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The weather was kind to the Brooks Cycles Track League, Newcastle, Staffs on 8th August with the forecast rain not making an appearance.

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The night passed off with a full program of events with a good turnout considering we are now in full holiday season mode when the numbers can decrease. The Freewheelers races kicked off the night with 25 riders competing across the three groups. After the 16 races the top points scorers were as follows in each group;

Group 1 Alastair Kennington Lyme RC
Group 2 Joshua Jackson
Group 3 Ruby Baldwin Lyme RC

In the main league the A Class endurance events saw league leader Will Thomas(Velocity WD40) dominate as he won the 10 lap scratch, points race and the unknown distance. His only loss was in the 10 mile scratch where his team mate Andy Leigh took the win as he came past Will with 10m to go.

The sprint events saw Sean Mayer ( Swinnerton Cycles) top score as he won the 2 – up 400m TT with team mate Barney Swinnerton and then win the keiren final in a close finish from Phil Houlton ( Brooks Cycles). The other sprint event was the team sprint where Phil took the win with Max Gethin ( Lyme RC) and Joel Partington ( Sportcity Velo)

The B Class events are turing in to a good battle for the title with league leader Andrew Scott ( lyme RC) winning the 8 lap scratch however team mate Steve hall is closing fast on the lead as he won the Unknown distance, course de primes and the 10 mile scratch.

The final group of riders was the youth where Megan Williams, ( Newcastle RC 2001) won the opening 200m TT. Bradley Hill ( Lyme RC) took a great win in the devil before Hollie Owens ( Wolverhampton Wheelers) won the course de primes. The final handicap scratch was won by Aleshia Mellor ( Newcastle RC 2010 ).

Freewheelers Results


Race 1
1st Alastair Kennington Lyme RC
2nd Aaron Mansell Lyme RC
3rd Harry Horn Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Bradley Heath Lyme RC
2nd Alastair Kennington
3rd Aaron Mansell

Race 3
1st Brandon McMillan Lyme RC
2nd Harry Horn
3rd Alastair Kennington

Race 4
1st Harry Horn
2nd Alastair Kennington
3rd Brandon McMillan

Group 2

Race 1
1st Natasha Sandbach Lyme RC
2nd Lucy Scott Lyme RC
3rd Oliver Butter-Peers

Race 2
1st Joshua Jackson
2nd Amy Graham
3rd Izaak Curtis Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Amy Graham
2nd Joshua Jackson
3rd Izaak Curtis

Race 4
1st George Graham
2nd Joshua Jackson
3rd Amy Graham

Race 5
1st Natasha Sandbach
2nd Lucy Scott
3rd Oliver Butters -Peers

Group 3

Race 1
1st Ruby Baldwin Lyme RC
2nd Cameron O’Neil Lyme RC
3rd Gracie Walters Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Olly Davis Lyme RC
2nd Nicholas Sandbach Lyme RC
3rd Oliver Pennell

Race 3
1st Owen Shepherd Lyme RC
2nd Ruby Baldwin
3rd Gracie Walters

Race 4
1st Nicholas Sandbach
2nd Morgan Pennell
3rd Olly Davis

Race 5
1st Ruby Baldwin
2nd Owen Shepherd
3rd Cameron O’Neil

Race 6
1st Oliver Pennell
2nd Morgan Pennell
3rd Nicholas Sandbach

Race 7
1st Gracie Walters
2nd Owen Shepherd
3rd Ruby Baldwin
Main League

Youth 200m TT
1st Megan Williams Newcastle RC 2001
2nd Aleshia Mellor Newcastle RC 2001
3rd Bradley Hill Lyme RC

A Class sprint 2 – Up 400m TT
1st Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles
Barney Swinnerton
2nd Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles
Max Gethin Lyme RC
3rd Joel Partington Sportcity velo
James Roberts North Cheshire Clarion

A Class endurance 10 lap scratch
1st Will Thomas Velocity WD40
2nd Matthew Walls Velocity WD40
3rd Fabian Brennan Velocity WD40

B Class 8 lap Scratch
1st Andrew Scott Lyme RC
2nd Paige Millward Squadra Donne
3rd George Edwards Lyme RC

Youth Devil
1st Bradley Hill
2nd Hollie Owens Wolverhampton Wheelers
3rd Sam Hall Lyme RC

A Class sprinters Team Sprint
1st Phil Houlton
Max Gethin
Joel Partington

A Class endurance 12 laps Points Race
1st Will Thomas
2nd Andy Leigh Velocity WD40
3rd Matthew Walls

B Class 8 laps Course De Primes
1st Steve Hall Lyme RC
2nd Andrew Scott
3rd Mark Brennan Lancaster CC

Youth 5 laps Course de primes
1st Hollie Owens
2nd Sam Hall
3rd Megan Williams

Keiren League Finals
1st Sean Mayer
2nd Phil Houlton
3rd Joel Partington
4th Barney Swinnerton
5th Max Gethin
6th James Roberts

A Class Endurance Unknown Distance
1st Will Thomas
2nd Alex Braybrooke Velocity WD40
3rd Matthew Walls

B Class Unknown Distance

1st Steve Hall
2nd Andrew Scott
3rd Paige Millward

Youth 6 lap Handicap Scratch
1st Aleshia Mellor
2nd Joel Ackers Eastlands Velo
3rd Megan Williams

10 mile scratch
1st Andy Leigh
2nd Will Thomas
3rd Matthew Walls

B Class
1st Steve Hall
2nd George Edwards
3rd Joseph Early Liverpool Century


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