Report/Results (Cyclo-Cross): Cotswold Vedrijden Summer Series


Scott Chalmers winner of round 2 of the Cotswold Vedrijden Summer Cyclo-Cross Series at the Cotswold Airport

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kemble cx-30

All Photos: Richard Bennett

Cotswold Vedrijden Summer series round 2 11/08/2013 – Cotswold Airport

This week the sun shone at Cotswold Airport at Kemble and the fast dry conditions bought a few more riders out. Nine youngsters took to the line for the 1st race, 15 mins of a shortened circuit using the grass and woods, the winner from start to finish was Luke Simmonds from Stratford CC who was followed by his sister Cerys in 2nd. A special mention to Katy Goodson who raced on her balance bike!

Next up were the youths, Luke Simmonds made a blistering start but was soon caught by his team mate Keir Lewis and Xavier ST of Sullivan Touge, these two broke clear of Simmonds and battled hard with each other over the 4 laps with Lewis taking the win on the line.

kemble cx-61

40 riders lined up for S/J/W/V event with last weeks top two ready to do battle again. From the start a group of four broke clear and sped through the course on the very fast dry circuit with little time to take in the sights of the Brittannia! Peter Banham of Freds RT led for the first few laps with Scott Chalmers of Dream CC, Dan Lewis of RAF CA and Benoit Davies of Cheltenham CC close on his heels.

The fast pace saw Davies gapped and the other three continued on before Banham took a tumble and dropped to third, leaving Lewis and Chalmers to fight it out. Lewis attempted to drop Chalmers but overcooked a bend and also took a tumble, he remounted and they were soon back together, Chalmers led into the final corner and sprinted out of it to take the win.

Robin Wilmott of Cotswold Veldrijden tried in vain to catch the four ahead of him but just couldn’t close the gap and had to settle for 5th place and 1st Vet. Chris Rothwell of SCRA worked his way through the field to finish in 6th place and 1st Junior. Beth George of Cotswold Veldrijden was 1st Woman.

More photos here from Tony Smith

kemble cx


Under 12
1st Luke Simmonds Stratford CC
2nd Cerys Simmonds Stratford CC
3rd Sam Yates N/A at 1 lap
4th Ollie Walker Cotswold Veldrijden at 1 lap
5th Otis Yates N/A at 2 laps
6th Andrew Loosemore Striking Bikes at 2 laps
7th Amy Goodson N/a at 4 laps
8th Aidan Scott N/a at 4 laps
9th Katy Goodson N/a at 6 laps


kemble cx-21
1st Kier Lewis Stratford CC
2nd Xavier St
3rd Luke Simmonds Stratford CC
4th Abbie Manley Chapel Tri
5th Liam Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden
6th Claire Neil Stratford CC at 1 lap
7th Natalie Moore Swindon RC at 1 lap



kemble cx-65
1st Scott Chalmers Dream CC S
2nd Dan Lewis RAF CA S
3rd Peter Banham Freds RT S
4th Benoit Davies Cheltenham S
5th Robin Wilmot Cotswold Veldrijden V50 (1st Vet)
6th Chris Rothwell SCRA J (1st Junior)
7th Pete Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden V
8th Andy Webb Kenilworth Wheelers V
9th John Dalton Cheltenham V40
10th Donald McGregor Cheddar CC V50
11th Tom Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden J at 1 lap
12th Callum Haseler Cotswold Veldrijden S at 1 lap
13th Steven Green Bristol South CC V at 1 lap
14th Ian Morris V40 at 1 lap
15th Paul Crossley VC Montpellier V40 at 1 lap
16th Dave Lee NFTO Race V50 at 1 lap
17th Robin Akers Oxonian V50 at 1 lap
18th Chris Tatton V45 at 1 lap
19th Pete Langford N/A V40 at 1 lap
20th Rob Dentry Cotswold Veldrijden S at 1 lap
21st Paul Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden V40 at 1 lap
22nd William Russell Sodbury Cyclesport J at 1 lap
23rd Andy Smith Cotswold Veldrijden S at 1 lap
24th Craig Scott Cotswold Veldrijden V40 at 1 lap
25th Craige Goodson N/A V40 at 1 lap
26th Paul Loosemore Striking Bikes V40 at 1 lap
27th Simon Edwards-Paton Kingston Wheelers S at 1 lap
28th John Hawes Cheltenham v at 1 lap
29th Nick Smale Cheltenham S at 2 laps
30th Robin Simmons Stratford CC S at 2 laps
31st Joe Deacon Hargroves Cycles S at 2 laps
32nd Keith Rothwell Cotswold Veldrijden V50 at 2 laps
33rd James Roberts N/A S at 2 laps
34th Marc Roberts Swindon RC S at 2 laps
35th Beth George Cotswold Veldrijden W at 3 laps
36th Gayner Davies Cheltenham W at 4 laps



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