling Club

U14 Girls
1. Caitlin Peters Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club

U16 Boys
1. Albert Baker Behind The Bikeshed

U16 Girls
1. Florence Baker Behind The Bikeshed











RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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